Rabies report from Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania  03/10/10  timesobserver.com:  The state Department of Agriculture confirmed a case of rabies in Warren County on Tuesday. Test results for a red fox found dead in a horse stall in Pittsfield came back as positive for rabies, according to Department of Agriculture officials. The fox reportedly attacked a family’s dog on March 1 outside of a residence. According to the dog’s owner, who asked not to be identified, he noticed his beagle being attacked by a red fox while he was pulling into his driveway. The owner said the fox chased his dog to his vehicle, but stopped when “I yelled as I got out of my truck.” The fox ran off and was sighted 20 minutes later “an eighth of a mile down the road, running along the roadway.” He was seen again by a neighbor, who eventually found the red fox, dead, in a stall in his barn the next morning. It had been trampled to death by one of his horses. According to the dog’s owner, the beagle will be quarantined over the next 90 days to observe it for any sign of rabies.

Pennsylvania ranks fifth in reported rabies cases in wildlife in the United States. The state has more rabies in domestic animals than any other state. Pennsylvania law requires that all dogs and non-feral cats three months or older are rabies vaccinated, and that booster vaccinations are administered periodically to maintain lifelong immunity. The last reported case of rabies in Warren County occurred in October 2009 when a dead bat found in the attic of a Second Avenue home in the City of Warren tested positive for the disease.


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