West Nile Virus reports from Arizona, California (3), Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, New York (3), North Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.

The following bird species have been reported to CDC's West Nile Virus avian mortality database from 1999-present. The Common Nighthawk above. Others below individually identified.

Arizona 07/27/10 ktar.com: by Holiday Moore – Phoenix – The number of mosquitoes in the Valley that carry the deadly West Nile virus has doubled since this time last year, according to the Maricopa County Department of Environmental Services.   And, they’re multiplying fast, said the department’s John Townsend.  The Culex mosquito is the one that carries West Nile virus.  Mosquitoes testing positive for West Nile have been found all over the Valley, Townsend said.  “It runs the gamut from a tract home neighborhood to farming and flood irrigation to horse properties.”  Culex mosquitoes are not the ones you see at dawn and dusk, he said.  “They’re active at nighttime, after the sun goes down, at 9, 10, 11 o’clock at night.”  The Culex breeds in murky swimming pools, dog dishes and kiddie pools. If water stands for more than five days, chances are the Culex is breeding there, said Townsend.  “Within about five and a-half to seven days, they can go from an egg to an adult and then they’re out trying to find their blood milk,” he said.  Maricopa County vector control has been spraying for the Cutex mosquito across the Valley, from Gilbert to Peoria.  The county has had 10 cases of West Nile virus this year, most of them in the East Valley, including a woman who died in early July.

California 07/28/10 pe.com: Five mosquito samples have tested positive for West Nile virus in western San Bernardino County, prompting a warning to residents to protect themselves from bites.  Three of the samples were collected in Ontario, one in Rancho Cucamonga and one in Chino Hills. The mosquitoes were collected on July 12 and 19 by the West Valley Mosquito and Vector Control District.  “This warm weather, coupled with early rainfall and increased backyard (i.e. neglected swimming pools) sources, are prime conditions for mosquitoes to thrive. … West Nile virus is not going away,” said Dr. Min-Lee Cheng, district manager, in a news release.  Statewide, five human cases have been reported, in Stanislaus, Fresno and Kern counties. Last year at this time, only one case had been reported. 07/28/10 cbs47tv.com: CBS47 talked with the first person in Fresno County to be infected with the West Nile virus this year.  Lorelei Wolfe started feeling sick a few weeks ago suffered from a fever and lots of aches and pains.  Wolfe went to the hospital twice in an attempt to get well with no luck.  Days later and still suffering, Wolfe got some helpful advice from a friend. “Fortunately I have a friend who works for the Mosquito Abatement District and she called me and told me that I needed to have a West Nile virus test, so I called my regular physician and went to the lab and got tested.”  Wolfe says the test results just came back on Monday and they were positive for the virus.  Wolfe is Fresno County’s first human case of the West Nile virus this year.  There were 13 cases of the West Nile virus in 2009, including one fatality.

Western Tanager.


California 07/27/10 news10.net: by C. Johnson – The discovery of more West Nile virus-infected mosquitos and dead birds in parts of Sacramento and Placer counties means there will be more aerial spraying to help eradicate the virus.  According to the California West Nile virus website,  there have been four confirmed human cases of the virus in 2010, three of them in Stanislaus County and the other from Kern County.

Colorado 07/28/10 reporterherald.com: Mosquitoes from one trap in southeast Fort Collins have tested positive for West Nile virus, according to officials at the Larimer County Department of Health and

Mountain Bluebird.

Environment. The mosquitoes were collected July 19–23.   “The numbers of Culex mosquitoes, the kind that carry West Nile virus, are increasing rapidly in this hot weather,” said Dr. Adrienne LeBailly, director of the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.   “It’s already been a week since many of those mosquitoes were trapped, so it’s likely that the number of infected mosquitoes has risen since then,” LeBailly added. “Especially for the next six weeks, it’s very important to wear repellent between dusk and dawn, when Culex mosquitoes are most active.” 07/27/10 pioneerlocal.com: Three mosquito pools in Skokie have tested positive for West Nile Virus, according to the village’s health department.   So far, no human cases of the virus have been reported in Skokie this year, according to the release.  This year, West Nile-infected mosquitoes have been found in 11 counties statewide, including Cook.   In suburban Cook County, in addition to Skokie, infected mosquitoes or birds have been found in Evanston, Oak Lawn and Northbrook.   However, no human cases of illness relating to West Nile have been detected in the city or elsewhere in Illinois this year.


Maryland 07/28/10 delmarvanow.com: Although the number of West Nile virus cases has sharply declined since its peak in 2003, scientists are asking the public to remain vigilant as ongoing regional testing

Baltimore Oriole

shows the virus is still a threat.  Dan Schamberger, environmental specialist with the Maryland Department of Agriculture’s Mosquito Control Section, said the area is seeing unusually low mosquito population numbers; however, there is still evidence of viral transmission.  The program, Schamberger said, has several surveillance traps set up throughout the state, and samples are sent weekly to the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Baltimore.  “So far, we’ve had one pool of mosquitoes from Anne Arundel County test positive for (WNV),” he said. “There are no positive cases on the Eastern Shore but surrounding states, such as Pennsylvania and Virginia, have detected the virus.”  In Delaware, the state Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control’s Mosquito Control Section detected its first positive WNV case of the year Thursday at a Wilmington monitoring station.

New York 07/28/10 patch.com: Nassau County Department of Health has reported its first confirmed case of West Nile Virus (WNV) in Nassau County this year. It is important to keep up your guard against mosquitoes and the viruses they carry. To date seven mosquito pools have tested positive for West Nile Virus.  Nassau County Departments of Health and Public Works will continue their mosquito control efforts by inspecting breeding sites and when necessary, applying larvicide. Mosquito surveillance will continue at 42 trap sites located throughout the county.

New York 07/27/10 patch.com: The New York State Department of Health notified Suffolk County Department of Health Services (SCDHS) Commissioner James L. Tomarken that eight mosquito samples, including two collected in Huntington, have been confirmed as testing positive for West Nile virus. The

Eastern Screech Owl

samples were collected on July 13.  West Nile virus, first detected in Suffolk County in 1999 and again each year thereafter through 2010, is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected mosquito. No humans, horses or birds have tested positive for West Nile Virus in Suffolk this year. However, a New Hyde Park resident was recently reported as the first individual in the state to contract the West Nile infection.

New York 07/27/10 wkbw.com: Buffalo – Erie County Health Commissioner Anthony Billittier is calling for increased awareness after a poll of mosquitoes have tested positive for the West Nile Virus.  The positive test came from a pool of mosquitoes captured by the CDC at Sprague Brook Park in the Town of Concord, New York.

North Dakota 07/28/10 y93.fm: Bismark – North Dakota has a second confirmed human case of West Nile virus.  The state health department on Wednesday said the Ward County boy was not hospitalized.  West Nile virus was first identified in North Dakota in 2002.  Since then, nearly 1,300 human cases of the mosquito-borne illness have been reported.  Last year, there was only one confirmed case in the state.  The highest human case total in North Dakota was 617, seven years ago.

Tennessee 07/27/10 myeyewitnessnews.com: by Shane Myers – Memphis – The Tennessee Department

Tennessee Warbler

of Health Laboratory in Nashville has identified mosquito specimens from Shelby County that tested positive for the West Nile Virus. The specimen pool of mosquitoes was collected on July 19th, 20th and 22nd in the 38018, 38104, 38115, 38117, 38127, 38135, and 38141 zip codes of Shelby County. These positive pools indicate that West Nile Virus is present in the County.

Texas 07/27/10 39online.com: Houston – When the rain clouds roll through, so too do waves of mosquitoes… nothing uncommon says Dr. Bueno with the Harris County mosquito control.  “When we get these rains, it triggers the eggs to hatch and they develop in the water and then they come off.”  These are likely the mosquitoes you are swatting at the second you step outside, but its a second wave of mosquitoes that concerns those who know the insects best… “these are the ones that carry the West Nile Virus.”  Dr. Bueno is referring to the southern house mosquito.. they thrive on the calm after the storm, making their homes in the left over standing water. “Those are the ones that we monitor every week, we’ll go out and set traps”  So far, 23 mosquito samples, positive for the West Nile Virus, have shown up….”Expect more in August because usually, July, August and September is when we start to see increased activity.”

Virginia 07/27/10 examiner.com: by La Tosha Headley – The city of Alexandria has acquired some

Virginia Rail

neighbors that have done anything but give a friendly welcome to the community.  This sudden stir has caused the Environmental Health Division to take action. In the city of Alexandria Mosquito collections for testing have shown that some results came out positive for the mosquito borne disease known as West Nile Virus.  Fortunately there has been no human case of this virus this year but we still need to help out the community so that there continues to be no case of this virus.


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