ILLINOIS animal experts say MAN probably attacked by COYOTE ~ ARIZONA officials confirm MOUNTAIN LION that attacked DOG had RABIES ~ WISCONSIN confirms DEER with CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE found last year came from the north ~ RABIES reports from CA, GA, NE, NY, & NC ~ CANADA: BC boaters happen upon swimming MOUNTAIN LION.

Coyote. Photo by City of Albuquerque, NM.

Illinois 05/08/12 by Carlos Sadovi – An Aurora man walking back into his home after a late night smoke was startled when a large animal believed to be a coyote lunged at him, biting and scratching his arm, police said. The 47-year-old man told police he was on the side of his house in the 1200 block of Cottonwood Drive when he encountered the “large animal” shortly before midnight on April 20, according to Aurora police spokesman Dan Ferrelli. The man, whom police would not identify, said the animal bit him in the arm and scratched him and then ran off, Ferrelli said.  As paramedics were treating him, the man told police the animal was not alone. “He said there was what looked like a second animal nearby before they both ran off,” said Ferrelli. Police searched the area but could not find them, Ferrelli said.

The next day, animal control officers canvassed the neighborhood and alerted residents of the encounter. He said officials called in wildlife experts who, with animal control officers, determined that “a coyote was probably responsible for this.” The officers also reinterviewed the man and got more details about the animal. “It’s extremely rare, we had to go with what the gentleman was saying,” Ferrelli said. “[The attack] happened very, very quickly so he wasn’t sure at first.” Officials distributed pamphlets to about 400 homes in a one-mile radius of the home giving tips on how to deal with the coyotes. The man underwent treatment for rabies as a precaution because coyotes acting out of character and attacking a person would send up red flags of the animal being infected with rabies, according to animal control officials. – For complete article see,0,2164000.story

Arizona 05/07/12 A mountain lion that attacked a dog in a remote area southeast of Cordes Junction tested positive for rabies Monday, according to the Arizona Game and Fish Department. The lion attacked a 90-pound lab-pit bull mix at a campsite on the Tonto National Forest near Bloody Basin Road and the Agua Fria River, just north of Horseshoe Reservoir, according to the Game and Fish Department.  Reports of rabid lions are rare in Arizona. The last one confirmed was in 2008 in Yavapai County, according to the Arizona Department of Health Services. Campers shot and killed the young male lion before it could inflict life-threatening injuries on the dog, said Lynda Lambert of Game and Fish. The dog is current on its rabies vaccine, too.

Wisconsin 05/07/12 by Lee Bergquist – The riddle of chronic wasting disease continues. A genetic examination of a northern Wisconsin deer that tested positive for the disease revealed that it came from the north – not from southern Wisconsin, where the deadly wildlife malady is now found. The finding is stumping state wildlife officials about how the 3 ½-year-old doe contracted the disease. And it raises more questions about the extent of chronic wasting disease across the state. The state Department of Natural Resources said Monday that a lymph node from the female deer came from tissue with the same genetic makeup as other northern Wisconsin deer, including the Shell Lake area of Washburn County, where the deer was found near death in the fall of 2011. The deer was shot by a sheriff’s deputy, and after months in which authorities lost track of the deer, it was finally determined this spring to have been infected. The DNR announced the finding on April 2. The discovery pushed the latest positive in the wild 186 miles to the northwest of the previous outlier in Sauk County.  The genetic finding, the DNR says, means the deer did not inexplicably find its way from known disease areas in the southern part of the state.

Washburn County

Tami Ryan, wildlife health section chief with the DNR, said it also confirmed that the agency didn’t mix up results at some point, somehow producing a positive test with a deer from southern Wisconsin. Also, because genetic testing showed it came from the wild deer population, “there is probably little reason to think that she originated from a game farm,” Ryan said in an email to fellow DNR staff. The genetics comparison was made possible by tissue that had been collected by a postdoctoral geneticist at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Stacie Robinson has taken data sets of deer from the north and two areas in southern Wisconsin. “We don’t know how the disease found its way to Shell Lake,” said Tom Hauge, director of wildlife management for the DNR. – For complete article see

California 05/07/12 Chico, Butte County: On Saturday just before 3 pm, a 19-year-old man riding his bike out of the Bidwell Park bike path along E. 8th Street was bitten by a dog. A man and woman walking their three dogs passed him on the path when one of the dogs jumped and bit the young man on the left upper thigh. After the incident, the two parties did not exchange information. Since Butte County is a rabies area, the victim is searching for the owner of the dog to verify its vaccination history. If the dog cannot be located, the victim will have to start rabies post exposure prophylaxis. The dog that bit the man is described as medium sized with short, white  hair and tan spots. One of the other dogs is described as a white terrier type similar to a Westie. The third dog is smaller and was being walked by the male owner is in his 20’s and was wearing a white tank top, shorts, sunglasses, and a baseball hat on backwards. The female is in her 20’s with dark brown shoulder length hair. Anyone with information about the owner or the dogs is asked to call Chico Animal Control 897-4960 or 897-4900.

Georgia 05/07/12 Loganville, Gwinnett County: Officials have issued a rabies alert after a domestic cat picked up in the vicinity of Lake Carlton Road tested positive for the virus. As the Magill Elementary and Snell Middle schools are in that area, teachers and parents should determine if children were exposed to the cat. – See

Nebraska 05/07/12 Lincoln, Lancaster County: Health officials have confirmed three cases of rabies in bats within the city this year. No human exposure has been reported. – See

New York 05/07/12 Mahopac, Putnam County: Health officials have confirmed that a feral cat found in the vicinity of Ernest Lane and Barrett Hill Road has tested positive for rabies. – See

North Carolina 05/07/12 Silk Hope, Chatham County: Agriculture Department officials have confirmed two cows that died last week on a local farm have tested positive for rabies. – See


British Columbia 05/08/12 This is a sight you don’t see everyday: a full sized cougar swimming along in the Straight of Georgia in British Columbia. A group of people was traveling back to Sechelt, B.C. last Thursday afternoon in a boat when all of a sudden they noticed a large cougar in the water right beside the boat. The location was near where Sechelt Inlet and Salmon Inlet meet. At first everyone was excited and wanted to get close to the cat and take pictures. But when the cougar looked as though he was making plans to jump in the boat, that’s when the folks on board got spooked. The big cat actually got one paw up on the transom of the boat before the driver gave it some gas to get away. You can see the video of the encounter with the cat here


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  1. An animal atrtacking like this alleged coyote can’t be normal.

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