DEER gets unofficial pardon from WISCONSIN governor ~ FOLLOW-UP REPORTS: The now famous OREGON GRAY WOLF known as OR-7 is still traveling alone ~ RABIES reports from NEW JERSEY, NORTH CAROLINA, and RHODE ISLAND.

White-tailed deer fawn. PD. Wikimedia Commons.

Wisconsin 12/16/11 Gov. Scott Walker has given an unofficial pardon to an orphaned deer the state had threatened to euthanize. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources recently sent a letter to 49-year-old Marvin Graaf of Lake Geneva. It asked him to surrender the deer so she can be euthanized since she’s tame came from a chronic wasting disease area. The deer was living on his farm for 15 months since her mother was hit by a car. Graaf nursed the then-fawn back to health and his ex-wife named her Charlotte. DNR spokesman Bill Cosh said officials are discussing possibly sending Charlotte to a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

Follow-Up Reports:

(See November 3, 2011: Lone GRAY WOLF in Oregon travels 300 miles crossing Cascades looking for mate and new territory; November 12, 2011: Oregon Wild launches CONTEST for youngsters to come up with new name for a lone GRAY WOLF known only as OR-7; November 15, 2011: OREGON’s OR-7 lone WOLF crosses into Jackson County; December 13, 2011: OREGON’s wandering lone WOLF – OR-7 – captures the imagination of a worldwide audience.)

Oregon 12/18/11 According to Richard Cockle, a reporter with The Oregonian, the 2 ½-year-old male gray wolf known internationally as OR-7, spent four days last week hanging about the south boundary of Crater Lake National Park. John Stephenson, a federal biologist, said that was unusual so he decided to see what OR-7 was up to. Using handheld GPS equipment, Stephenson found an elk carcass in the same general vicinity. Tracks in the area suggest that OR-7 is still traveling alone and probably won’t be siring more wolves in Oregon’s Cascades. He has now traveled about 730 miles since leaving his pack in the northeast corner of the state. – To read Cockle’s complete article go to

New Jersey 12/16/11 Middletown, Monmouth County:  Following separate incidents, a skunk and a raccoon have tested positive for rabies. See

North Carolina 12/19/11 Charlotte, Mecklenburg County: A coyote acting strangely in the vicinity of the Aldersgate retirement community was captured and has tested positive for rabies. See

Rhode Island 12/16/11 Smithfield, Providence County: Eleven people have been treated for rabies as a precaution after a pet cat tested positive for the virus. See


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