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BEAVER attacks kayaker in upstate NEW YORK – ALASKAN victim of unprovoked GRIZZLY attack – HANTAVIRUS deaths in NEW MEXICO, NORTH DAKOTA & CANADA – ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER kills CALIFORNIAN – WEST NILE VIRUS (WNV) reports from AZ, CA, MS, MO & TN – RABIES reports from GAx3, MD, NJ, NYx2 & VT.

American Beaver. BING free use license.

American Beaver. BING free use license.

New York 06/16/14 Monroe County: A Lima resident is receiving post-exposure prophylactic rabies shots after a beaver jumped out of Irondequoit Creek in Rochester and attacked him, knocking him from his kayak and into the water. The victim was treated for bite wounds on his back and deep puncture wounds on his arm. A bystander responding to the commotion hit beaver2the beaver with a paddle several times before the animal let go and disappeared beneath the surface of the creek, and when it returned a few seconds later he hit it again, breaking the paddle. The beaver’s carcass was recovered and is being tested for the rabies virus.- See http://www.13wham.com/news/features/top-stories/stories/beaver-attacks-pulls-man-off-kayak-13005.shtml


grizzly5Alaska 06/25/14 Valdez-Cordova Census Area: by Josh Staab – A Slana man was visiting a friend’s home Tuesday afternoon when Alaska State Troopers say he was suddenly attacked by an adult grizzly bear. The attack left the man — identified by troopers as 66-year-old Andre Siegenthaler — severely injured following the attack. Siegenthaler’s friend Ed Bullock, who had bought nails which Siegenthaler was stopping by to pick up, says the attack apparently occurred at about 1:30 p.m. Tuesday. “The bear attacked with no warning from behind a spruce tree, and even though Andre was carrying bear spray, the attack happened faster than Andre could react,” Bullock said. “Within two bounds the bear was on Andre.” Bullock gathered the information from Siegenthaler’s wife Briggita, who was with Siegenthaler after the attack occurred. According to Briggita’s account of the attack, Siegenthaler “suffered bites to his right hip area, both shoulders and arms; his left cheek was torn open, right ear mangled and nerve damage to the right cheek. Several neighbors in the area were called and came to Siegenthaler’s aid, Bullock said.

Valdez-Cordova Census Area

Valdez-Cordova Census Area

“(The Siegenthalers) live across the Slana River, so getting out to it is pretty restricted,” Bullock said. Alaska State Troopers spokesperson Beth Ipsen confirmed that the attack had occurred, but says troopers didn’t respond to the incident and have no firsthand information about what happened. “The only thing we did with it was correspond medical response,” Ipsen said. “We believe (Siegenthaler suffered) serious but non-life-threatening injuries.” – For complete article see http://www.ktuu.com/news/news/slana-man-medevaced-after-bear-attack/26665594


hantavirus1542New Mexico 06/17/14 San Juan County: Officials have confirmed that a 67-year-old female resident has died of Hantavirus, a rare disease spread by infected rodent droppings, urine and saliva. – See http://krqe.com/2014/06/17/hantavirus-claims-elderly-womans-life/

North Dakota 06/12/14 ND Dept of Health: Media Release – Officials confirmed today that an adult resident from the central part of the state has died from complications related to Hantavirus. .- See http://www.ndhan.gov/data/mrNews/2014-06-12-Hantavirus%20Death%20NR-PIO-v.FINAL.pdf


Saskatchewan 06/24/14 swbooster.com: Health officials have confirmed the province’s first fatal case of Hantavirus in 2014 in an adult from the southern part of the province – See http://www.swbooster.com/News/Regional/2014-06-24/article-3775290/Hantavirus-death-reported-in-Southern-Saskatchewan/1

Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF):

T_rmsf1 (2)California 06/25/14 Imperial County: Officials have confirmed that an unidentified resident has died of RMSF, which is a tick-borne disease. – See http://www.ivpressonline.com/news/local/local-death-attributed-to-rocky-mountain-spotted-fever/article_6dcb9fe1-bcd3-55f3-a8d0-97e9c09f3704.html


West Nile Virus (WNV):

thumbnailCAZ9PMJXArizona 06/14/14 Pinal County: Health officials have confirmed the first human case of WNV in the county, and perhaps the state, so far this year in a man from Casa Grande who is recovering. – See http://www.trivalleycentral.com/casa_grande_dispatch/area_news/pinal-co-reports-st-west-nile-case/article_38b1913e-f3ea-11e3-8bfc-001a4bcf887a.html

California 06/20/14 CA Dept of Public Health: Media Release – Officials have confirmed the first two human cases of WNV in the state so far this year reported by Contra Costa and San Joaquin counties. The former person was hospitalized but has seen been released, and the latter tested positive but has not yet shown symptoms. – See http://www.cdph.ca.gov/Pages/NR14-058.aspx

Mississippi 06/02/14 MS State Dept of Health: Media Release – Officials have confirmed the state’s second human case of WNV so far this year. The most recent case is in Newton County. In February, a case was reported in Hinds County. – See http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/23,15273,341.html

Missouri 06/26/14 Laclede County: State health officials have confirmed that a 75-year-old male has died of suspected WNV. – See http://www.stltoday.com/lifestyles/health-med-fit/health/first-west-nile-virus-death-reported-in-missouri/article_5ff352d8-f95a-5a5b-81ce-5db71502f9ab.html

Tennessee 06/24/14 TN Dept of Health: Media Release – Officials have confirmed the first human case of WNV in the state so far this year. The case involves a resident of Shelby County who is now recovering. – See https://news.tn.gov/node/12595


rabies.warningGeorgia 06/25/14 Wilkes County: A bobcat that attacked a pet dog in the Sandtown Road area of Washington last week has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.news-reporter.com/news/2014-06-26/Front_Page/Rabid_bobcat_killed_last_week_after_attacking_Sand.html

Georgia 06/24/14 Carroll County: A feral cat that bit an employee at Superior Industries on Columbia Drive in Carrollton on June 17th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.times-georgian.com/news/article_e29f43b0-fc11-11e3-b0fc-001a4bcf6878.html

Georgia 06/18/14 Chatham County: A feral kitten that has been in contact with a raccoon and at least six other feral cats in the Wilmington Island neighborhood has tested positive for rabies. The kitten was being fed by several residents in the Wilmington Park area.- See http://wjcl.com/2014/06/18/eight-exposed-to-rabies-on-wilmington-more-cases-expected/

Maryland 06/18/14 Frederick County: A feral cat that attacked a homeowner near Deer Crossing Elementary School in New Market on June 11th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.fredericknewspost.com/locations/local/frederick_county/frederick/cat-near-deer-crossing-elementary-tests-positive-for-rabies/article_d0e65e1c-f70f-11e3-972e-001a4bcf6878.html

New Jersey 06/25/14 Salem County: A stray cat that was taken in by an Upper Pittsgrove Township family in May has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.nj.com/south/index.ssf/2014/06/rabid_cat_bites_upper_pittsgrove_teen_say_salem_county_health_officials.html

New York 06/20/14 Onondaga County: A feral cat found near Downer Street in Van Buren has tested positive for rabies. Anyone who has been in contact with a feral cat in this vicinity, or whose outside pet might have been exposed, should seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/06/feral_cat_in_van_buren_tests_positive_for_rabies.html

New York 06/06/14 Erie County: A sick cat found by children on the side of Cedar Road in Newstead has tested positive for rabies. – See http://wivb.com/2014/06/06/cat-tests-positive-for-rabies/

Vermont 06/23/14 Washington County: A small gray fox that attacked six people in Montpelier on June 21st has tested positive for rabies. Those bitten were in their yards in the vicinity of Derby, Colonial and Hillcrest drives. – See http://www.mychamplainvalley.com/story/d/story/fox-attacks-six-people-in-montpelier/38397/xC75qCTBlES0y41dYEQ3AQ

BOBCATS reported to be attacking DOGS in BRITISH COLUMBIA park ~ NEW MEXICO confirms HUMAN case of PLAGUE ~ HANTAVIRUS suspected in six VIRGINIA infections, two fatal ~ Notable RABIES reports from NY, NC, RI & VT.

Bobcat. Courtesy U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Management.

Bobcat. Courtesy U.S. Dept. of Interior, Bureau of Land Management.


British Columbia 04/23/14 cbc.ca: Hikers in Squamish are reporting unusual and violent confrontations with bobcats around Alice Lake Provincial Park, according to WildSafeBC, a program run by the British Columbia Conservation Foundation. “It’s definitely the first time we’ve heard of numerous encounters of bobcats going for dogs,” said coordinator Meg Toom, in an interview with CBC Radio’s Rick Cluff on The Early Edition. g_vancouver9977dToom said in the nine years she’s worked in Squamish, bobcat attacks have never been an issue and that typically they eat small rodents and rabbits . . . Reports have been coming in to conservation officers of other violent bobcat encounters, and some dogs have even been left with stitches. “It’s looking like a territorial situation” said Toom. “We have more people coming into the area, more dogs off leash, and as you put more and more people into the trails network you’re going to have more encounters.” Conservation officers have posted signs in the park and have been warning hikers to beware of the animals. It remains unclear if the attacks are being carried out by a single or multiple bobcats. – For complete article, photos and map see http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bobcat-attacks-hiker-s-dogs-near-squamish-b-c-1.2618833?cmp=rss


imag0490resizeNew Mexico 04/26/14 the globaldispatch.com: Health officials have confirmed the first case of human plague of the year in the state and in the United States in a male adult from Torrance County. Confirmatory testing is being conducted and an environmental investigation will take place at the man’s home to look for ongoing risk to others in the surrounding area. Plague is an infectious disease caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis. It is found in animals throughout the world, most commonly rats but other rodents like ground squirrels, prairie dogs, chipmunks, rabbits and voles. Fleas typically serve as the vector of plague. Human cases have been linked to the domestic cats and dogs that brought infected fleas into the house. People can also get infected through direct contact with an infected animal, through inhalation and in the case of pneumonic plague, person to person. Yersinia pestis is treatable with antibiotics if started early enough.

There are three forms of human plague; bubonic, septicemic and pneumonic.

  • Bubonic plague: This is the most common form. In this form, the bacteria enter the body through the bite of an infected flea or rodent. Here the bacteria infect the lymphatic system. After a few days to week, the person will experience fever, chills, weakness, and swollen lymph glands. These are called buboes. In the U.S., bubonic plague is sporadic, primarily in the West. Typically, there are around 10 cases annually in this country. Untreated bubonic plague is fatal about half the time.
  • Septicemic plague: This form is also contracted from a flea or rodent bite. Sometimes it appears subsequent to untreated bubonic or pneumonic plague. It involves bloodstream dissemination to all areas of the body. Buboes do not occur. Symptoms are endotoxic shock and disseminated intravascular coagulation. Untreated septicemic plague is nearly always fatal.
  • Pneumonic plague: Probably the most serious form of plague and it’s when the bacteria infect the lungs and cause pneumonia. It is contracted when the bacteria is inhaled (primary) or develops when bubonic or septicemic plague spreads to the lungs.


hantavirus.cautionVirginia 04/25/14 Pulaski County: Two people have died and four others were hospitalized after an unidentified illness occurred in a small group including a family of five in Snowville and a close friend. Health officials suspect Hantavirus, which can be contracted from exposure to the urine or droppings of infected rodents. The family had been cleaning a long-vacated mobile home near their residence. – See http://www.timesdispatch.com/news/latest-news-ap/official-dead-hospitalized-due-to-illness/article_8371d8d8-ccca-11e3-900d-0017a43b2370.html


help7689New York 04/25/14 Columbia County: Health officials are searching for a person who may be been exposed to rabies by picking up a dead deer from the front yard of a Claverack home on Friday. The owner of the home on County Route 16 in Hollowville had shot and killed the deer Thursday evening after seeing it disoriented, stumbling into trees and a fence. State Department of Environmental Conservation officials were scheduled to pick up the carcass the next morning, but it was already gone. A silver pickup truck was seen around the home at the time the deer disappeared. Health officials are concerned the deer may have been infected with rabies, a neurological disease that is uniformly fatal unless treated, or another serious disease that could threaten anyone who had contact with the animal or ate its meat. Information about the whereabouts of the deer should be brought to the sheriff’s department’s attention at 828-3344. – See http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Officials-Deer-scavenger-may-face-rabies-5430348.php

North Carolina 04/25/14 Guilford County: A cat found on Alderwood Drive in Greensboro has tested positive for rabies after being in contact with a person and three other cats. http://www.timesunion.com/local/article/Officials-Deer-scavenger-may-face-rabies-5430348.php. – See http://www.news-record.com/news/article_70f00602-cc8f-11e3-9be9-0017a43b2370.html

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERARhode Island 04/25/14 Providence County: A cat, believed to be a stray, that attacked a Lincoln resident in the vicinity of Lower Road has tested positive for rabies. Two other individuals were also exposed to the virus and at least two people have started post-exposure rabies treatments. The cat is described as “brown with tiger stripes” and has been seen with three other black, grey and orange tiger-striped cats also believed to be strays. Anyone who may have been in contact with these animals should seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.providencejournal.com/breaking-news/content/20140425-cat-in-lincoln-tests-positive-for-rabies.ece

pitt-county-racoon-tests-positive-rabiesVermont 04/27/14 Chittenden County: A raccoon that attacked a Burlington woman in her driveway on Adams Court without provocation is still at large in the area and is thought to have rabies. The woman was taken to a local hospital where she received 14 stitches to close wounds on her leg, hands and arms. She is being treated for potential exposure to the rabies virus as a precaution. In the meantime, area residents are being cautioned. – For video and complete article see http://www.wcax.com/story/25354079/scary-raccoon-attack-ends-in-emergency-room

Six new cases of HEARTLAND VIRUS confirmed in MISSOURI and TENNESSEE ~ COYOTE/WOLF hybrid spotted in SOUTH CAROLINA ~ RABIES reports from AZ, FL, MA, NJ, NY, NC, OK, SC & TX.

Lone Star Tick. Courtesy CDC.

Lone Star Tick. Courtesy CDC.

Missouri and Tennessee 03/27/14 cdc.gov: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in collaboration with health officials in Missouri and Tennessee have identified six new cases of people sick with Heartland virus: five in Missouri and one in Tennessee. The new cases, discovered in 2012 and 2013, are in addition to two discovered in 2009 and are described today in CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Heartland virus was first reported in two northwestern Missouri farmers who were hospitalized in 2009 with what was thought to be ehrlichiosis, a tick-borne disease. However, the patients failed to improve with treatment and testing failed to confirm ehlrlichiosis. Working with state and local partners, CDC eventually identified the cause of the men’s illness: a previously unknown virus in the phlebovirus family now dubbed Heartland virus.
CDC-LogoOngoing investigations have yielded six more cases of Heartland virus disease, bringing to eight the total number of known cases. All of the case-patients were white men over the age of 50. Their symptoms started in May to September and included fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, headache, nausea, or muscle pain. Four of the six new cases were hospitalized. One patient, who suffered from other health conditions, died. It is not known if Heartland virus was the cause of death or how much it contributed to his death. Five of the six new cases reported tick bites in the days or weeks before they fell ill. Nearly all of the newly reported cases were discovered through a study conducted by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services and CDC are actively searching for human cases at six Missouri hospitals.


Range of Lone Star Tick. CDC map.

Range of Lone Star Tick. CDC map.

CDC has been working closely with the Missouri and Tennessee state health departments and other federal agencies to advance understanding of Heartland virus disease by learning more about the patients who were infected, their illness and their exposure to ticks. CDC seeks to determine the symptoms and severity of the disease, where it is found, how people are being infected, and how to prevent infections. CDC studies to date have shown Heartland virus is carried by Lone Star ticks, which are primarily found in the southeastern and eastern United States. Additional studies seek to confirm whether ticks can spread the virus to people and to learn what other insects or animals may be involved in the transmission cycle. CDC is also looking for Heartland virus in other parts of the country to understand how widely it may be distributed. – For complete article including precautions see http://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/2014/p0327-heartland.html
Coyote/Wolf Hybrid:

coywolf-hybridSouth Carolina 03/27/14 greenvilleonline.com: by Charles Sowell – The coyote/wolf hybrid that scares deer hunters throughout South Carolina has been found at the Savannah River Site by U.S. Forestry Service personnel doing a fawn mortality rate study, officials said last week. According to Charles Ruth, with the state Department of Natural Resources, fawn mortality at the SRS was found to be 70 percent, much higher than previously thought, and of that higher rate, 80 percent was found to be caused by coyotes. That number, while higher than expected, was not nearly the surprise that a forest service study of coyote DNA that found one coyote/wolf hybrid — a coyote with Canadian grey wolf DNA, said John Kilgo, a research biologist with the forest service. “It was noticeably bigger than even the largest coyote,” he said. “So we took its DNA and a picture. We were stunned when the results came back with Canadian grey wolf in the animal’s background.”
9661542-wolf.coyote.hybrid“We don’t know how it got here,” Kilgo said. “It may have wandered down from the north, but that is not likely. More likely is that it was imported by fox hunters, or someone else who wants to use the animal for sport and then it escaped.” The hybrid animal comes from female coyotes who bred with male grey wolves in Canada and then crossed the border into the United States, said Ruth. The coyotes are also known to breed with domestic dogs. “We don’t think these animals pose any risk to humans,” said Kilgo. “And we only found one with wolf DNA out of the 500 or so animals tested, so we are treating it as an isolated incident.” – For complete article and photo see http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/20140327/ENT/303270050/Coyote-wolf-hybrid-spotted-Savannah-River


800px-Striped_Skunkby_www.birdphotos.comWC-2Arizona 03/28/14 Santa Cruz County: Officials plan to request a quarantine situation next week after the number of animal rabies cases in the county rose to 22 this year. Another seven cases were reported in November and December of 2013. Nearly all have been infected skunks, but one case in Tubac involved a bat. Tubac has had 13 cases since November of last year, four cases were reported in Nogales, four in Sonoita, three each in Rio Rico and Patagonia, and two in Patagonia Lake Estates. – See http://www.nogalesinternational.com/news/officials-sound-alarm-over-rabies-outbreak/article_fb4eadb6-b688-11e3-b1e3-001a4bcf887a.html
Racoon15642Florida 03/27/14 Hernando County: A raccoon that fought with a vaccinated dog in the Sun Hill Lane vicinity of Brooksville has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wtsp.com/story/news/local/2014/03/27/brooksville-raccoon-positive-rabies/6969033/
bobcat_ME_IFWMassachusetts 03/26/15 Worcester County: A bobcat that attacked a 35-year-old blind horse in its barn on Grove Street in Upton on March 15th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://uptondaily.com/2014/03/26/rabid-bobcat-attacks-upton-horse/
WashDFWNew Jersey 03/26/14 Morris County: A raccoon that fought with two dogs in the Belrose Court area of Long Valley on March 7th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://newjerseyhills.com/rabid-raccoon-report-in-long-valley-a-warning-to-pet/article_34f6e254-b503-11e3-8790-0019bb2963f4.html
EasternRedFox_VA_WilliamH-Majoros2New York 03/28/14 Herkimer County: A fox that attacked a man at his residence in the Newport area in the past week has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.littlefallstimes.com/article/20140328/NEWS/140329223
RaccoonDEC_NY.govNorth Carolina 03/27/14 Iredell County: A raccoon captured in the vicinity of the 400 block of East Monbo Road in Troutman has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.statesville.com/news/article_ccca6f3e-b624-11e3-a142-001a4bcf6878.html
World+News+10-1Oklahoma 03/27/14 Dewey County: A skunk that tested positive for rabies has prompted officials to issue a Rabies Alert in the county. This is the seventh case of animal rabies reported this year. – See http://www.woodwardnews.net/local/x542465783/Rabid-skunk-identified-in-Dewey-County
raccoon454 - CopySouth Carolina 03/27/14 Horry County: A person is being treated for exposure to rabies after a raccoon tested positive for the virus in the Bakers Chapel community. – See http://www.wbtw.com/story/25091210/rabies-case-investigated-in-horry-county-4th-case-this-year
thumbnailCA0KC8HVTexas 03/28/14 Wichita County: A skunk found in the southeastern part of Wichita Falls has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.timesrecordnews.com/news/2014/mar/28/rabies/


FOLLOW-UP REPORT: NEVADA litter of PUPPIES exposes 25 people to RABIES ~ Other RABIES reports from FL, NC, VT, & VA.


(See RABIES reports from NV posted 02/21/14)

Nevada 02/27/14 nevadaappeal.com: Authorities have found nine of the 10 puppies in a litter affected by rabies in Carson City, and at least 25 people faced potential exposure to the disease. One of the puppies tested positive for rabies, according to Carson City Health and Human Services. That agency, in cooperation with other agencies, is looking for the 10th puppy and awaits tests being conducted at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The litter originated in the Minden/Gardnerville area, and the dog that tested positive is described as a boxer mix born in November. Dogs in the litter were sold or given away, according to a news release, and because there is a “lack of verified information as to where the origin of the rabies exposure occurred, CCHHS took precautionary measures by alerting the families that owned the litter mates of their risk of rabies exposure.”

585394932Initially, two people were thought to have been exposed to the disease. Taylor Radtke, CCHHS public-information officer, said that number had grown to 25.  It is the first rabies case in the state in decades, according to CCHHS, which has cautioned that rabies is a life-threatening ailment and that people exposed should get post-exposure treatment. CCHHS staffers urged anyone with information about the 10th puppy to contact the agency at 775-887-2190. The agency says one puppy and an unvaccinated cat were exposed to the litter. Both were tested, and neither has the disease. CCHHS authorities are working with the CDC, Nevada’s Department of Agriculture, Douglas County Animal Services and Nevada’s Division of Public and Behavioral Health Office of Epidemiology on the probe.

Other Rabies reports:

Florida 02/25/14 Orange County: A Rabies Alert has been issued in Orlando after a domestic dog that was bitten by a raccoon and died tested positive for the virus. The center of the alert is in Northeast Orlando. For the alert boundaries and other information see http://www.orlandosentinel.comRaccoon-SiedePreis-sm/news/local/breakingnews/os-rabies-alert-northeast-orlando-20140225,0,7392784.story

North Carolina 02/25/14 Orange County: A raccoon killed by a vaccinated dog in the Smith Level Road area of Chapel Hill on Sunday has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wral.com/raccoon-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-orange-county/13427388/

thumbnailCA6WGA0CVermont 02/26/14 Rutland County: A bobcat that attacked two domestic cats, and possibly four, on Cold River Road in Clarendon has tested positive for rabies. The bobcat was shot by a local resident after the altercation with the pet cats, but two of the cats ran off and it isn’t known if they were injured or had contact with the bobcat. – See http://www.rutlandherald.com/article/20140226/THISJUSTIN/702269883

article-1277106566013-09EE76B9000005DC-717773_223x335Virginia 02/28/14 York County: A fox found near Montague Court in the Queens Lake subdivision has tested positive for rabies. – See http://wydaily.com/2014/02/28/rabid-fox-found-in-queens-lake/

WEST NILE VIRUS kills 27 BALD EAGLES in UTAH ~ COLORADO town warns residents of MOUNTAIN LIONS ~ CHIKUNGUNYA in the CARIBBEAN poses threat to U.S. ~ Vets say research needed on LYME DISEASE in HORSES ~ RABIES reports from FLx2, & VA.

Bald Eagle. Bing free use license.

Bald Eagle. Bing free use license.

Utah 12/31/13 ctvnews.ca: by Michelle L. Price – The mystery illness that has killed 27 bald eagles in Utah this month appears to be West Nile Virus, state officials said Tuesday. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources said in a statement that laboratory tests done on some of the first birds found indicate they died from West Nile Virus. Since Dec. 1, officials have found the birds in northern and central Utah. All were either dead or were ill and later died during treatment. The eagles displayed similar symptoms, including head tremors, signs of seizures, weakness in legs and feet and a paralysis of the bird’s wings. Beyond the 27 that have died, officials said five eagles were being treated at a wildlife rehabilitation centre Tuesday. They appeared to be responding well to treatment, officials said. Utah wildlife officials aren’t sure how the eagles caught the virus, but they suspect the birds contracted it by eating Eared Grebes that were infected with the virus and died recently.

Eared Grebe.

Eared Grebe.

West Nile Virus, which is spread by mosquitoes, usually infects eagles and other birds during warmer months. Mark Hadley, a Utah Division of Wildlife Resources spokesman, said the grebes, a duck-like aquatic bird, start arriving in Utah in October, when mosquitoes are still active. “It’s possible that those grebes got bit by mosquitoes after they got here when they arrived in the fall, and it just took a while for them to die.” The bald eagles began arriving in November and appeared to have died relatively quickly once they contracted the virus, Hadley said. About 750 to 1,200 bald eagles begin migrating to Utah each November and stay until March, officials said. During those winter months, the eagles get most of their food by eating dead animals, such as grebes.

Flock of Bald eaglesLeslie McFarlane, a wildlife disease coordinator with DWR, said in a statement that there’s still a chance a few more eagles could die, but because the migration period for grebes is almost over, it’s likely that the risk to eagles will soon drop. The birds do not pose a risk to human health but people should not handle eagles if they find them, wildlife officials said. Hadley said that in the 17 years he’s been with DWR, he has never seen this many eagles die off, particularly in such a short period of time. – See http://www.ctvnews.ca/sci-tech/west-nile-virus-caused-27-bald-eagle-deaths-in-december-utah-wildlife-officials-1.1613441

Mountain Lions:

s_mountain-lion-0002Colorado 12/27/13 Douglas County: The town of Parker may be 20 miles from the foothills, but officials sent an e-mail to residents on Thursday warning that mountain lions have been sighted inside the town limits. It cautioned residents not to walk or hike alone, and to make sure children are within sight at all times. – For additional advice see http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/parker-issues-warning-after-mountain-lions-spotted


Follow-Up Report:

(See CHIKUNGUNYA virus spreads in the AMERICAS posted 12/15/13)

pic_chikungunyaCaribbean Islands 12/30/13 cidrap.umn.edu: by Lisa Schnirring – Health officials are reporting a sharp rise in the number of patients sickened in a chikungunya fever outbreak centered on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, which may signal an increasing risk to the US mainland. On the French part of the island, where most of the infections have been reported, the number of confirmed cases has risen from 26 to 66, according to a Dec 28 update from the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). In addition, health officials from the Netherlands have confirmed the first case on the Dutch side of St. Martin (Sint Maarten), and illnesses have been detected on two other nearby islands: three on Martinique and one on Guadeloupe, according to the ECDC report. Both of those islands are south and slightly east of St. Martin. The case in Guadeloupe represents the island’s first documented local chikungunya case, which was detected because of enhanced surveillance for the disease in all French Caribbean territories, the ECDC said. The patient is co-infected with dengue serotype 4 and had not recently traveled to another area where chikungunya exists. Meanwhile, health officials in the area are investigating a slew of suspected and probable cases. They include 167 suspected cases and 14 probable cases on the French side of St. Martin, and two patients have been hospitalized. Martinique has 27 suspected cases, and on the island of St. Barthelemy, 21 suspected cases are under investigation. The outbreak represents the first known indigenous transmission of chikungunya fever in the Americas. – For complete article and precautions see http://www.cidrap.umn.edu/news-perspective/2013/12/caribbean-chikungunya-outbreak-grows-poses-threat-us

Lyme Disease:

aaep_logoNational 12/30/13 thehorse.com: by Amy Johnson, DVM – It is hard to get a roomful of people to agree on anything, but just about every veterinarian attending the Lyme disease table topic session at the 2013 American Association of Equine Practitioners convention, held Dec. 7-11 in Nashville, Tenn., agreed that more research is needed on this disease in horses. We do know that Lyme disease is an increasingly recognized problem in people living in areas where the causative organism, Borrelia burgdorferi, is endemic. These areas include the northeast and north-central United States. We also know that Borrelia is capable of infecting horses. Despite only a handful of published case reports describing clinical signs in infected horses, many practitioners in endemic areas are convinced that they see cases of Lyme disease in horses. The most common signs in these cases are behavior changes, lethargy or poor attitude, and change in gait/lameness. Uveitis (inflammation within the eye) and neuroborreliosis (neurologic disease due to Lyme disease) are occasionally seen as well. So if a horse is showing possible signs of Lyme disease, how can it be diagnosed? vetSeveral blood tests are available that will identify antibodies against Borrelia. The presence of antibodies (in an unvaccinated horse) indicates that the horse has been infected with Borrelia at some point in its life. The pattern of antibody production might help to ascertain whether infection is acute or chronic. However, more research is needed regarding patterns of antibody production in infected horses. – For complete article see http://www.thehorse.com/articles/33123/aaep-researchers-discuss-lyme-disease-in-horses


thumbnailCA6WGA0CFlorida 12/31/13 Hamilton County: A bobcat that attacked a dog in Jennings has tested positive for rabies. A Rabies Alert has been issued within the boundaries of CR 141 North, CR 143 North, and CR 146. – See http://www.suwanneedemocrat.com/jasper/x1956145775/Health-officials-in-Hamilton-County-issue-rabies-alert

10975940 - CopyFlorida 12/30/13 Palm Beach County: Two raccoons that attacked dogs in West Palm Beach and Jupiter Farms last week have tested positive for rabies. And a third raccoon that attacked a dog near A1A in Tequesta over the weekend is presumed rabid. – See http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/two-raccoons-that-attacked-dogs-in-west-palm-beach/ncYDM/

337278_koshka_kot_rebenok_ditya_devochka_kosichka_ulybka_2990x2170_(www.GdeFon.ru)Virginia 12/30/13 Prince William County: A domestic cat that appeared to be injured was picked up near Powells Landing Circle in Woodbridge on December 20th and has since tested positive for rabies. – See http://manassas.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/cat-with-rabies-found-in-prince-william-county


OREGON’s wandering WOLF OR-7 takes day trip to CALIFORNIA ~ BLACK BEAR attacks reported in three eastern states ~ A fourth MULE DEER with CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE taken in NORTH DAKOTA ~ NEW MEXICO child dies of HANTAVIRUS ~ RABIES reports from GA, MD, NYx2 & RI.

Wikipedia photo.

Wikipedia photo.

California 12/10/13 Siskiyou County: OR-7, a 4-year-old wolf and native of Oregon that has traveled more than 3,000 miles since late 2011 unsuccessfully looking for a mate, took a day-trip into northern California over the weekend, but has now returned to the southern Cascades territory in Oregon that he seems to favor. A California Fish & Wildlife officer who has been following his GPS tracking signals said he appears to be following migrating deer and elk. – See http://www.mercurynews.com/california/ci_24696703/ore-wandering-wolf-or-7-takes-day-trip
Bear Attacks:
Florida 12/05/13 Seminole County: A 54-year-old woman walking her dogs in the Wingfield North section of Longwood on Dec. 2nd was seriously wounded when a black bear attacked without provocation or warning. The woman suffered severe lacerations to her face and head and was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center. The dogs ran off but were later found and returned to their home. A bear has since been captured in the area and has been euthanized. – See http://www.inquisitr.com/1052743/florida-bear-captured-and-euthanized-following-attack/

Black bear. Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Black bear. Courtesy Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Pennsylvania 12/10/13 Clinton County: An 18-year-old girl who was deer hunting with family members in Mill Hall on Dec. 9th accidentally found herself between a black bear sow and three cubs. The sow attacked leaving the girl with deep bite wounds to her arms and shoulders, and a deep laceration on her head before it was scared off by others in the hunting party. The girl underwent surgery at Geisenger Medical Center in Danville. – See http://www.wearecentralpa.com/story/teen-attacked-by-black-bear/d/story/gjJt1F3LakCEL7IdKScqsA
Virginia 12/11/13 Bedford County: A 32-year-old male hunting with dogs in the vicinity of Suck Mountain in Bedford was bitten on both arms by a black bear when he tried to intervene after his dogs confronted the bear. The terrain was steep and the hunter slipped, falling toward the bear. The incident was over quickly and the hunter drove himself to a hospital where he received about six stitches in each arm. A state game warden called the incident “provoked” and
said there’s no reason for public alarm. – See http://www.roanoke.com/news/2444761-12/bear-bites-bedford-county-hunter-after-dogs-confront.html
Chronic Wasting Disease:
mule deerNorth Dakota 12/09/13 Grant County: A mule deer shot by a hunter in the 3F2 hunting unit is the fourth deer to test positive for the chronic wasting disease in the past five years. Infected mule deer were killed in 2009, 2010, and 2011, all within a circular area with a diameter of about 15 miles. – See http://www.wday.com/event/article/id/91143/group/homepage/

Deer mouse. Common carrier of hantavirus.

Deer mouse. Common carrier of hantavirus.

New Mexico 12/10/13 McKinley County: A 12-year-old boy has become the third case of Hantavirus and second fatality in the state due to the disease this year. The deer mouse is the primary reservoir of the Hantavirus strain found in New Mexico – See http://www.kdbc.com/news/health/third-documented-hantavirus-case-new-mexico-2013
Vaccinating Your DogGeorgia 12/11/13 Liberty County: A Fleming family of four is being treated for potential exposure to rabies after their unvaccinated dog tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.wsav.com/story/24196887/liberty-county-dog-tests-positive-for-rabies
rabidcatMaryland 12/11/13 Frederick County: An adult, orange domestic short hair cat picked up on Dec. 8th as a stray reported to be acting aggressively has tested positive for rabies. The cat was found in the 500 block of East Church Street in the city of Frederick. Anyone in Frederick who has recently been in contact with a cat of this description should seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.your4state.com/story/cat-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-frederick/d/story/1xaqkr0MrEmb3kwluD4M4Q
bobcat3WiscDNRNew York 12/11/13 Washington County: A bobcat that jumped on a woman at the door of her Adirondack home in Putnam has tested positive for rabies. The woman, 49, was bitten and scratched on her face, head, shoulder, arms and thigh. When the cat then made the mistake of going after a guest at the home, it was shot and killed. – See http://online.wsj.com/article/APf3aee2e749e54005b6edd92ddb985b37.html
111009110345_Raccoon3 - CopyNew York 12/11/13 Onondaga County: A raccoon that attacked a couple who were jogging on a Round Lake trail in Green Lakes State Park on Dec. 7th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/12/raccoon_that_attacked_manlius_couple_in_green_lakes_state_park_had_rabies_test_s.html
grayfoxRhode Island 12/11/13 Kent County: A dead gray fox found in a barn in the vicinity of Frenchtown and Tillinghast roads in the Frenchtown section of East Greenwich has tested positive for rabies. A fox presumed to be rabid attacked three people in this same area last month, but it’s unknown how long this fox has been dead or if it could be the same one responsible for the November attacks. An unvaccinated horse stabled in the barn has been quarantined. – See http://eastgreenwich.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/fox-found-monday-tests-positive-for-rabies

Author’s Note: Sorry for the fortnight between posts. A new computer and move to a new office took more time than anticipated. JG

CANADA: Health officials report TRICHINOSIS outbreak in northern QUEBEC ~ CANADA: Alert issued after BOBCAT attacks two DOGS in BRITISH COLUMBIA ~ FOLLOW-UP REPORT: COYOTES that attacked COLORADAN last week not RABID ~ EEE & WNV reports from AR, CA, IN, KY, LA, MS, & NY ~ RABIES reports from GA, IA, NJx2, NC, PA, SCx2, & VA.

Polar bear. Photo by Ansgar Walk. Wikimedia Commons.

Polar bear. Photo by Ansgar Walk. Wikimedia Commons.


220-inukjuak-mapQuebec 10/22/13 cbc.ca/news: Health officials are reporting an outbreak of trichinosis in Inukjuak. Since early October, about 15 people have exhibited symptoms of the illness caused by a parasite sometimes found in the raw meat of animals Including walrus and polar bear. No official source of the outbreak has been identified but the health department is investigating. In the meantime they are advising people to fully cook their meat to kill the parasite before consuming it. – http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/trichinosis-outbreak-in-inukjuak-que-1.2187320


bobcat3WiscDNRBritish Columbia 10/22/13 District of Squamish: Officials have confirmed that a bobcat attacked two off-leash dogs in separate incidents on October 22nd along a trail near Garibaldi Highlands. Both attacks occurred in the morning at the south end of Jack’s Trail. – See http://www.squamishchief.com/article/20131022/SQUAMISH0101/131029996/-1/squamish/update-caution-urged-after-bobcat-attacks-dogs

Follow-Up Report:

(See Three COYOTES attack COLORADAN walking to work – posted October 17, 2013)

coyote.88f7.Bing.freeuselicColorado 10/23/13 thedenverchannel.com/news: by Deb Stanley – Three coyotes that attacked a man in Niwot last week have tested negative for rabies. Andrew Dickehage said he was walking before sunrise when he heard what he thought was a bunny rustling in a bush, but when he turned his flashlight on a nearby bush, he was attacked. “I shined the flashlight and before I could finish turning and pointing it at the brush, that’s when the initial impact happened,” Dickehage said. “At that point, I felt severe agony throughout my hand and I looked down and it [the coyote] wouldn’t let go.” Dickehage said as he was fighting off the first coyote with his flashlight, the other two attacked. He managed to stay on his feet until the attack stop and the coyotes ran off. – For complete article see http://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/wildlife-officials-coyotes-that-attacked-niwot-man-did-not-have-rabies

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) & West Nile Virus (WNV):

Little_River_County.ARArkansas 10/22/13 Little River County: Hospital officials have confirmed that an Ashdown teenager being treated for what is believed to be a rare human case of EEE died on October 22nd. – See article and video at http://www.ksla.com/story/23753290/ar-teen-with-suspected-eastern-equine-encaphalitis-dies

07cd7361057a7994e7e590e1fb0d3868ed6ff5ad-1California 10/21/13 Los Angeles County: Officials have confirmed the county’s 7th WNV-related human fatality. Three fatalities have been confirmed in the past week. All were men – two from South Los Angeles and one from the San Fernando Valley – and all had pre-existing health conditions. – See http://manhattanbeach.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/7-dead-due-to-west-nile-virus-county-confirms_8e79c5d4

Vigo-County.INIndiana 10/21/13 Vigo County: A human WNV-related fatality in the state reported earlier neglected to mention that it occurred in Vigo County. – See http://wibqfm.com/news/articles/2013/oct/21/indianas-first-west-nile-death-from-vigo-county/

Carlisle_County_KYKentucky 10/21/13 Carlisle County: A horse stabled in the county is the second to test positive for EEE in the state this year. – See http://www.thehorse.com/articles/32742/kentucky-reports-second-equine-eee-case-of-2013

LA-DHHLouisiana 10/18/13 LA Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed the state’s third WNV-related death this year. The report is from Rapides Parish, and is the second death this year from Rapides Parish. In addition, the health department is also confirming three new WNV human cases this week, bringing this year’s total number of cases to 51. This week’s new infections include two cases of neuro-invasive disease in Lafayette Parish and one case of neuro-invasive in Ouachita Parish. – See http://www.dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/newsroom/detail/2899

MS_71058_121809421211160_5406251_nMississippi 10/21/13 MS Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed three new human cases of WNV for 2013. The cases were reported in Forrest, Lamar, and Rankin counties, bringing the state total for 2013 to 43 human cases, including two deaths. – For locations of all other cases and other information see http://msdh.ms.gov/msdhsite/_static/23,14422,341.html

Oswego_County_svgNYNew York 10/21/13 Oswego County: Officials have confirmed a human case of WNV in one of the county’s senior residents.  – See http://www.cnycentral.com/news/story.aspx?id=961428#.UmcKKBAljM1


raccoon - CopyGeorgia 10/17/13 Henry County: A raccoon killed by a dog on Chafin Drive in the Kelleytown area of McDonough has tested positive for rabies. – See http://neighbornewspapers.com/view/full_story/23872771/article-Rabies-warning-issued-for-McDonough?instance=all

road_sign_need_helpIowa 10/19/13 Washington County: Police in the town of Washington are searching for a dog they say bit a person late last week. Officers received a report of the incident just before 9 p.m. Friday and they’re searching for a brown dog that resembles a pit bull. Authorities need to find the dog to ensure its rabies vaccination is current otherwise the person bitten will have to undergo a series of rabies shots. Anyone with information is asked to call police at 319-653-2107. – See http://www.therepublic.com/view/story/49d604c98fd64594b1628d8bbfdbb719/IA–Search-for-Dog

cityOfCarrolltonTXNew Jersey 10/21/13 Atlantic County: A raccoon found in the 100 block of South New Road in Absecon last week has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.nbc40.net/story/23751069/sixth-case-of-rabies-confirmed-in-atlantic-county

New Jersey 10/18/13 Mercer County: A skunk found on Temple Terrace in Lawrence Township has tested positive for rabies. The skunk was in contact with neighborhood pets. – See havahart-skunk_120http://lawrenceville.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/skunk-in-lawrence-township-tests-positive-for-rabies

North Carolina 10/17/13 Orange County: A skunk found in a Hillsborough resident’s outdoor dog kennel, has tested positive for rabies. Her dogs have been vaccinated. – See http://www.wral.com/skunk-is-11th-case-of-rabies-in-orange-county/13012716/

450px-Treed_RaccoonsPennsylvania 10/22/13 Delaware County: Two raccoons found in Radnor Township have tested positive for rabies in the past two weeks. One was in the 700 block of Bryn Mawr Avenue, and a second less than a mile away in the 600 block of S. Hunt Road. – See http://mainlinemedianews.com/articles/2013/10/22/main_line_suburban_life/news/doc5266ae9416bea044225119.txt

rabies.warningSouth Carolina 10/22/13 Fairfield County: A dog that was in contact with two people in the Winnsboro area has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wltx.com/news/article/253791/2/Dog-Exposes-Two-People-to-Rabies

thumbnailCAMJ7KZ8South Carolina 10/18/13 Oconee County: A skunk that came in contact with a woman in the Westminster area has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.foxcarolina.com/story/23729842/oconee-co-woman-expsed-to-rabies-from-skunk

1433850718_c3e303fca7Virginia 10/18/13 Peninsula Health District: A raccoon killed by a dog in the Colony and Putney roads area of Newport News has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wavy.com/news/local/newport-news/rabid-raccoon-killed-by-dog-in-nn

Two ARIZONA bird hunters attacked by RABID BOBCAT ~ Other RABIES reports from AR, CA, CT, MD, NC, OK, & VA ~ EEE & WNV reports from ID, LA, MA, NY, TX, & WA.

Bobcat. BING free use license.

Bobcat. BING free use license.

Arizona 10/12/13 dcourier.com: Special Report – Two Prescott Valley quail hunters suffered multiple injuries when a rabid adult male bobcat attacked them on Thursday afternoon, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The two men were hunting several miles northeast of Prescott Valley when the attack occurred near the northeast corner of the Mingus Meadows subdivision, about halfway between Highway 89A and Perkinsville Road (Yavapai County). The hunters had stopped to open a gate when the bobcat ran under their vehicle. “The bobcat was spotted under some bushes and then ran under the vehicle,” said Zen Mocarski, public information officer with the Game and Fish Region 3 office in Kingman. “One of the victims looked under the truck and was attacked.” The hunter suffered deep lacerations, punctures, and scratches to his back, shoulders, arms, and chest. The other hunter tried to get the bobcat off of the victim and also was attacked, Mocarski said. The second victim suffered less severe injuries to his arms and legs. One of the victims then shot and killed the bobcat, and the two transported themselves and the feline to Yavapai Regional Medical Center where both were immediately treated for post exposure to rabies. Officials announced Friday the bobcat tested positive for rabies, and warned people to be careful in the wild. – See http://www.dcourier.com/main.asp?SectionID=1&SubSectionID=1&ArticleID=124133

Other Rabies Reports:

aa.skunk.BingFreeUseLicArkansas 10/11/13 Pulaski County: A skunk found dead in the backyard of a home off Route 10 in west Little Rock has tested positive for rabies. The skunk was likely killed by the family’s vaccinated pet dog. This is the first rabid skunk to be found south of the Arkansas River in Pulaski County in more than 30 years. – See http://www.arkansasonline.com/news/2013/oct/11/rabies-case-confirmed-little-rock-health-officials/

neverbarehandedsmCalifornia 10/11/13 Los Angeles County: A bat found outside a home in Santa Clarita has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.signalscv.com/section/36/article/106582/

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAConnecticut 10/11/13 Tolland County: A cow on a dairy farm in Ellington has tested positive for rabies. An officials has stated that neither the cow nor its milk have posed any danger to the general public. – See http://ellington-somers.patch.com/groups/politics-and-elections/p/ellington-cow-that-contracted-rabies-was-euthanized

rabiesAlert521d4-1Maryland 10/11/13 Washington County: A grey and black tabby cat found on Independence Road in Clear Spring has tested positive for rabies. Anyone who may have been in contact with this cat should seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.your4state.com/story/cat-in-clear-spring-tests-positive-for-rabies/d/story/ne_CPP_B20W-moc-P1BXOw

Cat-and-BatNorth Carolina 10/11/13 Guilford County: A bat found on Cobble Glen Court in Greensboro is the 17th confirmed case of rabies in the county this year. The bat was in contact with a cat. – See http://www.news-record.com/news/local_news/article_6d17445e-32ad-11e3-95c4-001a4bcf6878.html

130726034208_Rabies-Alert-graphicOklahoma 10/11/13 OK Dept of Health: Officials are looking for persons who adopted, or had direct contact with, kittens that were advertised for adoption on the Tahlequah Online Garage Sale Facebook group (TOGS), on Tuesday, October 1.  Adopting families picked up the kittens in the Walmart parking lot.  The four kittens are described as approximately 9 weeks old with black and white markings.  On Thursday, October 3, one of the adopted kittens developed symptoms consistent with rabies and  subsequently tested positive for the virus. Persons who adopted the other three kittens, or anyone who may have come in direct contact with the kittens, should contact the Epidemiologist-on-Call at (405) 271-4060 or (800) 234-5963, available 24/7/365. – For photos of kittens and complete news release see http://www.ok.gov/health/Organization/Office_of_Communications/News_Releases/2013_News_Releases/Rabid_Kitten10-11-13.html

PHIL_2186_thumb SkunkVirginia 10/10/13 City of Suffolk: A skunk found in a pen with two vaccinated dogs in the Bridgepoint Farms area has tested positive for rabies. – See http://hamptonroads.com/2013/10/skunk-found-suffolk-tests-positive-rabies

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) & West Nile Virus (WNV):

ID DOH&WIdaho 10/11/13 ID Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that WNV may have contributed to the recent death of a male resident of Gem County. This is the first WNV-related fatality in the state this year. WNV is concentrated in five Southwest Idaho counties in 2013, including Canyon, Gem, Owyhee, Payette, and Washington, with 25 reported cases. A total of 39 cases have been reported statewide, including one fatality. – See http://healthandwelfare.idaho.gov/AboutUs/Newsroom/tabid/130/ctl/ArticleView/mid/3061/articleId/1738/West-Nile-Contributes-to-Death-of-Gem-County-Resident.aspx

LA-DHHLouisiana 10/11/13 LA Dept of Health: State officials have confirmed three new human cases of WNV in the state this week, bringing the total number of cases to 48. The new infections include one case of neuro-invasive disease from Lafayette and two cases of West Nile fever from Ouachita and Morehouse parishes. – See http://www.dhh.louisiana.gov/index.cfm/newsroom/detail/2892

MA_220px-MADPH_LogoMassachusetts 10/11/13 MA Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed that a seventh human case of WNV has been identified in Plymouth County  where a female resident in her 70s is currently hospitalized with the virus. – http://www.mass.gov/eohhs/gov/newsroom/press-releases/dph/seventh-human-case-of-west-nile-virus-in-massachusetts.html

3332healthlogoNew York 10/10/13 Niagara County Dept of Health: Officials have confirmed the first human case of WNV in the county this year is a young male adult resident of Gasport who is at home recovering after being hospitalized. – See http://www.niagaracounty.com/health/pressreleases/tabid/715/vw/1/itemid/143/public-health-director-reports-first-case-of-west-nile-virus-in-niagara-county.aspx

dallascountysealTexas 10/11/13 Dallas County: Officials have confirmed a tenth human case of WNV has been identified in the county in the 75228 ZIP code area. – See http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/health/Dallas-County-Reports-10th-Human-West-Nile-Virus-Case-227428741.html

WaStateDeptAgricWashington 10/11/13 WA Dept of Agriculture: State officials have confirmed that a horse stabled in the Pasco area of Franklin County tested positive for WNV and has been euthanized. This is the second horse testing positive for the virus this year. The other was a horse pastured in Outlook, Yakima County last month. – See http://www.kansascity.com/2013/10/11/4546349/pasco-horse-with-west-nile-virus.html


RABIES in FERAL CAT COLONY prompts city in VIRGINIA to issue RABID CAT ALERT ~ EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS reports from FL, & NC ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CA, CO, IL, LA, & WI ~ RABIES reports from CA, FLx3, GAx2, MA, NH, NCx3, VT, VA, & WA.

Photo courtesy U.S. Department of Defense.

Photo courtesy U.S. Department of Defense.

Virginia 07/18/13 Stafford County: Health officials have issued a Rabid Cat Alert after a feral cat from a colony in the 700 block of Brooke Road in Fredericksburg tested positive for rabies. The cat bit a person on July 12th and was brought to an animal shelter where it was placed in quarantine, but it was found dead on the morning of July 15th. Eight more of the cats from that colony are now in quarantine, but at least three remain loose. Two other feral cats found in the county earlier this year also tested positive for rabies. One of these scratched a woman in Garrisonville in March. – See http://news.fredericksburg.com/newsdesk/2013/07/18/rabid-cat-alert-issued-in-stafford-county-2/

41vzEGOpnhL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_Author’s Note: The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has published a peer-reviewed guide titled “Feral Cats and Their Management” . See http://www.ianrpubs.unl.edu/epublic/live/ec1781/build/ec1781.pdf

And Stephen M. Vantassel, Wildlife Damage Project Coordinator, National Wildlife Control Operators Association board member, and co-author of the guide has also published a book titled “The Practical Guide to the Control of Feral Cats”, which is available at Amazon.com and from other book retailers. Query: Does anyone know if a similar study has been done recently focusing on stray dogs?

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE):

Florida-Department-of-Health-LOGO1-e1293997049361-300x115Florida 07/18/13 thehorse.com: Health officials have confirmed that 16 horses in the state have tested positive for the EEE virus so far this year. Cases have been reported in Levy, Lake, Gilchrist (4), Alachua, Madison, St. Johns, Columbia, Gilchrist/Columbia (the horse had been in both counties during the two weeks prior to onset), Hamilton, Bradford (2), Putnam, and Hernando counties. All of the affected horses were euthanized. – See http://www.thehorse.com/articles/32217/more-than-a-dozen-eee-cases-reported-in-florida

Brunswick_County_NCNorth Carolina 07/18/13 Brunswick County: A horse that died in the county earlier this month was the first confirmed case of EEE in the state so far this year. – See http://www.wwaytv3.com/2013/07/18/first-nc-case-of-eee-reported-brunswick-county

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Alameda_County_CACalifornia 07/17/13 Alameda County: Two dead crows found this week in Oakland and Pleasanton have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.mercurynews.com/breaking-news/ci_23680127/dead-birds-found-oakland-pleasanton-test-positive-west

Garfield_County.COColorado 07/17/13 Garfield County: Mosquitoes trapped at Willow Creek in Battlement Mesa, Cottonwood Park in Parachute, and Mile Pond Road southeast of Rifle, have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.postindependent.com/news/7349916-113/county-mosquito-mosquitoes-nile

Monroe_County.ILIllinois 07/18/13 Monroe County: Health officials have confirmed that a starling found on June 27th in Waterloo has tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.heraldpubs.com/articles/2013/07/18/mascoutah/doc51e80f314a270779701798.txt

Lafayette_Parish_LALouisiana 07/17/13 Lafayette Parish: Health officials have confirmed that test results obtained from dead birds, sentinel chickens, and mosquito pools all indicate a very high level of WNV is present throughout the parish. – See http://www.thetowntalk.com/article/20130715/NEWS01/130715001/West-Nile-virus-confirmed-Lafayette-Parish?nclick_check=1

Fond_du_Lac_County.WIWisconsin 07/18/13 Fond du Lac County: A dead crow found in the county on July 10th has tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.fdlreporter.com/article/20130717/FON0101/307170385/West-Nile-virus-found-FdL-County?nclick_check=1


1055_bat2BrownBatWICalifornia 07/17/13 Los Angeles County: A bat that was being carried around by an unvaccinated dog in the city of Santa Clarita’s Saugus neighborhood has tested positive for rabies. The dog has been quarantined for six months. – See http://scvnews.com/2013/07/17/scv-dog-quarantined-for-capturing-rabid-bat/

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFlorida 07/18/13 Franklin County: A fox that bit a woman working in her yard on North Bayshore Drive in Eastpoint on Monday has tested positive for rabies. In a separate incident, another fox attacked a dog in the same vicinity on Wednesday but escaped. However, a dead fox found in the area on Thursday and believed to be the one that attacked the dog is now being tested for the virus. – See http://www.apalachtimes.com/news/local-news/rabid-fox-attack-reported-in-eastpoint-1.174311

images4g44g78Florida 07/18/13 Marion County: A Rabies Alert has been issued after a raccoon found just north of Ocala on July 17th tested positive for the virus. – For boundaries of the alert see http://www.ocala.com/article/20130718/ARTICLES/130719687/1005/sports01?Title=Rabies-alert-north-of-Ocala

thumbnailCA96GGSLFlorida 07/17/13 Seminole County: A Rabies Alert issued on July 11th will remain in effect through September 9th after officials discovered a bobcat in Geneva that has tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.seminolechronicle.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2013/07/17/51e6c476edde2

800px-Raccoon_femaleGeorgia 07/18/13 Columbia County: A raccoon that attacked a dog near Gay Road just north of Harlem on July 13th has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wrdw.com/news/health/headlines/Raccoon-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-Harlem-216013331.html

20731_279434686800_6409457_aGeorgia 07/17/13 Hall County: A raccoon that came in contact with a dog in the vicinity of Wellington Avenue in the northern part of the county has tested positive for rabies. This is the second confirmed Rabies Alert in the county this week. – See http://www.gainesvilletimes.com/section/6/article/86246/

Massachusetts 07/17/13 Middlesex County: A fox that bit a man’s boot on Cypress Road in Arlington last Saturday has tested positive for rabies. – See http://arlington.patch.com/groups/police-and-fire/p/fox-in-saturdays-incident-presumed-to-have-rabies

GreyFox_decNYNew Hampshire 07/18/13 Strafford County: A grey fox that bit a man, 78, and a woman, 83, in separate incidents in Durham was shot Wednesday but was not tested for rabies. – See http://www1.whdh.com/news/articles/local/new-hampshire/10011184956339/2-bitten-by-gray-fox-in-durham-nh/

North Carolina 07/18/13 Cumberland County: A fox that was attacked and killed by nine dogs off Crittercreek Road in the Gray’s Creek area of Fayetteville on Tuesday has tested positive for rabies. The dogs were not vaccinated and an official say the dogs’ owners had not decided whether to euthanize or pay for quarantining their pets. – See http://www.wral.com/rabid-fox-found-in-cumberland-county/12677636/

North Carolina 07/16/13 Yadkin County: A raccoon that bit a stray dog in the vicinity of U.S. Highway 21 south of Arnold Road in Hamptonville on July 9th has tested positive for rabies. The dog, pictured here in captivity, was running without identification and was euthanized. It was a “boxer type” with a bobtail, 50-60 pounds, and dark brown with a white chest, four white paws, and Raccoon-SiedePreis-sma black snout. Anyone who came in contact with this dog should seek immediate medical advice. – See http://www.elkintribune.com/news/home_top/2308107/Dog-euthenized-after-bitten-by-rabid-raccoon

North Carolina 07/17/13 Orange County: A raccoon that was attacked by a vaccinated dog in Chapel Hill on Tuesday has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.wral.com/raccoon-tests-positive-for-rabies-in-orange-county/12673659/

Vermont 07/17/13 Windham County: A grey fox that attacked a young 5704860-portrait-of-gray-fox-barkingman at a residence in Jamaica on June 29th has tested positive for rabies. A second young person was potentially exposed to the virus in spattered blood and saliva. – See http://www.commonsnews.org/site/site05/story.php?articleno=7949&page=1#.UehDqW3DK5e

Virginia 07/18/13 Isle of Wight County: A fox that attacked a girl in the vicinity of Lee’s Mill Road has tested positive for rabies. This is the second incident involving a rabid fox in the county this month. – See http://hamptonroads.com/2013/07/rabid-fox-attacks-isle-wight-girl-her-yard

neverbarehandedsmWashington 07/18/13 King County: A sick bat found on the beach at Madison Park in Seattle on July 15th has tested positive for rabies, prompting a public health alert. Anyone who had contact with the bat should seek immediate medical advice. The bat was found under a tree at the south end of the park located at E. Madison and E. Howe streets. – See http://www.nwcn.com/news/216080461.html and a report in this blog posted on July 13, 2013.

WOLF chases IDAHOAN cyclist in CANADA’S YUKON TERRITORY ~ CANADIAN walks away from BLACK BEAR encounter in B.C. with minor scratches ~ Another ARIZONAN diagnosed with HANTAVIRUS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CAx5, CT, IDx2, IL, NYx2, OH, CANADA: ONT, & SASK. ~ RABIES reports from CA, FLx2, ID, MD, MT, NJ, NCx2, VA, & WI.

Grey wolf. Photo by Kristi Herbert. Wikimedia Commons.

Grey wolf. Photo by Kristi Herbert. Wikimedia Commons.


Yukon Territory 07/11/13 newsminer.com: From a report by Rich Landers – Cyclist William “Mac” Hollan, 35, was halfway through his 2,750-mile bicycle trip to Prudhoe Bay when a gray wolf sprinted from the woods 60 miles west of Watson lake in pursuit of Hollan, apparently deciding the Sandpoint, Idaho, elementary school student-teacher looked like a reasonably decent dinner. Initially, Hollan believed he could out-race the wolf, but he soon discovered that would not be easy. Hollan even spritzed the wolf with bear spray several times, forcing the wolf to drop back 20-or-so feet, only to move up again in hot pursuit.

map05After the drivers of several vehicles slowed to observe the chase, but continued on without stopping, Hollan realized he was approaching a rather steep incline and knew he would be unable to maintain his slight lead much longer. It was at just about this time that Melanie Klassen of Grand Prairie, Alberta, happened upon the scene with her boyfriend towing an RV behind her orange Hummer. They stopped and Hollan says he “hurdled the handlebars” of his bike and made it to safety with only seconds to spare. – For complete article see http://www.newsminer.com/news/alaska_news/wolf-chases-cyclist-in-yukon-rips-up-tent-bag/article_15ab6e94-ea5e-11e2-9c49-001a4bcf6878.html

Author’s Note: A similar incident happened on June 8 in British Columbia when a wolf chased a motorcyclist on Highway 93 in Kootenay National Park. – See June 14, 2013 blog post: CANADA: WOLF chases motorcyclist in BRITISH COLUMBIA.


bear-face235British Columbia 07/12/13 news1130.com: by Mike Lloyd and John Strell – A man carrying a bag of fast food near downtown Mission was lucky to walk away pretty much unhurt after he was attacked by a black bear yesterday. Elias Hart was taken completely by surprise while walking along a trail near Cedar Valley Connector and 6th Avenue. “I thought I was done! You hear about bear attacks but I never thought it would happen to me, right?” he tells News 1130. “I turned around to run and it knocked me down and then luckily, there was a fence there. So I grabbed onto the fence and started yelling at the bear as loud as I could.” Hart says he got up and started waving his arms at the bear; that’s when it swatted at his leg. “As I got up to turn around and run again, it kept chasing me and chasing me.” The bear gave up as they approached a busy road. Hart is stunned it happened so close to downtown Mission. – For complete article see http://www.news1130.com/2013/07/12/bear-attack-in-mission/

Author’s Note: According to a report by CBC, Conservation officers were trying to track the bear on Friday and said it will be destroyed if caught because it was so aggressive.


imagesCAWMH0VUArizona 07/10/13 Coconino County: A woman who lives in a southwestern area of the county and is the second county resident this year to be diagnosed with hantavirus is recovering. Officials are investigating where she might have contracted the disease, which is spread by rodents. A woman in Flagstaff died of the disease last month. – See http://www.sfgate.com/news/science/article/2nd-hantavirus-case-confirmed-in-Coconino-County-4658054.php

West Nile Virus (WNV):

San Bernadino Cty CACalifornia 07/12/13 San Bernadino County: Eight more mosquito samples from Ontario and Montclair have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.dailybulletin.com/ci_23649577/west-nile-virus-detected-ontario-and-montclair

CA-Sacramento-YoloCalifornia 07/12/13 Sacramento-Yolo Mosquito and Vector Control District: Sacramento County:  35 dead birds and 80 mosquito samples have tested positive for WNV to date. 1 human case has been reported by the California Department of Public Health. Yolo County: 13 dead birds and 76 mosquito samples have tested positive for WNV to date. – See http://www.fightthebite.net/2013/07/12/2588/

San_Diego_County_CACalifornia 07/12/13 San Diego County: A dead crow found near Lakeside has tested positive for WNV. – See http://eastcountymagazine.org/node/13589

Tulare_County.CACalifornia 07/11/13 Tulare County: Mosquitoes and birds have been found in the county that have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.recorderonline.com/articles/nile-57666-tulare-virus.html

Los Angeles Cty CACalifornia 07/10/13 Los Angeles County: Three dead crows collected last week in Arcadia and Covina have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_23630349/west-nile-virus-detected-dead-birds-found-two

Fairfield cty CTConnecticut 07/12/13 Fairfield County: Mosquitoes trapped in Norwalk on July 2nd have tested positive for WNV. – See https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?hl=en&shva=1#inbox/13fd3913e2aa729c

Ada cty IDIdaho 07/10/13 Ada County: A pool of mosquitoes collected near the intersection of Beacon Light Road and Linder Road in Eagle has tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.ktvb.com/news/health/West-Nile-virus-found-in-mosquitoes-in-Ada-County-215001931.html

Idaho-map-showing-Canyon-CountyIdaho 07/09/13 Canyon County: Mosquitoes trapped near Highway 95 and the Boise River, Roswell Marsh and Roswell Cemetery, as well as at two sites on Ballard Lane in Middleton and Channel Road east of Caldwell have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.idahopress.com/news/west-nile-virus-present-at-canyon-county-sites/article_46d25820-e8fb-11e2-a6c7-001a4bcf887a.html

Cook cty ILIllinois 07/12/13 Cook County: Mosquitoes trapped at two different locations in Glenview have tested positive for WNV. – See http://glenview.suntimes.com/news/21283824-418/west-nile-virus-found-in-glenview.html

rockland cty NYNew York 07/12/13 Rockland County: A batch of mosquitoes trapped in Ramapo have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.lohud.com/article/20130711/NEWS03/307110092/Briefs-West-Nile-virus-detected-Ramapo-more?nclick_check=1

onondaga cty NYNew York 07/10/13 Onondaga County: Mosquitoes collected at the Minoa Sewage Treatment Plant on Kalin Drive in Manlius on June 28 have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2013/07/post_861.html

franklin cty OHOhio 07/11/13 Franklin County: Mosquitoes trapped in Hamilton Township this week has tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2013/07/10/County-finds-West-Nile-virus-in-mosquitoes.html


PeelRegion_OntarioOntario 07/12/13 Peel Region: Two mosquito batches collected in Mississauga have tested positive for WNV. – See http://www.mississauga.com/community-story/3890642-mosquito-batches-test-positive-for-west-nile-virus-in-applewood-streetsville/

logoSaskatchewan 07/12/13 Sun Country Health Region: A pool of mosquitoes trapped in the southern part of the province has tested positive for WNV. – See http://regina.ctvnews.ca/mosquitoes-in-southern-sask-test-positive-for-west-nile-1.1364721


HelpCalifornia 07/12/13 Yolo County: The Sheriff’s Department is on the lookout for two dogs following an apparently random Chihuahua attack Friday morning in Esparto. According to a news release, a man was bitten at around 7:30 a.m. “by one of two small-sized white-and-tan long-haired Chihuahua mix dogs which charged at the victim from an empty lot in the area of the 25000 block of Duncan Drive.” The dogs ran off and were last seen heading northward from that area. The unidentified man was not seriously injured. However, county officials said, “Finding the offending animal may prevent post-exposure rabies treatment for the victim” – a treatment which can involve a painful series of shots. Anyone with information on the Esparto Chihuahuas is asked to contact the county Animal Services Section at 668-5287 or at animal.bite@yolocounty.org. – See http://www.dailydemocrat.com/news/ci_23649905/county-seeks-chihuahua-rabies-test-following-esparto-attack

thumbnailCA6WGA0CFlorida 07/11/13 Seminole County: Health officials have confirmed that a Rabies Alert has been issued for the Geneva area after a bobcat tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.cfnews13.com/content/news/cfnews13/news/article.html/content/news/articles/cfn/2013/7/11/rabies_alert_issued_.html

imagesCADRKS47Florida 07/10/13 Palm Beach County: A sickly feral cat that bit and scratched two women who were putting out food for birds and stray cats in Palm Springs on July 3rd has tested positive for rabies. The women apparently did not report the incident until one of them returned three days later and found the cat that bit them had died. The cat roamed in the area east of Congress Avenue and west of Florida Mango between Forest Hill Boulevard and 10th Avenue North. – See http://www.palmbeachpost.com/news/news/breaking-news/women-exposed-to-rabies-after-feeding-stray-cat-in/nYk37/

Congress-Avenue-Bridge-BatsIdaho 07/10/13 Valley County: A bat that attached itself to the life jacket of a woman rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River has tested positive for rabies. In a separate incident, an injured bat that was brought into a resident’s home in the county by a vaccinated cat also tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.kboi2.com/news/local/Rabid-bat-lands-on-Salmon-River-floater-tests-positive-for-rabies-214978921.html

15567NPSMaryland 07/11/13 Frederick County: Two foxes found in Thurmont within the last week have tested positive for rabies. The first fox attacked a man between Thurmont and Graceham on July 4th, and the second fox was involved in a fight with dogs on Meadow Lane on July 8th. – See http://your4state.com/fulltext?nxd_id=317252

BatsNetcoreCanadaMontana 07/11/13 Lewis & Clark County: For the second time this year, a bat found at the Holter Lake Campground in Wolf Creek has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.kxlh.com/news/rabies-confirmed-in-2nd-bat-captured-at-holter-lake-campground/

catandraccoon - CopyNew Jersey 07/10/13 Atlantic County: A domestic cat that scratched and bit two residents in their Egg Harbor Township home on Saturday has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.nbc40.net/story/22811111/cat-tests-positive-for-rabies-after-attacking-two-people

neverbarehandedsmNorth Carolina 07/10/13 Cumberland County: A dead bat found in the kitchen cabinet of a Cypress Lake family’s home has tested positive for rabies. The entire family is being treated for potential exposure to the virus. – See http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news/local&id=9168579

111009110345_Raccoon3 - CopyNorth Carolina 07/10/13 Montgomery County: A raccoon that attacked and bit a man several times while he was walking his dog in Pee Dee has tested positive for rabies. A fox that was shot in the vicinity of a residence in Star for showing aggressive behavior has also tested positive for the virus. – See http://www.montgomeryherald.com/news/article_54d0d9bc-e96c-11e2-84a2-0019bb2963f4.html

5704860-portrait-of-gray-fox-barkingVirginia 07/10/13 Isle of Wight County: A fox that bit a 70-year-old woman, a sheriff’s deputy, and a cat in the vicinity of Waterworks Road last week has tested positive for rabies. – See http://hamptonroads.com/2013/07/isle-wight-fox-has-rabies

road_sign_need_helpWisconsin 07/11/13 Sheboygan County: Sheboygan police are seeking the owner of a dog that playfully bit a woman Tuesday evening on Michigan Avenue (in the City of Sheboygan) to determine whether the dog has rabies. Police said in a news release Thursday that the dog, described as a tan and white pit bull, or similar breed, bit a woman at about 7:30 p.m. in the 1100 block of Michigan Avenue. The woman told police she was bit on the arm after kneeling down to greet the dog, which was on a leash. The woman described the bite as playful. The dog’s owner, or anyone with information on the incident, should contact the Sheboygan Police Department, at 920-459-3333. – See http://www.sheboyganpress.com/article/20130711/SHE0101/307110196/Sheboygan-police-seek-owner-dog-bit-woman-Tuesday