ARIZONA officials warn parents of MOUNTAIN LION sightings ~ NEW MEXICO residents report MOUNTAIN LION sightings in Carlsbad area ~ NORTH CAROLINA resident rescues DOG from two COYOTES ~ NEW MEXICO veterinarian says state seeing one of most concentrated RABIES outbreaks in decades ~ NEW MEXICO’s Mora County finds first SKUNK with RABIES ~ One NORTH CAROLINA resident kills RABID FOX that attacked two HORSES, and another handles DOG that killed a RABID RACCOON ~ SOUTH CAROLINA couple find RABID BAT in their home ~ FOLLOW-UP REPORTS: OREGON’S GRAY WOLF known as OR-7 returns to CALIFORNIA.

Mountain Lion. Courtesy U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Arizona 04/05/12 Queen Creek, Maricopa & Pinal counties: Two residents and a park ranger have reported sightings of a mountain lion in the Queen Creek Wash between Sossamon and Power roads this week. Parents have been warned that school children should not be allowed to walk home alone. – See

New Mexico 04/04/12 by Matlin Smith – Several residents have reported seeing a mountain lion in the Carlsbad area recently, officials said Wednesday. Carlsbad Police Department Lt. Jennifer Moyers said the first report came in over the 311 system, a phone system that allows resident to make reports of any kind regarding any city department.  The resident reported seeing a mountain lion coming down from the Palo Alto area, north of Carlsbad High School, at around 1:30 a.m. earlier this week. Another resident talked to animal control officers, reporting he or she saw a mountain lion near the Flume area early in the morning. Moyers said the big cat is probably coming into the area for water and asked that early morning and late night walkers, joggers and bike riders remain aware that there could be a big cat in the area and use proper precaution. Any resident with any information is asked to contact local police at (575) 885-2111.

North Carolina 04/04/12 Statesville, Iredell County: Dog carried off by two coyotes from residence near Statesville Middle School rescued and recovering from bite wounds. – See

New Mexico 04/05/12 Carlsbad, Eddy County: State public health veterinarian confirms more than 40 pets and livestock in southeastern New Mexico were euthanized from Dec 2011 through Feb 2012 because of exposure to 22 skunks, one dog, and one fox that all tested positive for rabies. Dr. Ettestad said the state is seeing one of the most concentrated rabies outbreaks in decades. – See

New Mexico 04/05/12 Wagon Mound, Mora County: A skunk found about 20 miles west of Wagon Mound has tested positive for rabies. Officials confirm it’s the first rabid skunk found in the county since the state started keeping records in 1966. – See

Arkansas 04/05/12 Hot Springs, Garland County: Officials issue rabies alert after a bat, found in the Millcreek area, and two skunks, found in the Pearcy area, tested positive for rabies all within the past 60 days. – See

North Carolina 04/05/12 Clay County: A fox that attacked two horses earlier this week has tested positive for rabies. The horses are being evaluated for exposure. – See

North Carolina 04/05/12 Castle Hayne, New Hanover County: A resident pet owner is receiving post-exposure prophylaxis rabies treatment after handling his dog, which had killed a raccoon that tested positive for the virus. The dog had been vaccinated. – See

South Carolina 04/05/12 Fairfield County: State officials confirm that a bat found inside the home of a Fairfield County couple has tested positive for rabies and post-exposure rabies treatments have been recommended. – See

Connecticut 04/05/12 Ledyard, New London County: A skunk that fought with a dog in the Hurlbutt Road area, and was killed by the dog’s owner, has tested positive for rabies. – See

Follow-Up Reports:

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California 04/06/12 Oregon’s GPS collared gray wolf known as OR-7 has returned to California, apparently refusing to believe the love of his life isn’t waiting there for him. Scientists say there aren’t any other wolves living in California’s wilderness areas, but OR-7 may be picking something up on the wind that he’s much more sensitive to than they are. – For a very well written account see,0,1699234.story


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