Pennsylvania WOMAN attacked by BEAR in her backyard ~ RABIES reports from Massachusetts (2), Virginia, & Wisconsin ~ Canada: DEER TICKS carrying LYME DISEASE now endemic on Grand Manan Island.

Pennsylvania 11/10/11 A woman was attacked by a bear outside her Jackson Township home on Thursday evening. The attack happened on Livingston Street at about 9:30 p.m. Shortly after the woman had let her German shepherd out of the house and into the backyard, she heard it yelping. She went outside to see what was going on, and that’s when she saw the dog tangled up with two bears, one big and one small. The woman tried to free the dog from the bears when the larger one attacked her, scratching her on the head and neck. She started screaming to scare the bears away, which prompted her husband, who was inside, to come to her aid. The bears then ran away. The woman was taken to Pocono Medical Center, and her injuries did not appear to be life-threatening, according to officials on scene. There was no word on the dog’s condition. State game commission officers remained on scene late Thursday night, searching the area for the bears.

Massachusetts 11/10/11 Belchertown, Hampshire County: Disabled woman appealing to owners of a Rottweiler that bit her service dog to come forward so authorities can release it from a 45-day quarantine, which is required in possible rabies cases . See

Massachusetts 11/10/11 Medway, Norfolk County: Local animal control officer cautions resident pet-owners that a raccoon found on Lovering Street has tested positive for rabies. See

Virginia 11/10/11 Norfolk: A fox that bit four dogs in three neighborhoods on Nov 8 has tested positive for rabies. See

Wisconsin 11/09/11 The Marathon County health department is looking for a cat that bit a child on Sunday in Wausau. The cat is orange with white spots. The bite happened in the 2700 block of East Wausau Avenue. Authorities need to find the cat’s owner to see if the animal is up-to-date on its vaccination. If not, the victim may have to get some rabies shots. Anyone with information should call the health department at 715-261-1908.


New Brunswick 11/10/11 Ticks carrying the bacteria that causes Lyme disease are now breeding on Grand Manan, according to public health officials. The island’s North Head area has been classified as endemic, which means infected blacklegged ticks, also known as deer ticks, are living there year-round, said Dr. Eilish Cleary, the province’s chief medical officer of health. It is the second confirmed endemic area of the province. The only other one is Millidgeville, in Saint John. But cases of infected ticks are not isolated to those two locations, said Cleary. Migrating birds can carry ticks and spread the disease to other areas. “Just as we know that mosquitoes are found in all parts of the province, we know ticks can be found in all parts of the province,” she said. “We cannot look under every bush in New Brunswick and so the fact that we found it there doesn’t mean it’s not elsewhere so that’s why we are giving the message that Lyme disease can be contracted throughout the province.” People living in other areas should still be cautious when out in the woods or in tall grass and try to avoid being exposed, said Cleary. – For complete article including precautions see


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