Rabies reports from Florida, Ohio, Vermont, and Virginia

Florida 05/27/10 wcjb.com:  The Marion County Health Department Director has issued a rabies alert for a location within Marion County, Florida. All citizens are asked to maintain a heightened awareness that rabies is active in this county. The alert is in response to a positive laboratory result from a raccoon from NE 310th Street near Lake George. Residents in the depicted area are advised to avoid contact with free roaming domestic or any wild animals.

Ohio 05/27/10 wtvn.com:  Two bats found in Delaware County have tested positive for rabies. The rabid bats found along State Route 203 north of Radnor and Columbus Street in Galena were the first confirmed in Delaware County this year. Five were found in the county in each of the last two years. “In both instances these bats may have tangled with their pets. So we needed to get them tested and they both came back positive for rabies,” said Delaware County Health Department spokesman Jesse Carter.

Vermont 05/27/10 rutlandherald.com:  by Patricia Minichiello – State and local officials are issuing a warning after a rabid fox bit a 14-year-old girl outside her home in Center Rutland recently. Teresa Isabelle went outside at about 8:30 p.m. May 18 to check on her cat when an orange and black fox shot out from behind her shed. Standing on the back deck of her Route 3 home, Isabelle said, she came face-to-face with the animal and didn’t want to turn her back. “It stood at the top of the hill and stared at me. I sidestepped towards the pathway leading to the front door and when I looked up, it was charging at me,” she said. Isabelle screamed for her mother as she ran around the house towards her front door. But it wasn’t long before the fox caught up to her and began nipping at her knees. “I kicked him and he flew back 4 feet, and I was able to get enough time to run,” she said. Isabelle’s mother took her to the hospital immediately after the incident while her father called the game warden to get the go-ahead to shoot the animal. Once the fox was dead, it was shipped up to the state epidemiologist in Montpelier, where it was confirmed to have rabies. “The lab report was positive and the hospital had already started the young lady on treatment,” said Dr. Bob Johnson of the Vermont Department of Health, who kept in touch with the family and local officials to ensure proper treatment, particularly during the three-day rabies vaccination window.

Virginia 05/27/10 wsls.com:  A woman and her dog are being treated for possible rabies exposure, after a fox attack in Henry County earlier this week.  The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) says the woman was bitten on her foot in the Preston area of Henry County on Tuesday, May 25th.  The fox also attacked the woman’s dog.  The woman’s neighbor killed the fox.  On Thursday, the VDH received results from rabies tests.  The tests confirm the fox was rabid.


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