Rabies reports from Georgia, Kansas, and North Carolina

Kansas  02/15/10  ksallink.com:  Eight people in Barton County are now receiving rabies vaccinations as a precaution after coming into contact with a dog that tested positive for the disease. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says skunks are the animals most likely to have the disease, and they can spread it to humans.  Officials believe the Barton County dog had fought with a skunk about three weeks ago.

Georgia  02/12/10  gainesvilletimes.com:  A rabies alert has been issued for East Hall County after a rabid raccoon was confirmed in the area this week.  The raccoon came in contact with a dog Tuesday in the Valley Glen area. The raccoon was shipped to the Georgia Public Health Lab-Virology Section in Decatur the next day and confirmed positive for rabies.

North Carolina  02/11/10  newsargus.com:  A Genoa (Wayne County) area woman feeding her horses found a bobcat in her barn, the animal later tested positive for rabies, a state official confirmed Wednesday. The animal was killed by the property owner.


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