Rabies reports from California, Georgia, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

California 11/10/10 kron4.com: Alameda – If you walk your dog in Alameda County parks, you’re warned to watch out for some masked animals attacking people and pets.
For the seventh time since June, Alameda County Vector Control officers are investigating a raccoon attack on a human being.  The latest incident happened Sunday evening when a roving pack of raccoons attacked a woman walking her 20-pound Yorkshire Terrier in Washington Park.  She says one of the raccoons approached her then four more came at her out of a tree.  She fell and one of the raccoons bit her on the leg.  She and her dog escaped but needed medical attention including several weeks of rabies treatments.  Authorities say you should keep a stick to help ward off the animals.  Feeding them, they say, is a bad idea. 

Georgia 11/08/10 accessnorthga.com: by Kate Highsmith – Some South Hall residents are receiving a rabies alert notice after a rabid skunk came into contact with a dog in the Summerset Drive area last week.   Officials with Hall County Animal Services said the incident occurred on Nov. 3. The skunk was shipped to the Georgia Public Health Lab – Virology Section in Decatur the following day where it tested positive for the disease.   County officials said this is the 11th confirmed case of rabies in 2010.

New Jersey 11/07/10 msn.com: Police are advising residents to be wary of stray and wild animals after authorities captured a rabid raccoon near Bartram Road on Thursday. The raccoon was transferred to the Burlington County Animal Shelter in Westampton, where it tested positive for rabies, police said Friday.  Anyone who has been in contact with wild or stray animals in the vicinity of Bartram Road is asked to call the Burlington County Health Department at 609-265-5789 and ask for Robin Sutton, communicable diseases field representative.

New York 11/10/10 whec.com: A fox that attacked three women in the same neighborhood was rabid.  There were three attacks all in the same neighborhood in the town of Gorham in a 24 hour period starting Sunday.  The humane society says a fox will normally stay away from people. If it has rabies, it might seem overly friendly or highly aggressive.

North Carolina 1104/10 shelbystar.com: Cleveland County Animal Control received a complaint from the 5000 block of Pineburr Drive Nov. 2 regarding a raccoon displaying erratic behavior.  The Cleveland County Health Department was informed on Thursday that the raccoon tested positive for rabies, making Cleveland County’s 11th confirmed rabies case this year.

Tennessee 11/05/10 t-g.com: by Mary Reeves – According to the local health department’s environmentalist Jeremy Williams, a rabid skunk was confirmed near Wartrace recently, and its victim, a dog that had not had its rabies booster in time, had to be destroyed.  There hasn’t been a confirmed case of a human infected with rabies in Tennessee since 2008, and that was from a bat bite. But in the 10 years between 1946-1955, there were 22 deaths of Tennessee residents from rabies.

West Virginia 11/08/10 wvgazette.com: Charleston – The state Department of Agriculture issued a warning Monday concerning a horse in Monroe County that tested positive for rabies and was destroyed in October.  The state says rabies vaccines are available for horses, cattle and sheep as well as cats and dogs.  State Veterinarian Gary Kinder says the Monroe County horse is just the sixth confirmed equine rabies case since 2000. He says the owner had seen a raccoon wandering through the yard during the day, about two weeks before the horse got sick.  Kinder says the horse’s owner and the veterinary who treated the animal are being given rabies vaccinations.


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