COLORADO WOMAN attacked by BLACK BEAR on her porch ~ PENNSYLVANIA police officers kill BLACK BEAR that had been roaming around downtown Easton ~ MOUNTAIN LION reports from IDAHO, & MONTANA ~ CALIFORNIA town reports COYOTE invasion ~ TENNESSEE confirms major increase in ROCKY MOUNTAIN SPOTTED FEVER cases ~ PENNSYLVANIA’s York County turns up MOSQUITO with WEST NILE VIRUS ~ CANADA: BRITISH COLUMBIA SALMON farm culls over half a million FISH due to VIRUS.

Black bear. Courtesy of the U.S. Department of Interior.

Colorado 05/18/12 the by Ryan Budnick – The Las Animas County Sheriff’s Office said it fatally shot a bear after it attacked a grandmother. The attack happened at around 4:30 p.m. Friday at the woman’s home in the Santa Fe Trail Ranch subdivision, about 5 miles southwest of Trinidad, Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton said. The woman was on her porch with her grandchildren when one of the children saw the bear. The grandmother took the children inside and then stepped out to bang some pans to scare the bear, Hampton said. On Saturday, Hampton said wildlife officials are certain the woman was bitten at least once by the bear. He added it is possible that she was clawed by the animal also.

Details emerging on Saturday show this was more than just a surprise response from the bear and that it became aggressive. “She managed to get in the house and the bear tried to follow her,” Hampton said.”She was able to get the door closed and the bear stayed there.” That was when a friend showed up and fired shots at the fleeing bear, Hampton said. Las Animas Sheriff’s Office deputies and a Parks and Wildlife officer arrived a short time later. While the officials were there, the bear returned to the house and was fatally shot by a deputy. “At that point, the aggressive behavior it initially showed, the bear is going to die,” Hampton said. Hampton said the bear was a sub-adult male, around 1 to 2 years of age.

The woman was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, Hampton said. Hampton said the body of the bear was taken to Fort Collins to a Parks and Wildlife lab. A necropsy was performed on the bear Saturday and the results confirmed that sheriff’s deputies fatally shot the correct animal. “We were 98 percent certain yesterday,” Hampton said. “We are 100 percent certain today.” Wildlife officials are waiting for results to determine if the bear was suffering from any conditions such as rabies, Hampton said.

Pennsylvania 05/21/12 by Duane Sedlock – Easton police officers shot and killed a black bear Saturday evening they said was roaming around the downtown area. The bear was shot in a wooded area off North 5th Street around 11:45 pm. Police Capt. Scott Casterline says the officers unsuccessfully tried several times to tranquilize the bear and were concerned it would make its way into a residential neighborhood. The bear had been spotted twice on Saturday, prompting police to alert the Pennsylvania Game Commission but were told no one from the commission could respond to the scene. It was eventually spotted again near the Easton Area Public Library. Casterline says the bear wasn’t an immediate threat to the public but it had become a public safety hazard because it was comfortable in populated areas. “No one was in immediate danger,” he said. “But there is always concern when a bear feels comfortable enough to go around populated areas. It presented a public safety hazard, so the bear was killed.” – For complete article see

Idaho 05/19/12 Boise, Ada County: A resident of Warm Springs Mesa in east Boise saw a mountain lion feeding on deer carcass in a neighbor’s front yard on Friday evening, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game said Saturday. – See

Idaho 05/21/12 Boise, Ada County: A mountain lion sighting was reported on the Boise State campus Monday morning. The lion was heading east on the Greenbelt near Friendship Bridge. Officials believe it’s the same lion seen feeding on a deer carcass at Warm Springs Mesa (see previous item) – Also see

Montana 05/19/12 Kalispell, Flathead County: State officials have given a couple permission to kill a mountain lion that has been prowling near their home and appears to be comfortable around humans. – See

California 05/20/12 Long Beach, Los Angeles County: Officials say there have been 11 reports of pets being killed by coyotes in the city and residents are being warned to keep pets in a night. – See

Brown dog tick.

Tennessee 05/20/12 by Rebecca Rogers – Health officials say Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever is the most common tick-borne illness in Tennessee. We’re told 74 cases have been confirmed across Tennessee so far this year, which is a major increase from last year’s numbers. Doctors say the disease is most commonly carried in the brown dog tick. A bite from this tick can be fatal, but if the warning signs are noticed early enough doctors say the disease can be treated with antibiotics. – For complete article see

Pennsylvania 05/21/12 York Township, York County: A mosquito sample collected last week tested positive for West Nile Virus. – See,0,7558758.story


British Columbia 05/19/12 Atlantic salmon farms around Vancouver Island have begun testing and formed a special outbreak management team after a virus outbreak at one farm led to a site quarantine and the cull of more than half a million fish. The farm most seriously affected by the virus is one run by Mainstream Canada, which confirmed tests conducted earlier this week showed the presence of infectious haematopoietic necrosis at its site on the Island’s west coast, located at Dixon Bay, north of Tofino, B.C. A second farm announced Friday afternoon that the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans has identified a “low positive result” for the same virus in coho salmon samples on a Sunshine Coast farm. Grieg Seafood said further tests will be conducted next week.

Stewart Hawthorn, a spokesman for Grieg Seafood, said in a statement the low-positive test does not confirm the presence of the virus and additional tests will be conducted next week. He said the test result is not entirely unexpected because the virus occurs in natural and wild salmon, and coho are local and wild. Hawthorn said the company’s fish are not showing any signs of disease or significant or unusual mortality, and out of caution Grieg is increasing its internal monitoring and implemented a voluntary isolation protocol. Mary Ellen Walling, executive director of the BC Salmon Farmers Association, said an outbreak management team is now in place on Vancouver Island after the Mainstream incident and includes members from across the industry. – For complete article see


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