Recent rabies cases reported in Arizona and Massachusetts

Adult peccaries or javelinas usually measure 3 to 4 feet long and weigh 45 to 90 pounds

Arizona  01/08/10  The Arizona Game and Fish Department said a javelina that bit a Marana man New Year’s Day has tested positive for rabies.  Authorities said Thursday the 66-year-man was hiking on the Dove Mountain path Jan. 1 when he was bitten on the right arm and right leg by the javelina.  Arizona Game and Fish Department spokesman Mark Hart said the man was transported to Oro Valley-Northwest Hospital, where he has started rabies treatment. The javelina was shot and killed by an officer with the Marana Police Department.

Massachusetts 01/07/10  Williamstown Animal Control Officer Jacqueline Lemieux said Wednesday she received a call on Monday about a possible injured cat, and when she arrived at the owner’s home, the cat was visibly sick. “I sent it out to be tested for rabies, and it came back positive,” she said. She said she learned from the cat’s owners that it — as well as two other cats in the house — hadn’t received the rabies vaccine. “I feel horrible that I’ve had to humanely euthanize three cats in 24 hours because you can’t take the risk,” she said. In addition, the cat’s owners have had to begin treatment — post-exposure prophylaxis — for the deadly neurological disease. Of the 154 animals in Massachusetts that tested positive for rabies in 2008, 15 were cats and one was a dog.


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