NEW JERSEY city warns public of possibly RABID STRAY KITTEN ~ CALIFORNIA city two dead BIRDS positive for WEST NILE VIRUS ~ RABIES reports from FL, MA, PA (2), & VA.

Possibly rabid stray kitten has markings similar to its sibling pictured above.

New Jersey 05/18/12 Burlington Township, Burlington County: by Amy Rossi – An important public service announcement has been released from the Burlington County Health Department, which is urging everyone to keep their distance from stray or wild animals. This warning comes in response to one of two kittens recently found near Arrowhead Drive in Burlington Township. The kitten was caught and taken by a resident to an animal shelter. The shelter then sent it to Burlington County Health Department where it tested positive for rabiesThe other kitten is still on the loose. If a stray or wild animal is discovered, for your safety, residents are asked not to feed, approach, or attempt to capture it, but to call their local municipality who will contact animal control. Animal Control Officers are professionals equipped to handle these situations. Please contact the Health Department at (609) 265-5575 and ask to speak with Mr. Louis Marino, Sr. Investigator, if you have been in contact with any strays or wild animals in that area.

Yellow Headed Blackbird. Photo by by Alan D. Wilson. Wikimedia Commons.

California 05/18/12 Two Manteca birds are the first confirmed Northern San Joaquin Valley cases in 2012 for the deadly West Nile virus.The San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control District Thursday received confirmation that a common raven and a yellow-headed black bird have tested positive for West Nile virus (WNV). Both dead birds were collected in Manteca. The birds are the first sign of West Nile virus activity in the area for the 2012 season. “Finding the first positive birds is significant because it means that the virus is present in our area” said John Stroh, District Manager. “With the very mild winter and the warm temperatures we’ve had so far, it’s not unusual to find positive birds at this time of year.” Dead birds provide an early indication of where positive mosquito samples may also be found and where human cases may develop later in the season. The public is encouraged to report dead birds by calling the California Department of Public Health hotline at 877-WNV-BIRD (877-968-2473). Some species of birds such as crows, jays and magpies are very susceptible to the virus and are more likely to die from the infection. – For complete article see

Florida 05/17/12 Suwannee County: A rabies alert has been issued for an area northwest of the intersection of CR 349 and CR 252 after a skunk tested positive for the virus. – See

Massachusetts 05/18/12 Haverhill, Essex County: A raccoon that was acting oddly in the back yard of a home on White Oak Circle close to the Atkinson line has tested positive for rabies. This is the first case of animal rabies in the city in five years. – See

Pennsylvania 05/18/12 Bethlehem, Lehigh and Northampton counties: Two men bitten by a fox in separate incidents on May 16th are receiving post-exposure rabies treatment. In one incident, the fox was captured and tested positive for rabies. The first attack was on Stanford Road between Easton Avenue and Shelbourne Drive, and the second man was bitten not far from that location. Authorities believe it’s possible the same fox was involved in both cases. – See,0,1267132.story

Pennsylvania 05/17/12 Hayfield Township, Crawford County: Seven people are being treated for exposure to rabies after a baby raccoon brought home by a hunter tested positive for the virus. – See

Virginia 05/17/12 Wythe County: A stray cat found in the vicinity of 5194 W. Lee Highway has tested positive for rabies. The cat was an adult, long-haired yellow and white male. – See


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