MASSACHUSETTS officials issue RABIES ALERT after a rabid RACCOON mixes with FERAL CAT colony ~ More RABIES reports from AL, CA, GA, NJ, NM, & NC ~ PENNSYLVANIA confirms state’s first case of WEST NILE VIRUS in a HORSE this year ~ CDC Reports: ZOONOTIC DISEASE summary for week ending March 24, 2012.

Raccoon. Photo by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

Massachusetts 03/30/12 Deerfield, Franklin County: Town officials are keeping an eye on Old Deerfield’s animals for any sign of rabies after a rabid raccoon was found mixing with feral cats near the Deerfield Inn. The town health agent and animal inspector, Richard Calisewski, said the rabid raccoon so far appears to have been an isolated incident. Nevertheless, he has interviewed or notified Old Deerfield residents and officials of Historic Deerfield, which owns the inn, and nearby Deerfield Academy. The cats that were seen with the raccoon March 15 have been captured and killed as a precaution, following state protocols, said Calisewski. – See

Alabama 03/31/12 Moody, St. Clair County: Dr. Rachel Nelson, a veterinarian with Crossroads Animal Hospital, and three other staff members are receiving post-exposure prophylaxis rabies shots after coming in contact with a dog that has tested positive for rabies. The black Lab, which was nursing puppies, was euthanized last week. Nelson said the dog roamed freely in the Kelly Creek Road area of Odenville. Anyone exposed to the dog should seek medical advice. – See

California 03/30/12 Monterey County: A dog and a skunk have tested positive for rabies, said the Monterey County Health Department. The dog from the North Monterey County area tested positive for rabies this week. At this time officials don’t know how the dog got rabies. A skunk from the North Monterey County area also tested positive this month. – See

Georgia 03/30/12 Hall County: A rabies alert has been issued for the Old Orr Road area in South Hall County after a rabid raccoon came in contact with a dog Wednesday. The raccoon was shipped to the Georgia Public Health Lab, Virology Section in Decatur and confirmed positive for rabies Thursday. This is the ninth confirmed case of 2012. – See

New Jersey 03/30/12 Seaville, Cape May County: A pet was euthanized after being attacked by a raccoon that tested positive for rabies. It’s the first case of rabies in Upper Township since 2001. – See

New Mexico 03/30/12 Carlsbad, Eddy County: Officials are trapping a colony of 21 feral cats in the 2400 block of Primrose Street after an entanglement with a skunk that tested positive for rabies. Dr. Paul Ettestad, State Public Health Department Veterinarian, told police they have about seven days to get all of the cats trapped before the virus becomes infectious. As of Friday morning, which was day three, six of the cats had been trapped. Moyers said all city animal control officers were out in the residential area trying to get all of the animals, setting 16 traps. – See

North Carolina 03/30/12 Jacksonville, Onslow County: A fox that attacked and bit a pet in Richlands tested positive for rabies, according to an Onslow County media release. Laboratory tests performed by the State Health Department on March 20 on a fox that attacked and bit a vaccinated dog in the Hewitt Road area of Richlands came back positive for rabies, the release states. The dog received a booster rabies vaccine. – See–.html

Pennsylvania 03/29/12 West Nile virus has shown up in Northampton County, marking Pennsylvania’s earliest confirmed case in a season statewide since officials first detected the disease in 2000. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection this afternoon said officials were notified a horse from Lower Saucon Township had to be euthanized because it was suffering from the virus, which is spread by the bite of an infected mosquito. – For complete article see

CDC Reports:

CDC MMWR Summary for Week ending March 24, 2012:

Published March 30, 2012/ 61(12); ND-156-ND-169

Anaplasmosis . . . 5 . . . New York (3), Rhode Island (2),

Giardiasis . . . 105 . . . Alabama, Arizona (2), Arkansas (2), California (2), Florida (20), Idaho (3), Maine (5), Maryland, Massachusetts (4), Michigan, Missouri (4), Montana (2), Nebraska (8), Nevada (2), New York (16), Ohio (11), Oregon (3), Pennsylvania (7), Washington (5), West Virginia (5), Wisconsin,

Lyme Disease . . .  89. . .  Florida (2), Maine, Maryland (7), Massachusetts (2), New Jersey (33), New York (19), Pennsylvania (15), Rhode Island, Virginia (9),

Q Fever (Acute) . . . 2 . . . Missouri, Florida,

Rabies (Animal) . . . 51. . . Alabama, Arkansas (5), Maine (3), Missouri (2), New Hampshire, New York (9), Ohio (5), Texas (7), Virginia (17), West Virginia,

Spotted Fever (Confirmed) . . . 2. . . California, New York,

Spotted Fever (Probable) . . . 3 . . . Florida, New York, Tennessee.


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