Rabies reports from Arkansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Virginia

Arkansas  02/24/10  healthyarkansas.com:  Little Rock -A family’s pet dog, living in the community of Imboden in Lawrence County, has been confirmed rabid by the Arkansas Department of Health this week. The dog became ill around January 25, and progressively declined until it was euthanized and submitted for rabies testing. Several people who were exposed to the dog will be undergoing a series of rabies vaccinations to prevent the development of the disease. The dog was an inside/outside dog and stayed in a fenced yard when outside, but had not been vaccinated against rabies. The dog had been sprayed by a skunk a month or two ago, but the disease cannot be transmitted in skunk spray. Undoubtedly he had been bitten as well, although no skunk was seen or found in the yard.

New Jersey  02/24/10  app.com:  :  A raccoon recently captured here has tested positive for rabies after getting into a fight with a dog, according to the Ocean County Health Department.  The owner of the dog, a local resident, was exposed to the rabies virus through the saliva of the raccoon while caring for his pet after the fight, said Jennifer Crawford, supervisor of communicable disease for the health department.  The man, whom authorities did not identify, is receiving rabies post-exposure vaccinations. The dog was vaccinated against rabies and has been given a booster shot since the incident.  Dr. Ella Boyd, county public health coordinator, said rabies is a year-round concern in Ocean County.  “Rabies is a virus that is present mainly in the saliva of rabid animals. In Ocean County, it is most prevalent in raccoons, skunks, foxes, and bats, although rabies has also been detected in feral cats,” Boyd said in a prepared release.

New Mexico  02/24/10  demingheadlight.com:  Santa Fe – A raccoon and a fox found dead on ranchland in Sierra County have tested positive for rabies. No human or pet exposures were reported. The New Mexico Department of Health and the New Mexico Department of Game and Fish are urging pet and livestock owners in Sierra County and the surrounding areas to protect their dogs, cats, horses and other valuable livestock by getting them vaccinated against rabies.

The raccoon was submitted by a private veterinarian, and a New Mexico Department of Game and Fish officer picked up the fox last week. Both animals were found on ranchland about 15 miles southwest of Truth or Consequences and tested positive at the Department of Health’s Scientific Laboratory in Albuquerque. Testing done at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in Atlanta confirmed that both animals had the Arizona gray fox rabies strain. Fox rabies has been a problem for several decades in Arizona, spread into western New Mexico and was first detected in the Glenwood area in 2007.

“Since first finding fox rabies in Catron County in 2007, there has been steady animal-to-animal movement of the virus into Grant, Hidalgo, and Sierra counties,” said Paul Ettestad, public health veterinarian with the Department of Health. “These latest cases demonstrate a significant eastward movement of the fox rabies strain past the Gila and Black Range and closer to human and animal populations in the Rio Grande valley.”

Virginia  02/24/10  newsplex.com:  Henrico County Police say they’ve confirmed a case of rabies in a raccoon that was killed by a pet dog.  Police say tests by the state confirmed the disease Tuesday. The animal was found dead in the front yard of a suburban Richmond home after responding to a call of a dog killing a raccoon Saturday.  While the dog has a valid rabies vaccination, police say it’s being quarantined for 45 days.


One response to “Rabies reports from Arkansas, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Virginia

  1. Informative blog! I read about the raccoon in the Richmond area the other day. Good thing the dog was vaccinated.

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