FOLLOW-UP REPORTS: CALIFORNIA Fish&Game officials spot lone GRAY WOLF called OR-7 hanging out with COYOTES ~ OKLAHOMA WOMAN recovering from ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER ~ PENNSYLVANIA finds MOSQUITO carrying WEST NILE VIRUS ~ PLANTS said to repel MOSQUITOES ~ RABIES reports from GA, ME, MA, NC, TX, & WY.

Gray wolf. Photo by Tiia Monto. Wikimedia Commons.

Follow-Up Reports:

(Please use this blog’s Archives search engine for a history of OR-7′s previous adventures.)

OR-7. Photo by Richard Shinn for California Department of Fish & Game.

California 05/10/12 by Jeff Barnard – A young male wolf from Oregon that won fame trekking cross-country looking for a mate has had what appears to be his first close encounter with people, and got his picture taken, to boot. The California Department of Fish and Game said a federal trapper, a state game warden and a state wildlife biologist were visiting ranchers in Modoc County on Tuesday to notify them that GPS signals showed the wolf OR-7 was nearby. Program Manager Karen Kovacs says when they stopped to look over a sagebrush hillside with binoculars, there was OR-7, hanging out with coyotes, keeping his distance from the humans, but definitely curious about them. Biologist Richard Shinn snapped a color photo. It’s on the department’s wolf website: The wolf left northeastern Oregon last September.

Oklahoma 05/08/12 Wagoner, Wagoner County: A local woman is recovering from Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever contracted from a tick bite of which she was totally unaware. About two weeks ago she got a rash and a headache, and felt sick. The next day she saw a tiny tick on her stomach. – See

Pennsylvania 05/10/12 Exeter, Berks County: A mosquito carrying the West Nile virus has been detected earlier than usual in Pennsylvania this year. DEP Secretary Mike Krancer said the virus-carrying insects usually don’t show up until June. – See


Global 05/08/12 For a list of plants said to repel mosquitoes, see

Georgia 05/09/12 Morganton, Fannin County: A fox that attacked and bit a woman walking her dog on Dennis Drive last Friday has tested positive for rabies. – See

Maine 05/10/12 Clinton, Kennebec County: A raccoon that was shot by police after a resident on River Road called to say it was acting aggressively has tested positive for rabies. – See

Massachusetts 05/10/12 Pittsfield, Berkshire County: A gray fox that attacked a 14-year-old girl, an 84-year-old woman, and a dog last Friday, all in the vicinity of upper Williams Street, has tested positive for rabies. Police killed the fox on Harryel Street. – See

North Carolina 05/09/12 Liberty, Guilford & Randolph counties: A rabies alert has been issued by health officials after a raccoon that was in contact with a dog tested positive for rabies. – See

Texas 05/09/12 Magnolia, Montgomery County: A dead bat found on the playground at Cedric C. Smith Elementary School has tested positive for rabies. Officials said the bat had been handled by a few of the students. – See

Wyoming 05/10/12 Sheridan, Sheridan County: A bat found in the Perkins parking lot on Coffeen Avenue has tested positive for rabies. – See


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