Rabies reports from Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, North Carolina (2), Texas, and Virginia (2).

Florida – 06/06/10 – wptv.com: by Bryan Garner – Wabasso – Indian River County’s Health Department has extended its rabies alert to the entire county after the fifth rabid animal attack in the past month. The most recent attack occurred on Memorial Day in the Hobart Landing neighborhood of Wabasso. George Young Jr. was enjoying the holiday at home with family when he heard his dogs howling. “I opened the porch to get a look at what was going on and the boy said you better get over there your dog’s getting killed,” said Young. In the middle of the afternoon, he says a raccoon climbed over his chain link fence and attacked Pepper, his German short-haired pointer. “And I knew it was going to kill her. The coon had her by the throat and had the claws in her.” George jumped in to try and help. He grabbed a tarp from his barbecue grill. “I threw that tarp over the dog and the coon and then I grabbed the coon by the back of the neck and the back and hold him down.” His wife, Debby, managed to pry Pepper free, but George continued to struggle with the raccoon. They called for a sheriff’s deputy. “And I said shoot this damned coon I can’t let go of it… He put the 9 mm right next to my hand and I turned my face and he shot the coon right next to my hand.” Pepper suffered claw wounds. George was bitten in the hand and Debby got some of the raccoon’s blood and saliva on her.  All of them are now getting vaccinations, as the raccoon tested positive for rabies.

Georgia – 06/08/10 – fatettedailynews.com:  by Adrienne Leon – Walter Wilson of Atlanta said he is recovering nicely after he was bitten by a rabid fox outside of a Tyrone automotive shop in May. He is receiving his last series of shots as another person starts treatment following a recent fox attack that happened in a nearby city June 3.  Local officials urge residents to be mindful that certain areas in and around Fayette County contain an abundance of green space and woodland areas that naturally harbor several indigenous species of animals that potentially carry rabies.  The reminder comes at an especially critical time as Newnan officials confirm another case of rabies in their city. The incident marks the second case of rabies in Newnan, after the first case that occurred in the city last year.  City of Newnan Animal Warden Cyndi Hoffman said an employee of Active Pest Control was attacked by a fox near a dumpster located at the business at 100 Werz Industrial Boulevard.
The employee killed the fox and turned it over to the animal warden where it was sent to the lab to be tested for rabies that results determined positive.

New Jersey – 06/07/10 – nj.com: Salem County has had its second confirmed case of rabies this year less than a month after a 4-year-old boy was bitten by a rabid raccoon in Carneys Point. The Salem County Health Department is advising the community to remain on the lookout for animals acting strangely in the coming summer months when you spend more time outside. The latest case was confirmed on Thursday, June 3. The infected animal was a raccoon in Pilesgrove Township. After the raccoon fought with a dog, animal control arrived and euthanized the animal. It was then sent to the state for further testing, confirming a positive test for rabies. It is unknown at this point whether or not the dog was vaccinated against rabies. The dog is currently under observation and is being kept away from other animals

North Carolina – 06/08/10 – wxii12.com: Greensboro — Beth Hathcock said she’d still have her dogs today if she’d only taken the time to do something many folks forget about.  Hathcock’s two dogs, Coco and Roxy, were euthanized last week after a fight with a wild animal in the family’s back yard.  “A fox had gotten into their lot back here, and they were both fighting for their lives against the fox. And they ended up killing the fox,” Hathcock said. “However, North Carolina law with the Guilford County Animal Control asked that we test the fox for rabies.”  The dogs destroyed the fox so it couldn’t be tested, but animal control officers assumed that the fox was rabid. Officers also checked the dogs’ medical records, which showed their rabies shots were outdated.  “They said you’ve got two options: you can either quarantine (the dogs) for six months or you can euthanize (them). They told me the price of quarantining a dog was $5,000 to $10,000. And at that point the decision was pretty much made.”  Guilford County Animal Control manager Scott Greene said there is no wiggle room in the law.  “It’s something we’re required by law to do. We would much rather see all animals be vaccinated. That would clear up a lot of our problems,” he said.  Hathcock said keeping their pets shots up to date just slipped through the cracks and she hopes this episode can save other pet owners from a similar situation.  “A rabies shot is $5 and it will save a dog’s life. Had my dogs’ rabies shots been up to date, they would still be here today,” she said.

North Carolina – 06/07/10 – go.com:  Holly Springs – Health officials have issued a rabies notice for residents in Rouse Road and Piney Grove-Wilbon Road in Holly Springs. A case of rabies was confirmed on Monday, in a fox.  Animal Control officers are concerned about possible exposure of unvaccinated animals, particularly pets, in the area.  “We don’t want to alarm residents in the Holly Springs area, but they should be aware of this case and of the potential for exposure to themselves, family members and their pets,” said Michael Williams, Animal Control director for Wake County.

Texas – 06/08/10 – haysfreepress.com: A live bat found outside a home in the Whispering Hollow and Clear Springs Hollow neighborhood tested positive for rabies according to results received today from the Texas Department of State Health Services. The animal was found on the ground about 11 a.m. Friday near the intersection of Clear Springs Hollow and Crooked Creek after it apparently had come in contact with a number of dogs. The pets are in quarantine until it can be determined if they contracted the disease, said Debra Mahan, a Hays County Personal Health department nurse who specializes in epidemiology. Rabies is always present in some percentage in the native bat population, Mahan said. Parents should stress to their children not to touch bats, she said.

Virginia – 06/07/10 – roanoke.com: A raccoon found near Fincastle was confirmed for rabies on Friday, according to the health department. The health department distributed a notice to residents Monday. The notice said the raccoon was found “in the area of Mount Pleasant Church Road and West Wind Road.”

Virginia – 06/0610 – insidenova.com: by Bennie Scarton, Jr. – Manassas Park — Five reports of unprovoked attacks by a gray, fox-like animal in Signal Hill Park have left two people bitten and receiving rabies treatment. Following the attacks, the Prince William Health Department and the Manassas Park Police Department are reminding residents to avoid close interactions with wild animals. The reports of aggressive behavior by the unidentified animal took place on June 2, with two of the five individuals being bitten.


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