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FLORIDA woman attacked by BLACK BEAR ~ TICK taken from CALIFORNIA park carrying TULAREMIA ~ IOWA reports first case of CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE in a wild DEER ~ RABIES reports from CT, GAx2, MA, NH, NJx2, NYx2, NC, TXx4, VT, VA & WI.

Black bear. Courtesy freepik.com.

Black bear. Courtesy freepik.com.

Florida 04/13/14 Seminole County: Officials are investigating a black bear attack that occurred in Lake Mary on April 12th around 8 p.m. Firefighters say they were called to a home at 1900 Brackenhurst Place after one of five bears rooting through trash at the residence attacked a woman identified as Terri Franna who was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later released. Wildlife officials say they have since put down four bears that did not appear to be fearful of humans, which is considered dangerous. The director of the state’s bear management programs said bears are looking for food this time of year and, if they can’t find it in your neighborhood, they’ll move on. – See http://www.clickorlando.com/news/woman-attacked-by-bear-in-lake-mary/25453094


th777389546ddCalifornia 04/10/14 San Diego County: Officials have issued a warning to hikers and others who work or play in the great outdoors that a tick taken during routine monitoring in Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, an urban park in San Diego, has tested positive for tularemia, also known as “rabbit fever”. Ticks in the U.S. that can transmit the F. tularensis bacteria include the dog, wood and long star varieties. Deer flies can also transmit the bacteria. Tularemia can be very difficult to diagnose. It is a rare but potentially serious disease. During 2001-2010, a total of 1,208 cases were reported from a total of 47 states, but more than half of the total number of cases were in MO, AR, OK, MA, SD and KS. – See http://poway.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/county-urges-public-to-protect-against-ticks-after-tularemia-find-poway

Author’s Note: For more information about Tularemia see http://www.cdc.gov/tularemia/index.html

Chronic Wasting Disease:

CWD-TitleIowa 04/09/14 IA Dept of Natural Resources: Media Release – The first case of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in a wild Iowa deer has been confirmed. The deer was reported as harvested in Allamakee County during the first shotgun season in early December. The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is currently working to obtain as much information as possible about the infected deer to implement its CWD response plan. “We have been testing for CWD in Iowa’s deer herd for more than a decade and are optimistic, given the extensive data we have collected, that we have caught this early,” said Chuck Gipp, DNR director. “The next step will be to focus our monitoring efforts in the area where the animal was harvested and work closely with local landowners and hunters to gather more information.” said Gipp.

Deer infected with CWD.

Deer infected with CWD.

CWD is a neurological disease affecting primarily deer and elk. It is caused by an abnormal protein, called a prion that attacks the brains of infected animals, causing them to lose weight, display abnormal behavior and lose bodily functions. Signs include excessive salivation, thirst and urination, loss of appetite, progressive weight loss, listlessness and drooping ears and head. The only reliable test for CWD requires testing of lymph nodes or brain material. There is currently no evidence that humans can contract CWD by eating venison. However, the National Institute of Health and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that hunters do not eat the brain, eyeballs or spinal cord of deer and that hunters wear protective gloves while field dressing game and boning out meat for consumption. Prior to the positive detection in Iowa, CWD had been detected in every bordering state.


batinlaundryConnecticut 04/07/14 New London County: A bat captured in a Gales Ferry home on April 4th in the Eagle Ridge Drive area of Ledyard has tested positive for rabies. – See http://groton.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/bat-captured-in-gales-ferry-tests-positive-for-rabies-groton

Georgia 04/11/14 Hall County: Officials have issued a Rabies Alert for the Persimmon Tree Road area after a raccoon that was in contact with a dog tested positive for the virus. This is the fifth confirmed case of rabies found in the county this year. – See http://www.gainesvilletimes.com/section/6/article/98112/

Georgia 04/10/14 Henry County: A raccoon that was killed by a dog on April 2nd in the City of McDonough has tested positive for rabies. Officials have issued a city-wide quarantine. – See http://www.myfoxatlanta.com/story/25214076/henry-county-issues-rabies-quarantine-88e779r0efor-mcdonough#axzz2ydBtnx7b

Massachusetts 04/07/14 Middlesex County: A skunk found near the Framingham/Southborough town line has tested positive for rabies. – See http://framingham.wickedlocal.com/article/20140407/NEWS/140406953

4541357140foxNew Hampshire 04/11/14 Rockingham County: A fox that attacked two children at the Don Ball Park in Derry on April 10th has tested positive for rabies. The animal knocked a boy down, and then bit a 5-year-old girl after she came down a slide. Police and wildlife officials finally cornered the animal in nearby woods and killed it, but in the interim the fox also attacked a porcupine and dog. – See http://www.wmur.com/news/fox-that-attacked-children-tests-positive-for-rabies/25438202

New Jersey 04/11/14 Monmouth County: Health officials have issued a Rabies Alert for the Middletown area after two raccoons tested positive for the virus this week. The first was found in the vicinity of Michael Drive off Nutswamp Road, and the second was found in the vicinity of Essex Street and Bray Avenue in the northern section of the township. – See http://www.ahherald.com/newsbrief/local-news/17351-rabies-alert-in-middletown

111009110345_Raccoon3 - CopyNew Jersey 04/09/14 Hunterdon County: A raccoon captured in the vicinity of Brown Street in Flemington has tested positive for rabies. The animal might have been in contact with several stray cats in the area. – See http://www.nj.com/hunterdon-county-democrat/index.ssf/2014/04/raccoon_cuaght_in_flemington_t.html

New York 04/11/14 Niagara County: A raccoon killed by two dogs on Stone Road in Hartland has tested positive for rabies. – http://wivb.com/2014/04/11/niagara-co-reports-first-rabies-case-of-2014/

rabidcatNew York 04/07/14 Oneida County: A man who tried to help what he thought was an injured cat was bitten on the hand last week when he picked the animal up. The cat later tested positive for rabies and the victim is receiving post-exposure treatment. – See http://www.wktv.com/news/local/Oneida-County-man-exposed-to-rabies-by-injured-cat-254233751.html

GA_Gray_Fox_6869North Carolina 04/10/14 Cumberland County: A fox that attacked two unvaccinated dogs on April 9th outside their owner’s home on Lake Upchurch Road in Parkton has tested positive for rabies. The owner of the dogs is being treated for potential exposure to virus when he grabbed the fox and broke its neck. – See http://www.fayobserver.com/news/local/article_3ca95f9e-f7c3-5939-99fa-678cb761daaf.html

Texas 04/11/14 Wichita County: A second skunk has tested positive for rabies in the city of Wichita Falls within two weeks. The first was in the southern part of the city while this latest case is in the northern sector. – See http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2014/apr/10/second-case-rabies-wichita-falls/

2195804032_bb25565f77-copyTexas 04/11/14 Young County: Two skunks found in the City of Graham have tested positive for rabies. One was found near Pioneer Cemetery and the other in the northeast part of the city. – See http://www.grahamleader.com/ci_25546497/rabies-cases-reported-graham

Texas 04/10/14 McClellan County: A skunk found in the 600 block of Regina Drive in Hewitt on April 7th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.kcentv.com/story/25206822/skunk-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-hewitt

Texas 04/08/14 Bell County: A skunk that scratched a dog in the 4500 block of Lonesome Dove in Killeen has tested positive for rabies. – http://www.kxxv.com/story/25197702/rabid-skunk-spurs-caution-in-bell-county

lottaraccoons - CopyVermont 04/11/14 Chittenden County: Four raccoons trapped in Burlington and South Burlington in the last ten days have all tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.boston.com/news/local/vermont/2014/04/11/animal-rabies-found-near-vermont-largest-city/OTbD8fi44nBSYDmPkeRrDO/story.html

Rabid-cat-4-11-14 VaVirginia 04/11/14 Virginia Beach: A stray cat that was following children waiting for the school bus in the 1200 block of Warwick Drive has tested positive for rabies. Anyone who came in contact with the cat is advised to seek medical advice immediately. – See http://wavy.com/2014/04/11/cat-found-near-school-bus-stop-tests-positive-for-rabies/

help7689Wisconsin 04/09/14 Marathon County: Officials are looking for the owner of a large Rottweiler-type dog that bit a seven-year-old boy around 7:30 p.m. on April 8th near the corner of S. 5th Avenue and West Street in Wausau. The dog was wearing a dark green or black harness and was being walked by a woman with brown, shoulder length hair. She is believed to have been in her 30s and was wearing running pants and a bright pink shirt. Anyone with information should call the health department at (715) 849-7785. – http://www.wsaw.com/home/headlines/Health-Dept-Searching-for-Dog-to-Prevent-Boy-from-going-through-Rabies-Shots-254575171.html?ref=171


OREGON’s wandering WOLF OR-7 takes day trip to CALIFORNIA ~ BLACK BEAR attacks reported in three eastern states ~ A fourth MULE DEER with CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE taken in NORTH DAKOTA ~ NEW MEXICO child dies of HANTAVIRUS ~ RABIES reports from GA, MD, NYx2 & RI.

Wikipedia photo.

Wikipedia photo.

California 12/10/13 Siskiyou County: OR-7, a 4-year-old wolf and native of Oregon that has traveled more than 3,000 miles since late 2011 unsuccessfully looking for a mate, took a day-trip into northern California over the weekend, but has now returned to the southern Cascades territory in Oregon that he seems to favor. A California Fish & Wildlife officer who has been following his GPS tracking signals said he appears to be following migrating deer and elk. – See http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_24696703/ore-wandering-wolf-or-7-takes-day-trip
Bear Attacks:
Florida 12/05/13 Seminole County: A 54-year-old woman walking her dogs in the Wingfield North section of Longwood on Dec. 2nd was seriously wounded when a black bear attacked without provocation or warning. The woman suffered severe lacerations to her face and head and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. The dogs ran off but were later found and returned to their home. A bear has since been captured in the area and has been euthanized. – See http://www.inquisitr.com/1052743/florida-bear-captured-and-euthanized-following-attack/

Black bear. Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Black bear. Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Pennsylvania 12/10/13 Clinton County: An 18-year-old girl who was deer hunting with family members in Mill Hall on Dec. 9th accidentally found herself between a black bear sow and three cubs. The sow attacked leaving the girl with deep bite wounds to her arms and shoulders, and a deep laceration on her head before it was scared off by others in the hunting party. The girl underwent surgery at Geisenger Medical Center in Danville. – See http://www.wearecentralpa.com/story/teen-attacked-by-black-bear/d/story/gjJt1F3LakCEL7IdKScqsA
Virginia 12/11/13 Bedford County: A 32-year-old male hunting with dogs in the vicinity of Suck Mountain in Bedford was bitten on both arms by a black bear when he tried to intervene after his dogs confronted the bear. The terrain was steep and the hunter slipped, falling toward the bear. The incident was over quickly and the hunter drove himself to a hospital where he received about six stitches in each arm. A state game warden called the incident “provoked” and
said there’s no reason for public alarm. – See http://www.roanoke.com/news/2444761-12/bear-bites-bedford-county-hunter-after-dogs-confront.html
Chronic Wasting Disease:
mule deerNorth Dakota 12/09/13 Grant County: A mule deer shot by a hunter in the 3F2 hunting unit is the fourth deer to test positive for the chronic wasting disease in the past five years. Infected mule deer were killed in 2009, 2010, and 2011, all within a circular area with a diameter of about 15 miles. – See http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/91143/group/homepage/

Deer mouse. Common carrier of hantavirus.

Deer mouse. Common carrier of hantavirus.

New Mexico 12/10/13 McKinley County: A 12-year-old boy has become the third case of Hantavirus and second fatality in the state due to the disease this year. The deer mouse is the primary reservoir of the Hantavirus strain found in New Mexico – See http://www.kdbc.com/news/health/third-documented-hantavirus-case-new-mexico-2013
Vaccinating Your DogGeorgia 12/11/13 Liberty County: A Fleming family of four is being treated for potential exposure to rabies after their unvaccinated dog tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.wsav.com/story/24196887/liberty-county-dog-tests-positive-for-rabies
rabidcatMaryland 12/11/13 Frederick County: An adult, orange domestic short hair cat picked up on Dec. 8th as a stray reported to be acting aggressively has tested positive for rabies. The cat was found in the 500 block of East Church Street in the city of Frederick. Anyone in Frederick who has recently been in contact with a cat of this description should seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.your4state.com/story/cat-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-frederick/d/story/1xaqkr0MrEmb3kwluD4M4Q
bobcat3WiscDNRNew York 12/11/13 Washington County: A bobcat that jumped on a woman at the door of her Adirondack home in Putnam has tested positive for rabies. The woman, 49, was bitten and scratched on her face, head, shoulder, arms and thigh. When the cat then made the mistake of going after a guest at the home, it was shot and killed. – See http://online.wsj.com/article/APf3aee2e749e54005b6edd92ddb985b37.html
111009110345_Raccoon3 - CopyNew York 12/11/13 Onondaga County: A raccoon that attacked a couple who were jogging on a Round Lake trail in Green Lakes State Park on Dec. 7th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/12/raccoon_that_attacked_manlius_couple_in_green_lakes_state_park_had_rabies_test_s.html
grayfoxRhode Island 12/11/13 Kent County: A dead gray fox found in a barn in the vicinity of Frenchtown and Tillinghast roads in the Frenchtown section of East Greenwich has tested positive for rabies. A fox presumed to be rabid attacked three people in this same area last month, but it’s unknown how long this fox has been dead or if it could be the same one responsible for the November attacks. An unvaccinated horse stabled in the barn has been quarantined. – See http://eastgreenwich.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/fox-found-monday-tests-positive-for-rabies

Author’s Note: Sorry for the fortnight between posts. A new computer and move to a new office took more time than anticipated. JG

OHIOAN attacked by pack of four COYOTES while mowing lawn ~ WASHINGTONIAN bitten by BLACK BEAR on her back porch ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from LA, & TX ~ RABIES report from CONNECTICUT.

Coyote. Bing free use license.

Coyote. Bing free use license.

Ohio 11/01/13 newsnet5.com: by Dena Greer – A man was attacked Friday morning by a coyote near a country club in Mansfield, said Mansfield Police and an ODNR spokesperson. Police said the victim called 9-1-1 to report seeing a pack of four coyotes around 11 a.m. in the 900 block of Springmill Road near the Westbrook Country Club. Mansfield police responded to the scene to find the man had been bitten, said the ODNR spokesperson. The ODNR game warden was called in to investigate. The spokesperson said the man was transported to the hospital with injuries that appear to be coyote bite marks. ODNR did not find any coyotes in the area, but said the victim’s supervisor and a law enforcement officer reported seeing the coyotes. The victim worked for a golf club in the area. – For list of precautions see http://www.dnr.state.oh.us/LinkClick.aspx?fileticket=fiS83YgFKUE%3d&tabid=6598

Black Bear Attack:

Bear-Residential3Washington 11/01/13 dailyastorian.com: Staff report – Long Beach-area resident Janet Herman was bitten at her home near the Sandridge Road-Sid Snyder Drive intersection early Friday in what authorities believe was an accidental encounter with a black bear. The woman’s Schnauzer dog, Buddy, was killed before Herman drove the bear away with a broom. Mike Cenci, deputy chief of enforcement for the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife, said Friday night that Herman, in her 60s, was bitten at about 3 a.m. Friday and sought treatment at the Ocean Beach Hospital emergency room. It doesn’t appear that 911 was ever called. Cenci requested that Herman’s name be withheld from publication Friday in order to preserve her privacy, but her daughter disclosed her identity in posting additional details on Facebook on Saturday morning. According to Paula Herman-Wright, her mother suffered a bite to the stomach. The bite marks were consistent with the dentition of a black bear, Cenci said. Herman was released from the hospital Friday and is expected to make a full recovery. Herman-Wright said her mom let the two dogs out to tend to their business. Buddy, the Schnauzer, encountered the bear in close quarters on the home’s back porch and was mauled. Herman then grabbed her broom and was bitten as the bear made its escape, authorities believe. The dog died from wounds to its neck.

bear_in_garbage“My Buddy lost his life protecting my mom… I thank God that although this happened, that it was fast and painless for Buddy,” Herman-Wright said. “It bit and scratched its way through anything that stood between him and freedom,” Cenci said of the bear. Cenci thinks “the bear didn’t go looking for trouble,” but rather was eating garbage and reacted violently when surprised by Herman and her dogs. Black bears in Western Washington generally do not kill living prey, so the dog was likely killed as a defensive reaction rather than to eat. Cenci said the WDFW was not notified of the incident until later Friday morning. He made a rapid highway trip between Olympia and Long Beach, summoning a Karelian bear dog and its handler from Tacoma to join wildlife officers at the scene. But there had been precipitation in the meantime and the dog was unable to identify a likely trail for the fleeing bear. Cenci said that evidence including the overturned garbage container and deep claw marks on the porch shows that one or more bears are often in the area. WDFW has placed two large culvert-type bear traps in the vicinity to see if they can capture the right bear. If caught, it will be euthanized. – For complete article see http://www.dailyastorian.com/free/long-beach-peninsula-woman-bitten-by-bear/article_ff883132-585f-5b6a-9e60-5d960b710da2.html

West Nile Virus (WNV):

LA-DHHLouisiana 11/01/13 LA Dept of Health: This week, the state’s health department confirmed three new human cases of WNV, bringing this year’s total to 58 cases. This week’s new infections are West Nile fever cases, with one each in Ascension, Lafayette and Ouachita parishes. – See http://www.dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/newsroom/detail/2905

Gaines_County.TXTexas 11/01/13 Gaines County: Officials have confirmed that an elderly male resident of Seminole who died on September 6th has tested positive for WNV-related complications. – See http://www.newswest9.com/story/23855433/gaines-county-man-dies-from-west-nile-virus


skunkteeth98984Connecticut 11/04/13 Litchfield County: A skunk that bit a man’s foot while he was sitting at a picnic table on Meadowview Drive in Torrington on October 30th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.registercitizen.com/general-news/20131104/man-recovering-after-being-bitten-by-rabid-skunk-in-torrington

Two BEARS attack three people and a third raids a hiker’s camp in separate reports from three CANADIAN provinces ~ NEW YORK officials confirm two cases of POWASSAN VIRUS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS report from TEXAS ~ RABIES reports from FLx2, GA, NJ, SC, & TX.

Polar, Black, & Grizzly bears. Wikispaces. Bing free use license.

Polar, Black, & Grizzly bears. Wikispaces. Bing free use license.


angry-polar-bear2Manitoba 11/01/13: A polar bear attacked two people in the town of Churchill just after 5:00 CDT this morning. The first person, Bill Ayott, 69, left the safety of his home when he heard a commotion as the bear confronted two other people, but he attracted the bear and it attacked him instead then left as a vehicle approached. Later that morning, a woman, age 30, was also attacked and injured by a polar bear. Ayotte and the woman were both hospitalized. Conservation officers tracked and shot the bear, killing it and another bear as well. – For article and video see http://winnipeg.ctvnews.ca/two-polar-bears-shot-after-attack-injures-two-people-in-churchill-1.1523639

This is the second polar bear-on-human attack in the town of Churchill in the past two months. In September, Garett Kolsun, 40, was attacked while walking home early on Saturday morning, the 7th. He, like Ayott, managed to walk away, but not before he was badly  bitten, clawed, and in need of medical attention (See this blog – CANADIAN’s cellphone helps him survive POLAR BEAR attack – posted 09/11/13).

bear-attack.grizzlyAlberta 10/31/13: A hunter with a license to bag black bear went into a remote area near the Chain Lakes southwest of Calgary last Sunday and took a shot at what turned out to be a grizzly. After about 20 minutes, he decided to track it, and it found him. Though bitten several times and struggling to survive with a crushed wrist, he managed to free his knife and thrust a mortal stab into the grizzly’s throat. Then he returned to his vehicle and drove several hours through a storm to the town of Nanton where a service station attendant administered first aid and called an ambulance. From there, he was taken to a hospital in Calgary. Officials have not ruled out the possibility that the hunter could face charges if the grizzly’s death proves to be something other than self-defense, in which case he could be fined $100.000.00 and jailed for up to two years.  – See http://www.torontosun.com/2013/10/31/alberta-hunter-stabs-grizzly-bear-survives-vicious-attack

blackbear_1721930c-133Quebec 10/31/13: Within the past two weeks, rescuers found Marco Lavoie, 44, barely clinging to life in the Canadian wilderness. About three months ago, Lavoie left home on what he anticipated would be an eight week hike across the Lake Matagami region of northwestern Quebec.  But sometime in August a bear entered his camp, ate his food, and destroyed his survival equipment. He was experienced so his family wasn’t worried  until ten days ago when, on October 21st, they called provincial police. Rescuers said he might have lasted another 24 to 48 hours, but not much longer. It’s been snowing up there for two or three weeks now. – See http://www.globalpost.com/dispatch/news/the-canadian-press/131031/man-found-after-three-months-the-woods-stranded-bear-attack

Powassan Virus:

Deer tick.

Deer tick.

New York 10/31/13 Putnam County Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed two human cases of Powassan Virus, a tick-borne disease. Like Lyme disease, POW is transmitted through the bite of an infected deer tick, but POW can be transmitted in as little as 15 minutes. Most Lyme disease infections require the tick to be attached for more than 24 hours. Also, POW is a viral rather than a bacterial infection like Lyme disease, so antibiotics are useless in treating it. Since 2001, New York has reported 16 human cases of POW, five of them in Putnam County. – See http://www.putnamcountyny.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/10-31-13-Powassan-.pdf

West Nile Virus (WNV):

West_Nile_TexasTexas 11/01/13 Dallas County: Officials have confirmed the 15th human case of WNV this year in a resident of ZIP code area 75204. – See http://www.dallasweekly.com/news/metro/article_7f2d58b0-4318-11e3-aa75-0019bb30f31a.html


Florida 10/31/13 Hernando County: A raccoon killed in Brooksville by two vaccinated dogs has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wtsp.com/news/article/342875/8/Raccoon-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-Brooksville

Raccoon-SiedePreis-smFlorida 10/31/13 Palm Beach County: A raccoon picked up last Sunday by animal control officers in the 3000 block of Churchill Drive in Boynton Beach after a resident reported that it looked sick has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/rabid-raccoon-in-boynton-beach-prompts-rabies-warn/nbdTc/

Georgia 11/01/13 Hall County: A raccoon that was in contact with two dogs in the Goble Drive area of the county has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.cbsatlanta.com/story/23854079/rabies-alert-in-hall-county

skunk245mn2New Jersey 11/01/13 Middlesex County: A skunk killed by a vaccinated dog in the vicinity of Mershon Lane and Krebs Road in Plainsboro has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.mycentraljersey.com/article/20131101/NJNEWS14/311010037/Skunk-killed-by-dog-Plainsboro-tests-positive-rabies?nclick_check=1

imagesCAQVTCKPSouth Carolina 11/01/13 Aiken County: A raccoon captured October 27th in the Cherry Hill Drive vicinity of the City of Aiken has tested positive for rabies. This is the second rabid raccoon found in the city in the past two weeks. – See http://www.wrdw.com/home/headlines/Second-raccoon-test-positive-for-rabies-230246321.html?ref=321

Looking-for-Kittens-001Texas 10/31/13 McLennan County: A stray kitten that was hit by a car in Waco last week and then bit a Good Samaritan who rescued it has tested positive for rabies. The Good Samaritan is being treated for exposure to the virus. – See http://www.freestonecountytimesonline.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7704:rabies-found-in-kitten-in-waco&catid=52:community


BLACK BEAR attacks WISCONSIN bird hunter ~ MALARIA infections hit 40-year high in U.S. ~ NEW MEXICO woman dies of HANTAVIRUS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from MS, & TXx3 ~ RABIES reports from CT, GA, NJ, NY, VT, & VA.

Black bear. Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Black bear. Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Wisconsin 10/30/13 wqow.com: by Jackson Schmidtke – Sometimes when you go hunting you come across animals you’re not looking to hunt. A Barron County grouse hunter’s encounter on Saturday put him and his dog in the hospital. “It was a spot where he would have never seen this bear laying on the ground,” said DNR Conservation Warden Phillip Dorn. Phil Anderson was hunting ruffed grouse at the Loon Lake Wildlife Area when he heard branches cracking. He thought it was a deer but it turned out to be a black bear. “I heard my dog squealing in distress and I kind of figured out what was happening,” Anderson said. Anderson’s dog had encountered a mother bear and her cubs in Barron County.

a.LoonLake.WI“I yelled for the dog and immediately the adult bear came from that direction and charged at me and knocked me on my back,” said Anderson “She batted me a few times and shook me and then she went back to my dog.”  After regaining his feet, Anderson yelled at the bear hoping to scare it. The bear left the dog and charged Anderson again. This time Anderson was prepared and was able to shoot the bear point blank in the face with birdshot, a lightweight ammo that typically would not down a bear. “Birdshot doesn’t really penetrate that well from distances,” said Dorn “but this was very close range. Probably within three feet.” The 275-pound bear died instantly.  Anderson and his dog were able to walk three quarters of a mile to his truck. He then drove home where he and his wife assessed his injuries and drove to Cumberland hospital. From there he was airlifted to Regions Hospital in the Twin Cities to have his wounds cleaned and closed. – For complete article and video see http://www.wqow.com/story/23834852/2013/10/30/hunter-attacked-by-bear-in-barron-county


a.malaria.298ed98National 10/31/13 medpagetoday.com: by Michael Smith – The number of malaria cases in the U.S. hit a 40-year peak in 2011, the CDC reported. The 1,925 cases, including five deaths, represent an increase of 14% from the 1,691 cases in 2010 and the largest number since 1971, when the agency was notified of 3,180 cases. The 2011 toll includes 1,920 cases classified as imported, as well as one laboratory-acquired case, one related to a transfusion, two congenital cases, and one cryptic case, the agency said in a surveillance summary in Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Not only were there more cases, but more cases were classified as severe in 2011 than in 2010, 275 versus 183, a difference that was significant at P=0.0018.

a.MalariaMap.9899f8The CDC report suggested that the increased numbers might be a result of growing international travel to malarial regions, combined with inadequate chemoprevention by travelers. “Malaria isn’t something many doctors see frequently in the United States thanks to successful malaria elimination efforts in the 1940s,” according to CDC Director Thomas Frieden, MD. “The increase in malaria cases reminds us that Americans remain vulnerable and must be vigilant against diseases like malaria because our world is so interconnected by travel,” he said in a statement.

Anopheles mosquito. Malaria carrier. CDC

Anopheles mosquito. Malaria carrier. CDC

The U.S. figures also appear to parallel increases in other countries, the agency said, noting that 2011 numbers in the United Kingdom were up 22% from 2008, although down slightly from 2010. The findings are based on data submitted to the National Malaria Surveillance System, the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System, and the Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center. – For complete article see http://www.medpagetoday.com/InfectiousDisease/GeneralInfectiousDisease/42630

Blogger’s Note: Malaria gets very little attention in this blog because, as the numbers reflect, it is primarily an issue for those who travel to other areas of the world and not one of major concern to those who work, play, hike, camp, hunt and fish in the great American outdoors. This article, however, is extremely interesting. JG


Deer mouse.

Deer mouse.

New Mexico 10/31/13 Santa Fe County: Officials have confirmed that a 73-year-old female resident of the county has died of Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, a disease transmitted through the urine, droppings, or saliva of rodents, especially deer mice. – See http://www.abqjournal.com/291992/abqnewsseeker/hantavirus-claims-second-new-mexico-death.html

West Nile Virus (WNV):

MS_71058_121809421211160_5406251_nMississippi 10/30/13 MS Dept of Health: State officials have confirmed that the third WNV-related fatality this year involved a resident of Forrest County previously reported as a human case of the virus. There have now been 43 human cases reported in the state, including the three fatalities. – For details see http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/23,14460,341.html

dallas cty TXTexas 10/30/13 Dallas County: Officials have confirmed the 14th human case of WNV in the 75089 ZIP code area (Rowlett) of the county this year. – See http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Dallas-County-Confirms-14th-Case-of-West-Nile-Virus-229943881.html

Ector_County.TXTexas 10/30/13 Ector County: Officials have confirmed two human cases of WNV in Odessa. – See http://www.oaoa.com/people/health/article_f0371c44-4106-11e3-8c42-0019bb30f31a.html

Midland_County.TXTexas 10/29/13 Midland County: Officials have confirmed five human cases of WNV in the City of Midland, and Midland Health & Senior Services is currently investigating two new cases. – See video and article at http://www.permianbasin360.com/news-article/more-west-nile-cases-confirmed/d/news-article/rCdvp8HR9Eyypq7O025x4Q


xchng_rabid_meanieMeanDog45Connecticut 10/30/3 New Haven County: East Shore Health District officials are warning Branford residents to take precautions after a raccoon that attacked two dogs tested positive for rabies. Dogs, cats, and livestock should be vaccinated. – For complete article and other precautions see http://branford.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/health-district-rabid-raccoon-discovered-in-branford

PHIL_2186_loresCDCGeorgia 10/29/13 Madison County: Two wild animals have recently tested positive for rabies: a skunk that was in contact with a dog in the 1000 block of Coley Davis Road in Danielsville, and a raccoon that was in contact with a cat in the 400 block of Forest Lane in Colbert. – See http://www.madisonjournaltoday.com/archives/6511-Two-positive-rabies-cases-reported.html

rasf2New Jersey 10/30/13 Camden County: A skunk that was in contact with a dog in Voorhees Township has tested positive for rabies. – See http://philadelphia.cbslocal.com/2013/10/30/skunk-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-camden-county-2/

Rabies. Cow dying of rabies.  Copyright ITMNew York 10/30/13 Herkimer County: A cow stabled in the town of Stark has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.uticaod.com/latestnews/x1155601678/Rabid-cow-confirmed-in-Herkimer-County

fox-and-raccoon-nibble2 (2)Vermont 10/29/13 Addison County: Officials have issued a Rabies Alert after a raccoon and a fox found in Bristol tested positive for the virus. The raccoon bit a man, and the fox was dying when it was found. – See http://www.addison-eagle.com/news/2013/oct/29/town-bristol-rabies-alert/

raccoon-loomcomVirginia 10/30/13 Pittsylvania County: A Rabies Alert has been issued by Pittsylvania/Danville Health District officials after a raccoon found in the vicinity of Old Mine Road in the Gretna area tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.godanriver.com/news/pittsylvania_county/article_576c0ca8-4170-11e3-a39d-0019bb30f31a.html

CANADIAN survives BLACK BEAR attack by grabbing bear’s tongue ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from AZ, & MS ~ RABIES reports from VT, & WI.

Black bear. Bing free use license.

Black bear. Bing free use license.


New Brunswick 10/12/13 cbc.ca: A woodlot owner near Grand Falls, N.B., says he’s lucky to be alive after a bear attacked him in the woods. Gilles Cyr said he was walking through his woodlot two weeks ago when suddenly something black came flying out of the woods at him. “When I opened up my eyes it was on top of me — with the friggin’ noise, it’s crazy the way it growls. Right from the stomach. It’s not from the mouth, it’s just inside. His mouth was wide open right in front of my face so the last thing I remember I had his tongue in my hand and I didn’t want to let go because he was trying to fight me off. So he was hitting me with his claws, so I says, ‘If you’re going to hurt me, I’m going to hurt you too.’ So he was biting his tongue at the same time,” he said. “For a second, I thought I was dead … that’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you open your eyes and see that friggin’ mouth full of teeth and a tongue in there. It’s like … an extreme sport,” he said with a chuckle. Cyr said grabbing the bear’s tongue was just instinct. He said he managed to escape behind a tree but not before the bear clawed his belly and bit his knee. The bear followed him but then appeared to lose interest and walked away. He was treated for superficial wounds at the hospital. Cyr said that a warden told him he has permission to track down the bear and kill it as a nuisance animal — however an official with Natural Resources said Cyr may require a permit.

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Grand Falls, New Brunswick

This is not the first near miss with a black bear in New Brunswick. In August a forestry worker was chased and attacked while working in the woods near Oromocto Lake. Pierre Mezzetta of Fredericton required some stitches and a night in hospital following the attack. In July, a black bear chased a Fredericton man into his home. He was not injured but the bear made off with his garbage. The province’s black bear population has jumped to 17,000, up from about 12,000 eight years ago. A provincial biologist said one reason for the rise in the bear population is because of a drop in hunting. Thirty-five years ago, New Brunswick sold more than 12,500 bear hunting licences. Last year, it sold barely more than 5,000. – For photos and original article see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/new-brunswick/man-grabs-bear-s-tongue-during-attack-near-grand-falls-1.2021414

Dengue Fever:

graphics1Global 10/14/13 miamiherald.com: Debate and controversy surround the use of genetically altered mosquitoes designed to curb the spread of dengue fever. OX513A is a genetically modified mosquito engineered by a British biotech company, Oxitec Ltd. of Abingdon, England. The “Frankenskeeters”, as they have been called, are all male and contain a “lethality gene” that prevents offspring from surviving.

kw-map1The controversy revolves around doubts about effectiveness to concern about the impact on the ecosystem. But officials in the Florida Keys have been considering a test. Oxitec CEO Hadyn Parry said OX513A has already been tested in the Cayman Islands, Malaysia, and Brazil, and he expects tests in India and in the Florida Keys, if the FDA and Florida authorities approve. An outbreak of dengue fever has been reported in Florida, and the virus is reported to be present in Texas this year. – See complete article at http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/10/14/3683849/debate-surrounds-use-of-gene-altered.html

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Pinal Cty AZArizona 10/14/13 Pinal County: Officials have confirmed the county’s first human case of WNV in an adult male resident of Casa Grande who is recovering. – See http://www.necn.com/10/14/13/Pinal-County-reports-case-of-West-Nile-v/landing_nation.html?&apID=f8419e2441794c63aca3f20a9441a806

HindsCountyMSMississippi 10/14/13 MS Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed one new human case of WNV reported in Hinds County. So far this year, 40 human cases of the virus have been reported in the state, including two fatalities. – For further details see http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/23,14399,341.html


84a20f8b61c4c82307683f92d3eea38dVermont 10/14/13 Windham County: A raccoon that fought with a vaccinated dog at a residence on Misty Drive in Grafton has tested positive for rabies. The dog was not injured, but when the dog was called off and the raccoon remained aggressive the homeowner shot it. – See http://www.reformer.com/localnews/ci_24303294/rabid-raccoon-shot-and-killed-grafton

help-298x300Wisconsin 10/14/13 Winnebago County: Police in Menasha are looking for a small dog, described as a golden Yorkshire terrier that allegedly bit an adult jogger in Jefferson Park around noon this past Sunday. The little dog was being walked by an elderly woman, who apparently continued on her way, following the bite incident; it is unclear as to why the jogger was not able to catch up to the elderly woman and her dog following the bite. The authorities are involved because they are hoping to find out if the dog responsible for the bite is current on its rabies vaccinations. – See http://www.examiner.com/article/police-search-for-tiny-canine-culprit-weekend-dog-bite-case

CANADA: B.C. residents being attacked by RACCOONS ~ B.C. hunter attacked by GRIZZLY BEAR ~ ONTARIO woman walking DOGS attacked by BLACK BEAR ~ WNV reports from MA, MS, ND, SD, & TN ~ RABIES reports from KY, NJ, TN, & VA.

Bing. Free use license.

Bing. Free use license.


British Columbia 10/01/13 theprovince.com: by Sarah Taguiam – Keith-Cordell Robinson and his small dog were walking out of his West End (Vancouver) apartment in early September when a man yelled: “Be careful, there are two large raccoons right there!” And without warning, the pair of raccoons charged toward them. The other man helped to kick one of the raccoons away, but it climbed a tree and was about to launch itself on Robinson when he sprayed it with bear spray. “My dog and I have been attacked and scratched so many times that I now carry a bear spray everywhere,” he said.

Bing.free.use.licenseRobinson, 64, has been violently attacked four times since last year and said he’s not alone. He’s asking city and health officials to do something about the attacks, which according to him, have increased since 2012 in the quiet Barclay and Gilford streets area near Stanley Park. “We should really get this one set of raccoons caged and sent some place,” Robinson said. “What if someone is walking with a child and the raccoon just comes at them?” According to Robinson, three of his neighbours have been attacked and at least one of them sustained a bloody bruise. He also knows several other nearby residents who’ve had close encounters. – For photo and complete article see http://www.theprovince.com/news/Raccoon+attacks+West+residents+carrying+bear+spray/8978975/story.html

Bear Attacks:


yeti_grizzly_bear_bing.freeuselicenseBritish Columbia 10/01/13 cbc.ca: Conservation officers are combing through the eastern slopes of Butler Ridge Provincial Park in northern B.C., after a grizzly bear attacked a hunter on the weekend. Ed Basha, 60, was hunting elk alone near the northern part of the park on Saturday. As he approached a berry patch, a grizzly charged him, conservation officer Brad Lacey said. Basha, who is from Hudson’s Hope, B.C., was able to fire a single shot from his rifle, but then the bear began mauling him. “The bear initially hit him up high. Then went to his face, and worked his way down his body, a number of bites from the shoulder, and then through the legs,” said Lacey. Basha then “played dead” until the bear walked away. Despite his injuries, he was able to walk to his car and drive for over an hour to get help.

HHmapAccording to Lacey, Basha drove to the nearest home, a farmhouse, where a woman then took him to a nearby oil and gas camp. A paramedic at the camp, Gary Neufeld, was able to provide first aid and keep Basha stable until he was airlifted to a hospital in Fort St. John, B.C. He was then transferred to an Edmonton hospital where he remains in stable condition. – For complete article see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/grizzly-bear-attack-hospitalizes-b-c-hunter-1.1874244

blackbear.Bing.freeuselicensed870gsOntario 09/29/13 Peterborough County: A woman walking her dogs on a trail south of Highway 7 in the Township of Havelock-Belmont-Methuen on Sunday was attacked by a black bear that bit and mauled her. The dogs were also injured but managed to drive the bear away. – See http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/black-bear-attacks-peterborough-woman-out-walking-her-dogs-1.1872827

West Nile Virus (WNV):

MA_220px-MADPH_LogoMassachusetts 09/27/13 MA Dept of Public Health: Officials today announced the fifth and sixth human cases of WNV in the state this year. The fifth case involved a woman from Middlesex County in her 50’s, who was never hospitalized. The sixth case is a woman from Essex County in her 70’s who was hospitalized, but has shown significant improvement. – See http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/gov/newsroom/press-releases/dph/two-additional-human-cases-of-west-nile-virus-announced.html

MS_71058_121809421211160_5406251_nMississippi 10/01/13 MS Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed 4 new human cases of WNV in the state this bringing the total to 39 human cases of WNV, including 2 fatalities, in the state this year. The new cases were reported in Forrest, Harrison, Hinds and Madison counties. So far this year, cases have been reported in Adams, Bolivar, Forrest (5), Harrison, Hinds (11), Jones (2), Lamar (4), Leflore (2), Lincoln, Lowndes, Madison (3), Marion, Pike, Rankin (4) and Wayne counties. – See http://www.healthyms.com/msdhsite/_static/14,0,93,586.html

ND DOHNorth Dakota 10/01/13 ND Dept of Health: Officials today announced the state’s second WNV-related death in 2013. The individual was a man who resided in the southeastern region of the state and was older than 60 years of age. He died while hospitalized and had underlying medical conditions. To date, 101 human WNV cases have been reported in 28 counties this year. – See http://www.ndhan.gov/data/mrNews/2nd%20WNV%20Human%20death.pdf

SouthDakotaDOHSouth Dakota 10/01/13 SD Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that 122 human cases of WNV disease, including 3 fatalities, have been reported in the following counties:   Brown 22, Pennington 9, Beadle 7, Brookings 6, Hughes 6, Spink 6, Minnehaha 5, Clark 4, Brule 3, Charles Mix 3, Codington 3, Davison 3, Day 3, Jones 3, Yankton 3, Buffalo 2, Clay 2, Corson 2, Faulk 2, Lincoln 2, Meade 2, Moody 2, Roberts 2, Sanborn 2, Walworth 2, and 1 each in Butte, Deuel, Dewey, Edmunds, Jackson, Jerauld, Lawrence, Lyman, Marshall, McCook, McPherson, Mellette, Miner, Sully, Tripp, Turner. – See http://doh.sd.gov/documents/diseases/infectious/WNVupdateOct1.pdf

il_fullxfull.297243494Tennessee 09/30/13 Davidson County: Metro Public Health officials reported today that two area residents, one in Inglewood and the other in East Nashville, have tested positive for WNV. These are the first human cases of WNV in the county this year. – See http://www.tennessean.com/article/20130930/NEWS07/309300050/Two-sickened-West-Nile-Davidson-County?nclick_check=1


batnewscientist884909Kentucky 09/30/13 Woodford County: Two teenagers who removed a bat from the Woodford County High School on Frankfort Street in Versailles are be treated for potential exposure to rabies. A colony of bats was found inside the school, but none were trapped before being driven from the building. The teens are being treated as a precaution. – See http://www.lex18.com/news/officials-two-woodford-county-students-treated-after-exposure-to-bat#!prettyPhoto/0/

Bat 1on sidewalkNew Jersey 09/30/13 Cumberland County: A bat found on a sidewalk near Bradford Drive and Manchester Avenue in Vineland has tested positive for rabies. Area parents should determine if their children touched the bat and need immediate post-exposure protection. – See http://www.thedailyjournal.com/article/20131001/NEWS01/309300032/Rabid-bat-found-Vineland

TN_Dept_health_logoTennessee 10/01/13 TN Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that oral rabies vaccine packets for wild raccoons are being distributed October 1-16 along the state’s borders with Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. – See https://news.tn.gov/node/11448

grounded%20batVirginia 09/30/13 City of Fairfax: Officials have issued a Rabies Alert after a bat found in the 3800 block of Farr Oak Circle last Friday tested positive for the virus. Neighborhood children were seen near the grounded bat and parents in the vicinity should immediately determine if their children need post-exposure protection. – See http://fairfaxcity.patch.com/groups/around-town/p/alert-bat-found-in-fairfax-city-tests-positive-for-rabies

WORLD RABIES DAY: SEPTEMBER 28, 2013 ~ RABIES reports from GA, MN, MS, PA, TN, VAx2, & CANADA: ON ~ ALASKAN survives mauling by BROWN BEAR ~ BUBONIC PLAGUE confirmed in NEW MEXICO resident ~ WNV reports from CA, CO, & NY.


17858296_BG1Georgia 09/2713 Chatham County: A raccoon that fought with two vaccinated dogs on Whitfield Avenue in Savannah was trapped and has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.thecoastalsource.com/2013/09/27/raccoon-tests-positive-for-rabies-2/

Help-520x437Minnesota 09/26/13 Olmsted County: Rochester police are looking for a dog after it bit a man while he was out running. Police say the man was near Fairway Drive N.W. when he passed a couple walking with their baby and their dog. He says the dog jumped up and nipped him on his hand. But he didn’t realize the bite had broken his skin until he got home. In order to prevent the man from going through rabies treatment, police need to check if the dog was up to date on its rabies shots. The dog’s owners are described as a man in his mid-thirties, about 6’3”, with dark hair. The woman is in her mid-thirties with dark long hair. The dog is described as a black and white short haired dog with the build of a lab. If you have any information as to who these owners, please contact your local animal control. – See http://www.kaaltv.com/article/stories/S3172755.shtml?cat=10219

Mississippi 09/27/13 Grenada County: Several members of a family in the city of Grenada are being treated for potential exposure to rabies after a bat swooped down and attacked a 4-year-old while family members were walking in the Hidden Valley Subdivision on Tom Grant Road. The bat was killed and has tested positive for rabies. – see http://www.grenadastar.com/contentitem6735_Pip%20Bat%20Chris%20Shields%20(rspb-images_com)/354439/1218/family-taking-rabies-vaccine

Pennsylvania 09/27/13 Montgomery County: A bat found in the Ambler section of Upper Dublin Township on September 25th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://upperdublin.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/bat-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-upper-dublin

imagesj88d7dTennessee 09/26/13 chattanoogan.com: The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services will be distributing oral rabies vaccine (ORV) baits in portions of east Tennessee to vaccinate raccoons and prevent the spread of rabies in the state. Residents of Bradley, Carter, Cocke, Greene, Hamblen, Hamilton, Hawkins, Marion, McMinn, Meigs, Monroe, Polk, Sullivan, Unicoi and Washington Counties will see low-flying fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft and also slow moving vehicles distributing rabies vaccine by air and ground from Sept. 29–Oct. 17. – See http://www.chattanoogan.com/2013/9/26/260014/Oral-Rabies-Vaccine-Baits-To-Be.aspx

Virginia 09/26/13 Henrico County: A raccoon killed by a vaccinated dog in the 7600 block of South Pine Hill Drive in Henrico has tested positive for pitt-county-racoon-tests-positive-rabiesrabies. – See http://www.wric.com/story/23538927/raccoon-found-in-henrico

Virginia 09/25/13 Pittsylvania/Danville Health District: Officials have issued a Rabies Alert after a raccoon that was found in a Mount Cross Road neighborhood in Danville tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.godanriver.com/news/pittsylvania_county/article_96ee4684-2609-11e3-afe3-0019bb30f31a.html


320x240Ontario 09/27/13 York Region: A bat captured in Vaughan has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.yorkregion.com/news-story/4129823-bat-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-vaughan/


Brown Bear Attack:

Eurasian_Brown_BearAlaska 09/26/13 ktuu.com: by Chris Klint – A Hoonah man was mauled by a brown bear Wednesday night and later flown out of the Southeast Alaska community to be treated for his injuries, local police say. According to a Hoonah Police Department statement Thursday, police were informed at about 9:45 p.m. of “a brown bear attacking an adult male near downtown.” Hoonah police officers, as well as medics, responded to the area to assist the man. “An adult male in his late 50’s had sustained injuries to the lower body and was transported to the Hoonah Medical Center for treatment,” police wrote. “While the individual’s injuries are not life-threatening, he was medevaced to a hospital for further evaluation and treatment.” As of Wednesday night, officers were still investigating the reason for the attack.

aa.hoonah.akfrt854“(Police) were not able to determine why the individual was attacked by the bear and it did not appear that he had been between a sow and her cub,” police wrote. Hoonah police conducted an unsuccessful effort to find the bear Wednesday night, which had been set to continue Thursday morning in a bid to protect local children. “The search for the bears will continue and extra patrols will be done in the morning to ensure that the children of the community get to school safely,” police wrote. Hoonah Police Chief Corey Rowley says that while the bear hasn’t been seen since it eluded searchers at about 2 a.m. Thursday, it’s been frequenting the town. “The bear’s been spotted in town three times within the last week — it’s a young sow with a cub,” Rowley said. – For complete article see http://www.ktuu.com/news/hoonah-man-mauled-by-brown-bear-092613,0,5199300.story

Bubonic Plague:

Santa_Fe_attacks_plagu48f91501New Mexico 09/27/13 NM Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that a male resident of Santa Fe County, age 52, is the third person in the state and the U.S. to contract bubonic plague this year. Plague is a bacterial disease of rodents and is generally transmitted to humans through the bites of infected fleas, but can also be transmitted by direct contact with infected animals, including rodents, wildlife and pets. “We are seeing plague activity in several different locations of north-central New Mexico,” said Dr. Paul Ettestad, public health veterinarian at the Department of Health. “Everyone needs to be aware of the situation and take precautions to avoid rodents and their fleas.” – For complete news release and preventive measures see http://www.health.state.nm.us/CommunicationsOffice/2013%20News%20Releases/NMDOH-PressRelease-20130926-Plague-EN.pdf

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Riverside Cty CACalifornia 09/26/13 Riverside County: Coachella Valley health officials have confirmed that two women, a 23-year-old from Thermal and an 81-year-old from Palm Springs, are the desert’s first human cases of WNV this year. – See http://www.mydesert.com/article/20130925/NEWS01/309250009/Women-test-positive-for-West-Nile?nclick_check=1

El_Paso_County.COColorado 09/26/13 El Paso County: Officials have confirmed that an adult male resident has the first human case of WNV in the county this year. – See http://www.fox21news.com/news/story.aspx?id=951225#.UkTz9D_nC5c

suffolk cty NY (2)New York 09/25/13 Suffolk County: Officials have confirmed that a person over 50 years of age who resides in the town of Brookhaven has the first human case of WNV in the county this year. http://www.longisland.com/news/09-25-13/health-commissioner-reports-first-human-case-of-west-nile-virus-this-year.html

Hunter from INDIANA is fifth victim of BEAR attack in GREATER YELLOWSTONE this year ~ Videographer captures WOLF PACK attacking BLACK BEAR in WYOMING ~ FLORIDA now reporting 18 DENGUE cases ~ EEE & WNV reports from CA, CO, IL, ME, MA, MI, MT, NH, NJ, NY, NC, PA, TX, VT, & VAx2 ~ RABIES reports from GA, ID, IL, KS, TXx2, & VA.

Photo: Bing free use license.

Photo: Bing free use license.

Wyoming 09/14/13 jhnewsandguide.com: by Emma Breysse – A grizzly bear mauled a hunter from Lafayette, Ind., on Thursday in the Teton Wilderness. David Goodrich, 50, suffered a broken femur and puncture wounds to the abdomen in the attack, said Teton County Undersheriff Bob Gilliam. Karen Connelly, spokeswoman for St. John’s Medical Center, said he nevertheless was listed in good condition. Goodrich’s companion and hunting guide called in the attack at about 9 a.m., and Teton County Search and Rescue team members flew into the area on the Teton Interagency helicopter to retrieve the two men, according to the Search and Rescue mission report.

335_Teton_Wild_lgSearch and Rescue reports give the following narrative. Goodrich and his guide were hunting in the Wolverine Creek area when a grizzly came out of the brush onto the trail. One or both of the men started running, and the bear gave chase, catching Goodrich, who broke his leg trying to escape. The abdominal punctures were attributed to bear bites. As the bear attacked Goodrich, the guide shot at it four times, causing it to run away. The bear was gone by the time rescuers arrived. Search and Rescue volunteers flew Goodrich to Flagg Ranch on the John D. Rockefeller Jr. Memorial Parkway, where a national park ambulance took him to St. John’s Medical Center. The guide was not injured during the incident.

hope_lake_WYgame&fishRepresentatives of the U.S. Forest Service and Wyoming Game and Fish Department refused to release more details either of the incident or of the fate of the bear because the matter is “under investigation,” officials said. Both agencies did confirm a human injury due to grizzly attack. Thursday’s incident is the fifth bear attack reported in the Greater Yellowstone area this year. – For complete article see http://www.jhnewsandguide.com/article.php?art_id=10281

wolf & bear.sciencefield notebooks. wikispaces.Wyoming 09/13/13 outdoorlife.com: Though they certainly have been documented, instances of bear versus wolf encounters seem exceptional. To actually capture the face-off on video is rarer still. Although the videographer believes he is taping a grizzly/wolf pack attack in the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming, it’s most certainly a black bear—a black bear that wants no part of these wolves. See video at http://www.outdoorlife.com/blogs/newshound/2013/09/wolves-attack-black-bear-wyoming

Dengue Fever:

dengue-fever-reaches-floridaFlorida 09/12/13 FL Dept of Health: Officials today confirmed three additional cases of dengue fever, bringing the total to 18 locally acquired cases in the Rio and Jensen Beach area. Of the cases, 11 are Martin County residents, two non-Florida residents, one Palm Beach resident and four St. Lucie residents who visited Martin County. – See http://www.martincountyhealth.com/Documents/2013PressReleases/DengueSurvey9-12-2013Final.pdf

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) & West Nile Virus (WNV):

Tulare_County.CACalifornia 09/13/13 Tulare County: Officials have confirmed two human cases of WNV in the past ten days. Both patients were hospitalized. – See http://www.mercedsunstar.com/2013/09/13/3220232/2-hospitalized-with-west-nile.html

Adams_County.COColorado 09/12/13 Adams County: Tri-County Health officials have confirmed a 53-year-old county resident died on August 27th of WNV. This is the first WNV-related death in the metro-Denver area this year. – See http://www.ourcoloradonews.com/thornton/news/adams-county-resident-dies-of-west-nile-virus/article_dc9f80cb-5f7c-5aba-af79-141eed75e3c2.html

Logan_County.ILIllinois 09/14/13 Logan County: State public health officials have confirmed the first WNV-related fatality in the state this year is an elderly male resident of the county who died in mid-August. – See http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2013/09/13/4311368/1st-west-nile-virus-death-reported.html#.UjUniz_nC5c

OxfordCty.MEMaine 09/11/13 Oxford County: State officials have confirmed that a horse stabled in the county was euthanized last week after contracting EEE. – See http://www.sunjournal.com/news/oxford-hills/2013/09/12/oxford-county-horse-put-down-eee-virus/1421983

suffolk cty MAMassachusetts 09/13/13 Suffolk County: Officials have confirmed that a Boston-area woman is the third human case of WNV in the state this summer. Health officials said in August that a Norfolk County man in his 30s and a Plymouth County man in his 70s had the illness. – See http://www.sacbee.com/2013/09/13/5734212/3rd-case-of-west-nile-virus-case.html

Van_Buren_County.MIMichigan 09/13/13 Van Buren County: Officials have confirmed that a horse stabled in Paw Paw has died after contracting EEE. – See http://wwmt.com/template/cgi-bin/archived.pl?type=basic&file=/shared/news/features/top-stories/stories/archive/2013/08/6N5BQhCv.xml#.UjPTvj_nC5c

MT_dphhs_logoMontana 09/05/13 MT Dept of Health: A female resident of Yellowstone County has tested positive for WNV at a Billings hospital. This is the first human case of WNV in the state this year. – See http://www.dphhs.mt.gov/newsevents/newsreleases2013/september/westnile.shtml

Rockingham_County_NHNew Hampshire 09/12/13 NH Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed a horse stabled in Derry, a town in Rockingham County, has tested positive for EEE. – See http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/media/pr/2013/09-sept/09122013eee.htm

19New Jersey 09/03/13 NJ Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that two New Jersey residents have died of complications related to WNV. A 78-year-old Gloucester County woman developed fever, blurred vision, weakness and diarrhea in mid-August, was hospitalized and died on August 24. A 92-year-old man from Morris County developed fever and muscle weakness in mid-August, was admitted to the hospital with encephalitis (swelling of the brain) and died on August 31. Six New Jersey residents have tested positive for WNV: One each in Bergen, Burlington, Gloucester and Morris counties and two in Camden County. All counties except Cumberland and Salem have detected WNV activity in mosquitoes. – See http://www.state.nj.us/health/news/2013/approved/20130903b.html

ChautauquaCty_NYNew York 09/13/13 Chautauqua County: Officials have confirmed the first state and county case ever of EEE in a privately owned horse in the town of Kiantone. – See http://post-journal.com/page/content.detail/id/628160/Horse-Succumbs-To-EEE-In-Kiantone.html?nav=5192

penderCty.NCNorth Carolina 09/13/13 Pender County: Officials have confirmed three horses stabled  in the county have died from EEE. – See http://www.wwaytv3.com/2013/09/13/three-horses-dead-from-eee-pender-county

bucks cty PAPennsylvania 09/13/13 Bucks County: Officials have confirmed the first WNV-related fatality in the state this year. The death of a male resident of Bucks County was reported today. There are six other human cases of WNV reported in the state including Delaware (2), York (2) and Montgomery (1) counties, and Philadelphia (1). – See http://www.post-gazette.com/stories/local/state/pennsylvania-reports-frist-west-nile-virus-death-of-2013-703235/

dallas cty TXTexas 09/10/13 Dallas County: Health officials have confirmed that an Oak Cliff resident with WNV has died. The patient lived in ZIP code 75224 and was diagnosed with the neuro-invasive form of the virus. This is the first WNV-related fatality in the county this year. – See http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Dallas-County-Reports-First-West-Nile-Virus-Death-223193051.html

Franklin_County.VTVermont 09/09/13 VT Agency of Agriculture: Officials have confirmed that a second horse stabled in Franklin County has tested positive for EEE. The earlier incident was at a separate property. – See http://agriculture.vermont.gov/news/pr_franklin_county_horses_test_positive_eastern_equine_encephalitis

Russell_County.VAVirginia 09/12/13 VA Dept of Agriculture: Officials have confirmed a horse stabled in Russell County has tested positive for WNV. The horse was vaccinated for the virus just two weeks prior to becoming ill, but it had recently moved from another state and may have been exposed to the virus prior to arriving in Virginia. – See http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/news/releases-b/091213wnv.shtml

prince_george_county_virginiaVirginia 09/09/13 VA Dept of Agriculture: Officials have confirmed a seven-year-old Paint gelding stabled in Disputanta in Prince George County tested positive for EEE and has been euthanized. The horse moved from Mississippi three months ago but the virus was contracted in Virginia. – See http://www.vdacs.virginia.gov/news/releases-b/090913eee.shtml


bats8773400gGeorgia 09/13/13 Chattahoochee County: A bat allegedly being played with by a little girl when it was found at Fort Benning has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wtvm.com/story/23417585/community-concerned-after-rabid-bat-found-at-ft-benning

batnewscientist884909Idaho 09/12/13 ID North Central District Public Health: Officials have confirmed another bat found in Idaho County has tested positive for rabies. This is the 4th rabid bat in the district, the 3rd in the county, and the 21st in the state reported this year. – See http://www.idahopublichealth.com/files/media-releases/2013/2013-09-12-Rabid-Bats-Idaho-County.pdf

bat49948567fIllinois 09/12/13 Cook County: A bat found near 123rd and Fox Lane in Palos Park has tested positive for rabies. – See http://palos.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/rabid-bat-found-in-palos-park

puppy.rabiesKansas 09/13/13 Butler County: A puppy owned by a family living near El Dorado has tested positive for rabies. The family said the blue heeler puppy came from another area and they were told the litter was sprayed by a skunk but had not been in contact with it. – See http://www.kwch.com/news/news-adk-kwch-rabid-puppy-discovered-in-butler-county-20130912,0,137940.story

batTexas 09/12/13 Smith County: A bat found near the 7100 block of Cherryhill Drive in Tyler has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.tylerpaper.com/TP-News+Local/185770/bat-tested-positive-for-rabies-is-first-case-this-year#.UjFgAj_nC5c

Texas 09/11/13 Taylor and Jones counties: A skunk found off Hartford Street in the Elm Creek area on the southwest side of Abilene has tested positive for rabies. This is the fourth rabid skunk found in the city this year. – See http://www.reporternews.com/news/2013/sep/11/fourth-rabies-case-confirmed-on-abilene-side/

Skunk99868d89Virginia 09/13/13 Williamsburg: A skunk found in the vicinity of Eaglescliffe Drive of the Ford’s Colony subdivision has tested positive for rabies. See http://www.wavy.com/news/local/skunk-tests-positive-for-rabies

CANADIAN’s cellphone helps him survive POLAR BEAR attack ~ FOLLOW-UP: OREGON celebrity WOLF OR-7 may have found a home ~ 2nd case of BUBONIC PLAGUE found in NEW MEXICAN girl ~ WNV reports from MS, NH, NM, OK, SD, & TX ~ RABIES reports from CA, FL, MD, & CANADA: ONTARIO.

Courtesy National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Courtesy National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.


Manitoba 09/09/13 Northern Region: A man who used his cellphone to scare off a 180-kilogram polar bear says he’s lucky to be alive with only a few superficial puncture wounds and scratches. Garett Kolsun was walking home early Saturday morning in the Hudson Bay community of Churchill, Man. – known as the polar bear capital of the world – after celebrating the end of the work week with friends. He said he caught something out of the corner of his eye while he walked down the town’s main drag. “I turned and looked, and it was a polar bear charging toward me,” Mr. Kolsun, 40, said in an interview Monday. “I started running from it, looking for some place to go and get away from this bear.” Businesses in the town of about 1,000 were all closed, so Mr. Kolsun had nowhere to hide. “I stopped and I turned around to face the bear,” he said. “It was already there, right on top of me. I started shouting, yelling, screaming, waving my arms, running backwards to keep my eye on the bear.”

church_map-2-300Mr. Kolsun said he ended up trapped on the porch of a bakery with the bear he believes was still young because of its size. It pinned him against the door and swiped at him with his paw. The bruin, which stood about 1 1/2 metres tall, also sank his teeth into Mr. Kolsun’s hip, although he says that, at the time, he didn’t even realize the bear had punctured his skin. “The bear’s nose was inches away from me. I didn’t know where else to go. I was just [thinking], ‘What can I do to get away from this bear?’ That’s all I kept thinking about. I didn’t want to be a stat.” Mr. Kolsun fished into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. He turned the power on and turned the screen toward the bear. “I was hoping anything I would do would give me an opportunity to get away from it,” he explained. “I was trying anything at that point. I was screaming, yelling, waving my arms, trying everything and it just kept chasing me and chasing me. I was just hoping for the best and, luckily, it worked.” The lit screen startled the bear briefly and it took a step back, Mr. Kolsun said. It hit a flower pot on the porch and looked away for an instant. “When it turned its head,” he said, “I just turned and ran as fast as I could.”

Churchill, Manitoba.

Churchill, Manitoba.

Mr. Kolsun said he ran several blocks, looking for a home with its lights on. He saw some people sitting on a deck and ran to them. When he turned around, the polar bear was gone. “The bear had stopped chasing me some place along the way there,” he said. Mr. Kolsun took a cab to the health centre where staff cleaned his wounds, bandaged them and gave him a tetanus shot. He was released several hours later. – For complete article see http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/how-this-mans-cellphone-saved-him-during-polar-bear-attack/article14198647/?cmpid=rss1



(See Celebrity GRAY WOLF OR-7 returns to OREGON posted March 17, 2013)

Gray wolf. Photo by Ashley McPherson. Wikimedia Commons. Image not of OR-7.

Gray wolf. Photo by Ashley McPherson. Wikimedia Commons. Image not of OR-7.

Oregon 09/09/13 opb.org:by Geoff Norcross – The wolf known as “OR-7” appears to have found a home. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife says the wandering gray wolf has spent the summer in Southeast Jackson County and Southwest Klamath County. “What that tells you is, I think, he’s found some good habitat,” says Michelle Dennehy, Wildlife Communications Coordinator for ODFW. It’s a rare bit of stability for a wolf whose travels have caught the imagination of at least two states. In September of 2011, OR-7 left the Imnaha Pack in Northeast Oregon and wandered hundreds of miles across the Cascades, becoming the first confirmed wolf sighted west of the mountains since 1937. He’s been roaming around Southern Oregon and Northern California ever since. Officials believe OR-7 came to the region to find a mate. There’s no evidence he’s been successful. But he’s young – nearly 3.5 years old – and he may not be alone. Dennehy says, “Where there’s one wolf, there’s another.” “Of course, everyone would like to see OR-7 mate,” she says. “And you know what? It could happen.” – For photo slideshow and original article see http://www.opb.org/news/article/wandering-wolf-or-7-appears-to-have-found-a-home/

Bubonic Plague:

rodents&fleacarriersNew Mexico 09/10/13 NM Dept of Health: Officials announced today a probable case of plague in an 11-year-old girl from Torrance County. Preliminary test results at the Department’s Scientific Laboratory Division were positive. Confirmatory testing is pending. This is the second human case of plague in New Mexico and in the United States this year. An environmental investigation will take place at the girl’s home to look for ongoing risk to others in the surrounding area. “Everyone needs to avoid sick or dead rodents and rabbits, and their nests and burrows,” said Department of Health Secretary Retta Ward, MPH. “Families should also talk to their veterinarian about an appropriate flea product for their pets” Plague is a bacterial disease of rodents and is generally transmitted to humans through the bites of infected fleas, but can also be transmitted by direct contact with infected animals, including rodents, wildlife and pets. – For complete news release see http://www.health.state.nm.us/CommunicationsOffice/2013%20News%20Releases/NMDOH-PressRelease-20130910-HumanPlague-EN.pdf

West Nile Virus (WNV):

MS_71058_121809421211160_5406251_nMississippi 09/09/13 MS Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed four new human cases of WNV for 2013. The reported cases are in Hinds (2), Lamar, and Rankin counties, bringing the state total for 2013 to 27 cases, including one death. So far this year, cases have been reported in Bolivar, Forrest (3), Hinds (9), Jones, Lamar (3), Leflore (2), Lincoln, Lowndes, Madison, Marion, Rankin (3) and Wayne counties. – See http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/23,14263,341.html

nh-medicaidNew Hampshire 09/10/13 NH Dept of Health: Officials have announced the first human case of WNV this season in an adult from Chesterfield who is in recovery. – See http://www.dhhs.nh.gov/media/pr/2013/09-sept/09102013westnile.htm

NM_image_miniNew Mexico 09/06/13 NM Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that an 84-year-old woman from San Juan County has died from WNV infection. This is the second death due to WNV in New Mexico in 2013. The woman had encephalitis, the more severe clinical form of the disease. – See http://www.health.state.nm.us/CommunicationsOffice/2013%20News%20Releases/NMDOH-PressRelease-20130906-WestNile-EN.pdf

OK_State_Health_Department_logoOklahoma 09/05/13 OCCHD: Officials have confirmed one death in Oklahoma County due to a WNV infection. The death occurred in an individual over 70-years-old. Three other human cases of WNV in the county have been confirmed as well. – See https://www.occhd.org/articles/occhd-confirms-west-nile-virus-death

SouthDakotaDOHSouth Dakota 09/09/13 SD Dept of Health: 87 human cases of WNV disease, including 2 deaths, have been reported in the following counties:  Brown 17, Beadle 5, Brookings 5, Hughes 5, Spink 5, Brule 3, Charles Mix 3, Davison 3, Day 3, Minnehaha 3, Buffalo 2, Clark 2, Codington 2, Corson 2, Faulk 2, Jones 2, Meade 2, Pennington 2, Sanborn 2 and 1 case each in Butte, Dewey, Edmunds, Jackson, Jerauld, Lawrence, Lincoln, Lyman, Marshall, McPherson, Mellette, Miner, Moody, Tripp, Turner, Walworth, Yankton. – See http://doh.sd.gov/documents/diseases/infectious/WNVupdate.pdf

TX-DSHS_Logo2Texas 09/10/13 TX Dept of Health: As of this date the state web site confirms 31 human cases of WNV in 18 counties including Anderson, Angelina, Carson, Coke, Collin-3, Dallas-4, Denton, El Paso-3, Floyd, Glasscock, Guadalupe, Howard-4, Jefferson, Johnson, Lubbock, Montgomery-2, Nueces, Stephens, and Tarrant-2. There have been no WNV-related fatalities reported so far this year. – See http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/idcu/disease/arboviral/westNile/


neverbarehandedsmCalifornia 09/10/13 Orange County: A bat found on the ground at shelter #7 in Laguna Niguel Regional Park on September 7th has tested positive for rabies. Anyone who had recent contact with a bat in that vicinity is advised to seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.oc-breeze.com/2013/09/10/38721_bat-found-at-laguna-niguel-regional-park-tests-positive-for-rabies/

Not an image of the kitten referred to in this article.

Not an image of the kitten referred to in this article.

Florida 09/09/13 Palm Beach County: A stray kitten found near Lake Park in the 9000 block of Old Dixie Highway has tested positive for rabies. The kitten had bite wounds and was taken in by a rescue person but later it became ill and died. The care giver has begun a series of post-exposure rabies shots. – See http://www.wbzt.com/articles/1290-wjno-local-news-wire-120981/health-dept-rabies-confirmed-in-lake-11636751/

HELP (2)Maryland 09/09/13 Frederick County: Frederick County Animal Control is looking for the owner of a dog that bit a five-year-old child on Saturday morning. Officials say the incident occurred inside the Home Depot store on McCain Drive in Frederick at around 11:40 AM. The unidentified black and tan German Shepherd was inside the store with its male owner. Anyone who has information on this dog and its owner is asked to call Frederick County Animal Control at 301-600-1717, or 301-600-1544. – See http://www.wfmd.com/pages/localnews2.html?feed=119935&article=11638339


2e236ffb436644c2OntarioOntario 09/09/13 ON Ministry of Natural Resources: Ontario is continuing one of the most successful rabies eradication programs in North America by distributing 255,000 baits containing rabies vaccine this summer. The vaccine will control the spread of rabies in skunks and foxes and help continue to keep Ontario raccoons free of rabies. The baits will be distributed throughout southwestern Ontario; in the Niagara region between Welland Canal and Niagara River, including Navy Island; in Brockville, on Wolfe, Howe, Simcoe, and Hill islands in St. Lawrence River; as well as small areas on the mainland near Prescott and Ivy Lea. The flavoured baits immunize most skunks, foxes and raccoons that eat them. – For complete release see http://news.ontario.ca/mnr/en/2013/08/rabies-vaccine-bait-drop-protects-ontarians-2.html