Rabies reports from Georgia, Missouri, New York, Ohio, and Oregon.

Georgia – 06/04/10/ – wsbradio.com: There’s been another fox attack, this time in Coweta County. The victim is a most unlikely target; he’s a wildlife exterminator.  Nick Caldwell tells Channel Two Action News the fox attacked him near his Newnan office.  He fended off the fox long enough for a co-worker to toss him a pitchfork he used to kill the animal. Caldwell says it felt like a dog bite.  He’s undergoing treatment for possible exposure to rabies.  Caldwell also has one other concern to deal with.  There’s now a den of baby foxes living behind his office.

Georgia – 06/02/10 – northfulton.com:  A casual stroll through Windermere Park was savagely interrupted by a raccoon.  Forsyth County Deputies responded to reports of the attack to find that a woman and her two dogs were attacked while walking on a trail in the park. The woman told deputies that the raccoon charged out of the wood line close to the trail and attack her dogs. The raccoon then moved to bite her left leg and scratched her right leg. The woman’s husband fought off the raccoon with a stick, but “likely did not kill it,” according to reports. Deputies noticed a puncture wound on the woman’s left leg above the knee and a “superficial laceration” on her right leg below the knee. She was treated at the hospital for her injuries and possible exposure to rabies. The woman was advised to seek immediate veterinary care for the dogs involved in the attack. Deputies conducted a sweep of the trail in attempt to search for raccoon, but nothing was found.

Missouri – 06/03/10 – heartlandconnection.com: Eight Macon County citizens are undergoing treatment after being exposed to a rabies infected bat in their home.  Judy Rushton, Administrator of the Macon County Health Department, said Cindy Malloy, RN, is leading the investigation and coordinating efforts with the family, animal control and healthcare providers.  She added that the eight victims are expected to be okay. In 2009, the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported 65 confirmed cases of rabies in animals.  So far this year, there have been 19 confirmed cases in the state, most of them from the south-central part of Missouri.  The bat found in the local family’s home is the first animal to test positive for rabies in Macon County this year.

New York – 06/05/10 – wnyt.cm: Albany – A couple in Albany’s Center Square neighborhood will begin rabies treatments Monday after a rabid bat was found in their home, NewsChannel-13 has learned.  The couple woke up early Friday morning to find a bat flying around their bedroom. The woman hid in the bathroom while the man grabbed a towel, smacked the bat and then sank the bat in water until it drowned.  He took it to the Wadsworth lab where tests confirmed it had rabies.
Even though they were not bitten, as a precautionary measure, the couple has to have treatment.

Ohio – 06/04/10 – wkbn.com: Laboratory reports have recently confirmed that a raccoon found in Lowellville Village was positive for the rabies virus variant common to raccoons in the Eastern United States. The raccoon was found on State Route 289 in the vicinity of Rocket Place. Officials from the Ohio Department of Health ran a preliminary test on the raccoon that indicated it was positive for rabies. The specimen was subsequently sent to the Centers for Disease Control for variant typing which confirmed the preliminary finding. Although there were no known exposures to animals or humans in this case, the Mahoning County District Board of Health is reminding residents to protect themselves from the ever-present threat of rabies.

Oregon – 06/04/10 – ktvl.com: Klamath Falls — A bat in Klamath County that bit a person on Wednesday has tested positive for rabies. In 2010, there have been 6 other cases of animal rabies in Oregon, all in Jackson, Josephine and Washington counties.


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