Two young girls dub OREGON’s wandering WOLF “Journey” ~ CALIFORNIA’s San Diego County health officials trap DEER MICE with HANTAVIRUS ~ WISCONSIN pet owners warned of COYOTE attacks ~ RABIES reports from FLORIDA, MASSACHUSETTS, NEW JERSEY, NORTH CAROLINA, & WISCONSIN ~ CANADA: RABIES report from NUNAVUT.

Gray Wolf (not Journey). Courtesy U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Oregon 01/04/12 News Release — After ten days of public voting, the wolf formerly known as OR-7 now has a name. Capturing just over 40% of nearly 700 online votes, the winning name for the first wolf west of the Cascade Mountains in 65 years and the first wolf to enter California in nearly a century is “Journey.” The name suggestion came from a 7 year old girl in Mountain Home, ID and an 11 year old in Dickinson, ND. The naming contest is part of the larger Connect with the Wild initiative sponsored by the conservation group Oregon Wild. The contest, launched in early November, was inspired by the adventures of “OR-7,” a young male wolf who broke away from the Imnaha Pack in northeast Oregon and eventually traveled over 700 miles to his new home in the wild backcountry of northern California’s Siskiyou County. – For complete news release see

Author’s Note: On January 6, NBC News with Brian Williams featured a segment about the wandering two-year-old male wolf from Oregon now known as “Journey”. According to biologists who have been tracking him, sometime between Wednesday and Thursday afternoon his satellite signal was picked up in California’s eastern Shasta County.

Deer Mouse

California 01/05/12 Two deer mice trapped last week in Carlsbad have tested positive for the potentially-deadly Hantavirus. A combination of 53 MICE and VOLES tested positive for hantavirus in the county in 2011, more than double the 21 that tested positive in 2010. Hantavirus can cause hantavirus pulmonary syndrome (HPS), which begins with flu-like symptoms but can escalate into severe breathing difficulties and even death. “This record high number of positive rodents is most likely due to two years of ample rain,” said Jack Miller, director of the County Department of Environmental Health. “The rain increases vegetation which provides plenty of food and shelter for the rodents to breed and multiply.” Infected mice and voles rarely pose a danger to people when they are in the wild. But when they infest homes and garages, people can contract hantavirus by inhaling dust particles from rodent droppings and nesting materials that contain the virus. There is no treatment, vaccine or cure for hantavirus infections, which are deadly in 36 percent of cases, according to the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. – For complete article and safety precautions see

Wisconsin 01/05/12 by Jill Courtney & Teresa Mackin — A warning for pet owners in Madison, after a coyote attacked a small dog early Wednesday morning. It happened on the 1400 block of W. Skyline Road before 8:00 a.m. Thirteen-year-old Ean Miller said, “This morning I was laying in bed, and I heard something weird. I thought it was a cat and I didn’t really think about it. Then I saw my mom run down the hall crying; she said Scarlet was taken by a coyote down through the woods.” They haven’t seen five-year-old Scarlet since. Ean and his dad went looking for the dog, but only found another coyote nearby. Coyote sightings aren’t unheard of in the Highland neighborhood of Madison. There was another dog attack back in 2009. And just this November in the Milwaukee area, a coyote killed a dog there. Eric Lobner, Wisconsin DNR District Wildlife Supervisor, said, “Coyote populations in Madison and urban areas are actually quite high, certainly higher than most people realize… Coyote populations are probably only behind raccoons and songbirds in an urban setting.”- For complete article see

Florida 01/05/12 Ocala, Marion County: A rabies alert has been issued after a raccoon tested positive for the virus. See

Massachusetts 01/04/12 Montague, Franklin County: Health officials say a fox that bit an elderly Montague man last month has tested positive for rabies. See

New Jersey 01/05/12 Commercial Twp., Cumberland County: A raccoon that tested positive for rabies exposed a dog and three people to the virus. See

North Carolina 01/05/12 Maiden, Catawba County: A cat that lived in the Golf Course Road area has tested positive for rabies. See

Wisconsin 01/04/12 Wausau, Marathon County: The health department is looking for a dog that bit a man in Wausau today. The dog is a large brown dog with darker brown hair near its ears. The bite happened around noon on 10th Avenue between West and Rosecrans Streets in Wausau. Authorities need to verify the dog’s vaccination status so they don’t have to give the victim a series of rabies shots. If you have information, you should call the sheriff’s dispatch center at 715-849-7785.


Nunavut 01/04/12 Igloolik: Residents of Igloolik are on alert for a potential rabies outbreak after a fox caught in the Baffin community tested positive for the virus last month. See


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  1. That is some scary information concerning thise mice and Hanta Virus, 53 mice seems like a huge amount. I appreciate the updates and as usual take precautions when dealing with cabins and or mice droppings.

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