Rabies reports from Connecticut, and North Carolina; and Coyote reports from Massachusetts (2).

Connecticut 01/31/11 newstimes.com: by John Pirro – A stray cat that was living in the woods in the Candlewood Knolls area has tested positive for rabies, and town officials are advising residents who came in contact with it to call the local health department or consult their personal physician.  First Selectman John Hodge said a neighborhood resident who had been feeding the animal brought it to a local veterinarian last week. The doctor euthanized the cat and subsequently determined it was infected.  Area residents were notified about the rabid animal through the town’s Alert Now system. Local health department employees were also in the area Monday, leaving fliers in the mailboxes of anyone who may have missed the message.  “The cat doesn’t have to have bitten them, but if they had contact with it, they should call the health department or their own doctor for guidance,” Hodge said.  Anyone seeking more information should call the town’s health department at 203-312-5649 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting           

Massachusetts 01/31/11 patriotledger.com: by Kate Sullivan Foley – State environmental police have euthanized a coyote that wandered from its natural habitat and raced around Stoughton Center after last week’s snowstorm.  Michael Gormaley, Stoughton’s animal control officer, trapped the coyote on Perry Street, a congested residential way near the town’s center.  He said a resident noticed the animal on Sumner Street and called police about 2 p.m. Thursday.  The coyote likely lived in a known wildlife habitat in the National Grid-owned property on Sumner Street, he said.  Gormaley believes the animal was frightened by residents and cars and moved further into the town center instead of retreating to its habitat, Gormaley said.  Police determined the coyote, if released, likely would have returned to the town center and caused an accident. The animal was taken to Animal control Headquarters on West Street.  Environmental police euthanized the coyote because it had an unspecified skin problem, and because it had been classified as nuisance wildlife, Gormaley said.  “Once in town, the likelihood is high that it would come back,” he said.

Massachusetts 01/31/11 cw56.com: Several residents spotted a coyote roaming the streets in Brookline this weekend.  Dominic Salamone was walking his dog with his mother when the coyote crept by.  “He had like a triangle head,” Salamone said. “He didn’t do anything. He just looked around the park walking in circles.”  Dominic’s mother Marie said the animal appeared ill.  7NEWS viewer Juergen Roth snapped pictures of the coyote walking on a street near Coolidge Corner.  Another neighbor said she called police three weeks after spotting a coyote on Longwood Avenue. She said she doesn’t know if the coyote spotted Sunday is the same one she saw. She said police told her what to watch out for.  “They said they are native to this region, so unless they look rabid, or unless they are walking funny, or injured, they’re safe,” the neighbor said. “So that made us feel comfortable.”  Brookline police say they have gotten some calls from people in the Coolidge Corner area, but so far no injuries have been reported. Officials urged residents to be careful when taking pets out, particularly at night.  The coyote made another appearance as 7NEWS was in the area. 7’s Michelle Relerford said the animal did not appear injured.  A coyote was shot and killed recently in a Beacon Hill alley.

North Carolina 01/31/11 msn.com: Animal Control officers in Pilot Mountain are on the lookout for a fox that bit a woman and a 1-year-old girl who live off Towe Road.  The girl’s parents were taking a walk when the fox attacked Saturday afternoon.  “I picked her up and had a hold of her and I twirled around and (the fox) let go, and it started coming at me. That’s when I hauled off and kicked it,” the girl’s dad, Chris Bottoms, told WXII.  As Bottoms and his wife were taking the girl to the hospital, the fox struck again just up the street. Jane Sisk said she was sitting on her back porch when the fox bit her on the leg.  “I saw something coming. It was that old fox. I was fixing to get up and he scraped my leg,” Sisk said.  Bottoms said he was terrified at how quickly the fox attacked.  Officials said they think the fox has rabies and have set several traps in hopes of luring the animal.  If the traps don’t work, officials said they’ll simply put out more.  Both victims are expected to recover.


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