CONNECTICUT four-year-old attacked by RACCOON ~ RABIES report from NORTH CAROLINA ~ CALIFORNIA’s San Mateo County officials report two MOUNTAIN LION sightings.

Photo courtesy Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.

Connecticut  01/09/12 by Anna Helhoski – A 4-year-old Greenwich boy was bitten by a raccoon while his mother was out getting the mail, police said. As the child’s mother walked to the bottom of the driveway to collect her mail, she heard her son screaming. “A raccoon was biting his hand,” said Lt. Kraig Gray, spokesman for the department. “The child had gloves on at the time, and the raccoon pulled the glove off with its mouth.” The mother screamed, scared the raccoon away and took her son to the hospital immediately, said Gray. The child had a minor scratch on his hand, and the doctor told police the child would be receiving antibiotics and a rabies shot. Police said the raccoon was not found.

Caution. Raccoon prowling in broad daylight. Photo by Walter Underwood.

Animals investigated for rabies are typically sent to the Connecticut Department of Health’s lab in Hartford for testing. “There are always some concerns with raccoons, foxes and coyotes for rabies,” said Gray. “Wildlife is just that – wild. You should always be cautious with all strange animals, domestic or otherwise.”

North Carolina 01/10/12 The second suspected case of rabies this month has been reported in a bat that was found in the Ponderosa neighborhood, authorities said. The bat was picked up Friday on Rimrock Court off Cimarron Drive, according to a release from Cumberland County spokeswoman Sally Shutt. The bat was sent to the state health lab in Raleigh, where tests for rabies were inconclusive, Shutt said. Because the results were unsatisfactory, local officials must treat the case as if the results were positive, she said. Inconclusive rabies test results also were reported in early January on a dog that attacked its owner on Dec. 31, Shutt said.

California 01//12 In a matter of hours two mountain lions were spotted in different parts of San Mateo County Monday night, San Mateo County emergency officials said. The first sighting was around 7 p.m. near state Highway 92 just east of state Highway 35, emergency officials said. About four hours later and less than 15 miles away around 11:15 p.m. a big cat was seen just east of Lindenbrook Road in Woodside.


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