Recent rabies reports

Wyoming  12/21/09  The city of Sheridan has confirmed four cases of animal rabies in the past month, a significant increase over previous years.  Community Service Officer Kris Walker says there had been only one other confirmed case in 2009 before the past month and no confirmed cases during the previous four years.  Walker says 4 of the confirmed cases were in skunks and one case was in a bat. Numbers for Sheridan County were not immediately available.

Louisiana  12/19/09  A stray cat in Iberia Parish has tested positive for rabies.  Louisiana Agriculture Commissioner Mike Strain says one person has been exposed to the cat. The strain of rabies virus has not yet been determined following Friday’s test.

North Carolina  12/18/09  The Davidson County Health Department reports a new case of rabies, bringing the total to eight for the year.  A dog was in a fight with a rabid raccoon Thursday in Lexington. The dog was not properly vaccinated and has been destroyed. There was no human exposure reported.


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