Twenty Amazing Animal Lectures

Einstein the Talking African Grey Parrot

Due to the nature of this blog, the animals we humans share this magnificent world with are almost always portrayed here in a negative light.  The term zoonosis does, after all, pertain to a disease that can be transmitted, directly or indirectly, from animals to people.  It is good, therefore, to stop on occasion and consider some of the more positive aspects of the animals that have served and fascinated us since our paths first began to diverge.

I recently received email from a representative of the Best Universities blog referring me to a post titled “20 Unbelievable TED Talks About Animals” featuring TED lectures on Einstein, the talking parrot; the Galapagos penguins; the race to find a solution to our disappearing bee colonies; bizarre and beautiful

Jane Goodall and friend.

creatures inhabiting the deepest oceanic depths; Jane Goodall’s groundbreaking work amongst African chimpanzees; the fascinating intelligence of crows; mantis shrimp, which exhibit some of the fastest speeds in the animal kingdom; camels, which are in this instance referred to as the SUVs of the desert; dog-friendly dog training; the intriguing tails and feet of gecko’s; dragonflies that cross oceans; inquiries into the inner workings of bonobos; and the amazing common ground between humans and their primate brethren.

Please take the time to visit .  Please treat yourself to one or more of these fascinating lectures.  You’ll be very glad you did.

Jerry Genesio, Author of Natural Unseen Hazards Blog


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