Rabies reports from Kentucky, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Wisconsin.

Kentucky 09/13/10 news25.us: The Green River District Health Department is reminding everyone of the importance of staying away from wildlife after a case of rabies in a bat is confirmed.  The health departments environmental director Clay Horton tells us a county resident found a dead bat on his porch and called it in.  The bat was sent to the state lab for rabies testing where rabies was confirmed.

New Jersey 09/13/10 nj.com: Health officials have confirmed a sixth case of rabies in Salem County this year.   The incident happened on Sept. 6, according to the Salem County Health Department. The infected animal was a raccoon in Salem City that was fighting with a dog.  Health department officials said that Animal Control Officer Ned Shimp found the raccoon at the intersection of Chestnut and Carpenter streets in the city.  The raccoon was dead, most likely hit by a car or died from injuries received during the fight.  The Salem County Health Department sent the raccoon to the state lab to be tested after it was found. The state office recently confirmed that the raccoon was rabid.

New York 09/13/10 patch.com: NorthShoreAlert, the peninsula’s mass communications service, issued an email early Monday afternoon, stating that Nassau County will be laying out rabies packets from now through Oct. 30.  According to the alert, packets will be marked as rabies vaccine, though exact locations have not been indicated. “It could be anywhere within our area – no specific

Rabies vaccine packets.

streets are specified, although one would imagine that areas with higher populations of raccoons are more likely to be targeted,” the alert stated.  Parents and caregivers are advised to supervise children and pets closely from now up until a week after the distribution period. The county advises pet owners to keep animals indoors or on leashes. And though the packets “are not harmful long-term to pets,” it could cause vomiting, according to the alert. In the event of direct contact with the bait, contact Poison Control Center at 516.542.2323.

Texas 09/13/10 connectamarillo.com: Another case of rabies has been reported that makes 25 for the

Mexican Free Tail Bat

Panhandle for the year. Randall County residents need to be especially wary. It is their sixth case of the year, and their 10th since October of 2009. The Department of State Health Services is urging you to get your pets and important livestock vaccinated.  While it’s more of an issue in other parts of the state, it is Mexican Free Tail Bat migrating season so if you see any bats, leave them alone.

Wisconsin 09/13/10 rivertowns.net: St. Croix County Public Health has confirmed that last week a bat tested positive for the rabies virus in St. Croix County.  The bat was found in a pet water dish by two young girls at a home on 30th Street, northeast of Houlton. One girl was scratched while playing with the bat and the other it was undetermined if a scratch occurred; both were advised to start the shot series for rabies prophylaxis. Several pets at the residence have also been quarantined due to possible exposure to the bat.


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