One of OREGON’s Wenaha WOLF pack males fitted with GPS collar ~ WISCONSIN confirms a DEER in northern tier of state has tested positive for CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE.

OR12, a male wolf from the Wenaha pack.

Oregon 04/02/12 News Release – ODFW collared a 96-pound male wolf from the Wenaha pack today in northwestern Wallowa County.

Wallowa County, Oregon

Wolf OR12 was fitted with a GPS collar and is the only wolf in the Wenaha pack currently collared. This pack is estimated to have four to five wolves and produced one pup last year.

Umatilla County, Oregon

It’s not clear if the wolf collared is the alpha male of the pack. The Wenaha wolf pack roams portions of Wallowa and Umatilla counties. See more on the Wenaha wolf pack at

Wisconsin 04/02/12 News Release – The Department of Natural Resources has announced that chronic wasting disease, CWD for short, was detected in a wild adult doe found on private property just west of Shell Lake in Washburn County. Tissue samples have been confirmed as CWD-positive at both the Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Lab and USDA’s National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL) in Ames, Iowa. DNR received the final test results late on Friday, March 30.

Washburn County, Wisconsin

The 3 1/2-year old doe was euthanized by the Washburn County Sheriff’s Office on a small parcel of private land. In order to find out if the disease is present in other wild deer in the area, this fall DNR will begin a focused disease surveillance effort within a 10-mile radius around the positive location. “The fall archery and gun deer hunting seasons provide an excellent, cost-effective method to collect valuable samples,” said Kurt Thiede, DNR Lands Division administrator. This is the first wild CWD-positive deer to be found in northern Wisconsin and within the Ceded Territory where the Ojibwe Tribes maintain harvest and gathering rights. – For complete release see


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