CALIFORNIA police find two MOUNTAIN LION cubs under car in Burbank ~ UTAH DNR finds CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE in new area ~ FOLLOW-UP REPORTS: SOUTH CAROLINA woman with RABIES has died.

A mountain lion cub. Photo by California Fish & Game.

California 12/20/11 Police say two badly malnourished mountain lion cubs were found hiding under a car in Burbank and taken to a wildlife center for recovery. City News Service reports that the animals were taken to the California Wildlife Center in Calabasas on Tuesday after animal shelter workers were called to the vehicle on East Orange Grove Avenue. Police Sgt. Darin Ryburn said there were reports that some residents tried to hit the cubs with brooms. The animals appear to not have been fed by their mother in a few weeks. The cubs were put with another litter at the wildlife center in hopes they would be accepted and cared for. The facility tries to rehabilitate animals that belong in the wild but have been injured or orphaned.

Utah 12/20/11 A deer infected with chronic wasting disease has been found in a new area in Utah. That’s not a surprise, though—the new area is next to an area where the disease has been for years. Technicians at the Utah Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory in Logan have finished testing tissue samples taken from more than 1,200 deer, elk and moose this fall. Hunters across Utah took the animals, and biologists with the Division of Wildlife Resources collected the samples.

Deer with CWD

One of the deer that was taken on the San Juan deer hunting unit in southeastern Utah tested positive for the disease. This is the first time a deer from the unit has tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD). Leslie McFarlane, wildlife disease coordinator for the DWR, says she’s not surprised that a deer from the San Juan unit tested positive for CWD. “We’ve found deer with CWD on the La Sal Mountains,” she says. “The La Sal Mountains are just north of the San Juan unit.”

Follow-Up Reports:

(See December 17, 2011; SOUTH CAROLINA DHEC confirmed case of HUMAN RABIES.)

South Carolina 12/20/11 by Tenessa Jennings – A Sumter County woman who became South Carolina’s first case of human rabies in more than 50 years has died, according to the coroner. Sumter Coroner Havrin Bullock said 46-year-old Ivey Durant died from complications from rabies. Officials believe she was bitten by a bat.


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