South Dakota and Iowa testing deer and elk for the presence of Chronic Wasting Disease

South Dakota  12/10/09  A half dozen cases of chronic wasting disease were found among 667 samples from deer and elk tested in the southwest corner of South Dakota over a recent five-month period.  Chronic wasting attacks the brains of infected animals and is always fatal.  The Game, Fish and Parks Department said lab results are pending on another 477 samples taken between July and December.  The state has found 118 cases of chronic wasting disease since testing began in 1997. 

Iowa  12/09/09  Iowa Department of Natural Resources staff will be collecting brain tissue from more than 4,000 deer over the next few weeks that will be tested for the presence of chronic wasting disease.  Although tissue samples are collected from deer in every county, the majority of samples are collected from the Mississippi River counties from Allamakee to Scott, because CWD was confirmed in wild deer in Wisconsin and Illinois in 2002.  When the Iowa DNR began collecting tissue samples, the majority were collected from lockers that process deer. In 2009, fewer lockers will be participating in the collection.  The Iowa DNR is asking hunters to help by calling the local conservation officer to arrange for a sample to be collected.


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