MOUNTAIN LION mauls 6-year-old boy at national park in TEXAS ~ CALIFORNIA county officials report MOUNTAIN LION sighting ~ MASSACHUSETTS pet owners warned of aggressive COYOTES ~ RABIES reports from CALIFORNIA (2), COLORADO, MARYLAND, & VIRGINIA.

Mountain Lion. Courtesy Environmental Protection Agency.

Texas 02/07/12 Big Bend National Park: by Philip Caulfield – Park officials in west Texas are hunting for a mountain lion that mauled a 6-year-old boy just steps from the lodge where he was staying with his family. Rivers Hobbs was walking with his mom and dad on a sidewalk on Sunday between a restaurant and the Chisos Mountain Lodge in Big Bend National Park when the cougar crept up on him and lunged for his head. “It had a hold of his face… the cat was clamped on his face,” his father, Jason Hobbs, told local CBS News. “I reached down and got my pocket knife out and stabbed the cat in the chest and it let go at that point,” the brave pop said. Rivers suffered two large gashes and puncture wounds to his face and was rushed to a hospital in Alpine. Park officials said he was released after receiving stiches. A park official told CBS News that the same lion — described as “young and in bad shape” — tried to attack another family earlier that day, but ran off after someone hit it with a backpack. – For VIDEO see  – For complete article see

California 02/06/12 San Mateo County: Officials report a mountain lion was sighted in the vicinity of Alpine Road. See

Massachusetts 02/06/12 Wellesley, Norfolk County: Several area residents report pets and an injured deer attacked by coyotes. With advice and comments by Wellesley Animal Control Officer Sue Webb. See

California 02/07/12 Davis, Yolo County: Authorities concerned about rabies prevention measures are looking for a fawn colored Boxer type dog that bit a man in S. Davis last week. The victim stated that a woman was walking two Boxer dogs, both of [which] were on leashes, when the victim passed and one of the dogs turned a bit him, leaving puncture wounds to the arm. The woman is described as a Caucasian female, approximately 5’-8” with a slim build and short, reddish-blonde hair. See

California 02/07/12 Ukiah, Mendocino County: A sick bat found in the Ukiah area has tested positive for rabies. See

Colorado 02/07/12 Ault, Weld County: A skunk found in a field northeast of Ault on January 27 has tested positive for rabies. See

Maryland 02/07/12 Waldorf, Charles County: Health officials are urgently seeking an unidentified man who picked up an injured raccoon on the side of a road and took the animal to the VCA Southern Maryland Veterinary Referral Center. The raccoon has tested positive for rabies. See

Virginia 02/06/12 Virgilina, Halifax County: A stray cat that bit a man in the vicinity of Wilborne Road has tested positive for rabies. See


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