Rabies reports from Colorado, Maine, New York (2), North Carolina, and Virginia.

Mule deer.

Colorado 08/20/10 berthoudrecorder.com: Colorado Dept. Of Public Health and Environment – So far in 2010, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Laboratory and Colorado State University Diagnostic Laboratory have confirmed rabies in 99 animals. According to state health officials, 34 skunks, 54 bats, seven foxes, one domestic cat, one horse, one mule deer and one muskrat have tested positive for rabies this year.  In 2009, 103 animals tested positive for rabies in Colorado, which broke the state’s annual record of 70 cases in 2006, all of which were bats. Colorado is on track to break another record for rabies in wildlife due the spread of rabies in skunks from eastern Colorado toward the Front Range.

Maine 08/19/10 wbztv.com: Brunswick – Richard Rush and his ex-wife sat on his deck watching their grandchildren splash in the pool before the idyllic scene was shattered.  Rush says he was attacked Monday by a raccoon that climbed the stairs to get at him, biting his leg and his hand as the startled 8- and 10-year-olds watched from the pool.  After killing the animal, Rush tells the Times Record he’s sore both from his wounds and from the shots he’s having to endure after the animal tested positive for rabies.  Brunswick Animal Control Officer Heidi Nelson warned neighbors that if one animal is rabid, then there are probably other rabid animals as well.

New York 08/19/10 wktv.com: A rabid bat has been identified inside a home in the Village of Herkimer. Since there was possible human contact, 5 persons are now receiving treatments for possible rabies exposure. There were no domestic animals in the home. The homeowner is addressing the presence of bats in attic spaces. This is the first positive rabies specimen this year in Herkimer County.  In 2008 and 2009, Herkimer County Public Health diagnosed rabies in bats, skunks, fox, raccoons, cats, and a bull.

New York 08/18/10 sportsradio620.com: A feral car found in the town of Pompey has tested positive for rabies.  The cat had been living in the Ridge Road area.  The Onondaga County health department advises anyone who had contact with the cat to seek medical attention.  The department is also discouraging people from feeding feral cats to avoid the risk of rabies exposure.

North Carolina 08/19/10 shelbystar.com: by John Guthrie – Shelby – A raccoon infected with rabies was recently found on the 6500 block of Wards Gap Road in Casar after Cleveland County Animal Control received a complaint of an animal exhibiting abnormal behavior.  This is the fifth confirmed case of rabies in Cleveland County this year.

Virginia 08/19/10 whsv.com: A health official says rabies activity in Virginia continues to be high.  West Piedmont Health District Director Dr. Gordon Green says 327 cases of animal rabies have been confirmed across the state so far this year, compared to 566 in all of 2009 and 620 in all of 2008.  In the West Piedmont district, seven animal rabies cases have been confirmed this year. Green says 29 people in the district have been exposed to rabies.


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