Rabies reports from Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia

Kansas  04/12/10  kwch.com:  Health officials warn of rabies after a skunk from Woodson County tested positive at the Kansas State University Rabies Laboratory last week.  This is the 18th confirmed rabies case in Kansas for 2010.  Animals this year with confirmed rabies include 14 skunks, 1 bovine, 1 dog, and 1 cat. A total of 78 animals tested positive for rabies in Kansas last year.

North Carolina  04/12/10  newsobserver.com:  A Rougemont donkey has become Durham County’s first of its species to die of rabies.  Authorities confirmed the cause of death today, after the donkey’s body was tested at the state laboratory, said Lt. Melinda Duarte of Durham County Animal Control.  “The donkey got progressively sick, then became aggressive and died,” Duarte said. Suspecting rabies, the owner brought the corpse for testing. The donkey was probably infected by a rabid wild animal it encountered in its pasture.  This is the county’s second rabies case of the year, following that of a skunk in February. Other infected species have included bats, cats, cattle, raccoons and foxes.

Pennsylvania  04/12/10  pennlive.com:  by Chris A. Courogen, The Patriot-News – A rabid raccoon was found Sunday morning in Camp Hill,  police said.  Officers responded to a call about a sick raccoon in the area of 21st and Chestnut streets and found it nearby. Police said because of the condition of the animal it was killed and the carcass taken to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture for testing. Police said test results received today indicated the raccoon was positive for rabies.

Texas  04/11/10  khou.com:  by Joe Conger – San Antonio – Animal care officers hit the streets around the Stone Oak area early Saturday morning, passing out literature and warning families to look out for rabid animals.  The City of San Antonio and health officials have confirmed a case of a rabid dog there. The animal is a family pet that bit a 2-year-old child. Owners say the dog only went outside twice a day.  Authorities say he was aggressive, and bit the child earlier this week. The dog was taken to an ACS lab for testing where rabies was confirmed. That child will be okay.  It is the third case of rabies in Bexar County since 2005.

Virginia  04/12/10  dailypress.com:  Gloucester County has its first positive rabies test of 2010.  A raccoon that was set upon by four dogs in Bena turned out to have rabies.  The fracas occured in daylight hours on April 7 on Blue Heron Lane, said M.B. Sheppard, Jr., environmental health supervisor for the Goucester County Health Department.  Blue Heron Lane is in the Sarah Creek area of the county.  The dogs are up to date on their vaccinations and are under observation for 45 days.  “This incident echoes the extreme importance of maintaining current vaccination status of your animals,” Sheppard said.


2 responses to “Rabies reports from Kansas, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia

  1. Texas case turned out to be a lab mistake! They mixed up dog and skunk results. After the toddler got a shot and the family was worried sick, they got a call . . . never mind.

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