Rabies reports from California, Rhode Island, Virginia, and North Carolina

California  03/23/10  times-standard.com:  An unvaccinated Trinity County dog tested positive for rabies after biting at least one person.  The dog’s owner took the animal to Humboldt County for testing at the county Department of Public Health and Human Services’ public health laboratory. On Thursday the test came back positive, according to a press release from the Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services.  The dog’s owner, the veterinarian who provided the sample, the Humboldt County health officer and the California Department of Public Health were all immediately notified of the test results, the release stated.  Three adults and two children, all Trinity County residents, came into contact with the dog and are undergoing a series of injections to prevent a rabies infection. According to the release, no one in Humboldt County is believed to have been exposed.

Rhode Island  03/23/10  projo.com:  The state Department of Environmental Management has determined that the gray fox that bit or came in contact with five people before it was caught and killed late Sunday in the Reservoir neighborhood carried rabies.  All five people were treated with an initial round of rabies vaccine as a precaution.  The DEM is warning residents to remain on guard because it is possible that other foxes were involved.  Four adults, a child and a dog were bitten Sunday in the area of Mashapaug Pond, near the Cranston line.

Virginia  03/23/10  wusa9.com:  A rabid raccoon killed in Henrico County became the second one to test positive for rabies in the county in less than a week.  Henrico County police say a dog killed a raccoon on Sunday on Woodrow Terrace in Lakeside. Test results on the raccoon were received Tuesday and the dog’s owner was notified. Last week two dogs killed a rabid raccoon on Old Mountain Road.

North Carolina  03/18/10  wchl1360.com:  by Bill Gellman – Orange County Animal Services director Bob Marotto says the county has its first confirmed case of rabies for 2010 after a dog killed a raccoon that was subsequently sent away for testing.  The dog was given a booster vaccination on the same day that it came into contact with the raccoon.  Marotto says the dog’s owners may have come into contact with saliva from the raccoon via the dog.

North Carolina  03/17/10  islandgazette.com:  Animal control authorities say the first confirmed case of rabies for 2010 in New Hanover County occurred when a pet dog attacked a raccoon at a Wilmington residence.  The dog owner also reported that he had come in contact with the dog without wearing protective gloves following Friday evening’s attack.  The state lab confirmed the presence of rabies in the raccoon. The incident happened on Sharon Drive.


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