Web site created to avoid conflicts with coyotes

Illinois  02/20/2010  wbbm780.com: 

CHICAGO (STMW)  — With sightings on the rise, an educational Web site has been set up to help avoid major conflicts with urban coyotes.

The Cook County Dept. of Animal and Rabies Control created the Web site, Urban Coyote Research Project, regarding co-existing safely with coyotes, according to a Riverside police release. Since February is the month when most coyotes mate, there has been a rise of coyote sightings in west suburban Riverside, as well as in other suburbs.

The Web site outlines five major steps to avoid conflicts with coyotes:

  • Do not feed coyotes. Keep garbage can lids closed so as not to attract other rodents which are the coyotes’ main food source.
  • Do not let your pets run loose. Don’t let your cats roam. Keep dogs on leashes or stay outside with them in fenced in areas. Your presence is the major deterrent to coyotes.
  • Do not run from a coyote. Wave your hands, stomp your feet, shout or throw something at them.
  • Fencing and lighting your yard can act as repellents.
  • Report aggressive, fearless coyotes to Cook County Dept. of Animal and Rabies Control at (708) 974-6140. Coyote sightings do not need to be reported, especially at this time of year. However, an aggressive coyote may need to be removed.

Coyotes are under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources and hunting or shooting coyotes may only be done with a permit, the release said.

The Web site can be found at http://urbancoyoteresearch.com.


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