Rabies reports from Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia

Colorado  04/15/10  850koa.com:  The Colorado Department of Agriculture is warning livestock and pet owners to vaccinate their animals after a horse in Arapahoe County died from rabies. Authorities believe the horse was bitten by a skunk on it’s property in the Black Forest area. Other than one case last year, there wasn’t a rabies case involving a horse for over 25 years. According to the Department of Public Health and Environmnet, there were 103 rabies cases in 20 Colorado counties last year. As of April 12, 28 animals have tested positive for rabies in the state.

Florida  04/15/10  mysuncoast.com:  The Sarasota County Health Department received laboratory confirmation today that a bat in the recent possession of a school-age child tested positive for rabies.  On Monday, April 15, the student carried the bat around Gocio Elementary School, allowing peers to touch it, and brought it in the bus to an after-school-care program at the Boys and Girls Club on Fruitville Road.  The bat remained in the backpack while the child was at the Boys and Girls Club. Health department officials are notifying the parents of the children known to have had contact with the bat so that appropriate medication can be given. Parents with questions are encouraged to contact the Sarasota County Health Department’s Environmental Health office at 941-861-6133, or after hours, at 941-504-7831.

Florida  04/14/10  wctv.com:  The Peninsula Health District has announced that a raccoon tested positive for rabies in James City County. It was found in the 3100 block of Maplewood Place.

New Jersey  04/15/10  mycentraljersey.com:  by Tom Baldwin – South Brunswick  —  Authorities Thursday afternoon warned that a rabid raccoon had been found on Russet Road in the Kendall Park area of the township.  “We got it on (Tuesday). One of the residents in the area saw it acting strangely and called us. We sent an animal-control officer out,” township health officer Steve Papenberg said.  Township sent the animal to the State Health Department in Trenton. “Its brain cells were found to be rabid,” Papenberg said.  “We know rabies is endemic in the raccoon population here now after spreading up from the south,” Papenberg said. “The resident was smart enough to realize there was a problem.”

North Carolina  04/15/10  carborocitizen.com:  On April 12, Orange County Animal Services received a positive rabies result from a bat in the second confirmed Orange County rabies case in 2010. The exposure occurred on April 8 in the vicinity of Orange Grove Road and Old South Drive in Hillsborough. A resident discovered a dead bat at the bottom of her front-porch stairs. The resident’s pets, a cat and two dogs, had already been vaccinated against rabies. The animals received booster shots within 120 hours of the exposure, in accordance with North Carolina law.

Texas  04/14/10  examiner.com:  The City of Abilene’s Animal Services division announced today that a positive case of rabies has been found in a skunk in the north central part of town. Two dogs that came into contact with the skunk are now in quarantine.

Virginia  04/15/10  godanriver.com:  Roanoke — Health officials say a gray fox found in Roanoke, a skunk in Henrico County and a raccoon in Tazewell County have tested positive for rabies.  The Virginia Department of Health says the skunk was reported Tuesday in a dog pen on White Oak Road. The person making the report killed the skunk before animal control officers arrived.  Test results received Thursday showed the skunk had rabies. The dog in the pen has been quarantined.  The raccoon found in Springville tested positive on Wednesday, the first such case in Tazewell County this year.  The fox was found in the 3600 block of Forest Road in Roanoke.

Virginia  04/14/10  flathatnews.com:  by Becky Koenig – The Peninsula Health District has announced that a raccoon tested positive for rabies in James City County. It was found in the 3100 block of Maplewood Place.


One response to “Rabies reports from Colorado, Florida, New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, and Virginia

  1. I have seen several foxes in my neighborhood while walking my dogs. Here in the month of May one fox was crossing the road when I saw it in the evening hours. It stopped looked at me from a distance then took off in the woods. All my dogs have had their rabies shots this year.

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