COLORADO hiker’s DOG fatally injured by BLACK BEAR ~ CALIFORNIA officers shoot one DOG and will euthanize another after the pair kill two LLAMAS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CA (2), & PA ~ RABIES reports from CA (2), CO, CT, GA, & IL (2) ~ Top SOUTH AFRICAN canoeist Graeme Anderson succumbs to RABIES ~ ANNOUNCEMENT: World RABIES Day Annual Webinar call for abstracts.

Black bear. Courtesy National Park Service.

Colorado 06/09/12 by Tonya Bina – A dog suffered fatal injuries when it was attacked by a bear during a hike with its owners on Thursday evening, June 7. The 9-year-old shih tzu was euthanized at the Granby Veterinary Clinic because of severe injuries it suffered when a black bear took the dog into its mouth. The couple was hiking with the dog in the area of Kinney and Sheriff creeks, east of Hot Sulphur Springs, when the unleashed dog advanced far ahead of the hikers and was out of sight for a short time. It was then the dog crossed paths with the bear, according to area Parks and Wildlife Manager Scott Murdoch. It’s likely the black bear viewed the dog as prey, Murdoch said. Murdoch, who called the incident a “unique and unfortunate situation,” has no plans to trap the bear due to the encounter because the bear “was not doing anything out of the normal,” he said.

Shih tzu

Susan Tasillo, D.V.M, of Granby Veterinary Clinic, said fatal dog encounters with wildlife are rare cases at her practice. The veterinarian sees far more cases of “irresponsible dog owners” whose bigger dogs attack smaller dogs, she said. Especially while hiking, dog owners are encouraged to leash dogs, Murdoch said. “As conditions get drier, it’s likely that bear sightings and bear conflicts will increase,” he said. Bears are 90 percent herbivores and rely on grass forbs, berries and mushrooms, all which are more readily available in wetter conditions. To avoid attracting bears or other wildlife and creating unsafe situations among pets, children and adults, mountain residents and visitors are reminded to take down bird feeders, put away barbecue grills, keep dog food inside and keep trash in wildlife-proof receptacles.


California 06/08/12 Ukiah, Mendocino County: A spokesperson for the county sheriff’s office said two dogs, both pit bulls, mauled and killed two llamas on Robinson Creek Road June 7th and one of the dogs was shot at the scene. The dogs’ owner surrendered the surviving dog to animal control officers and at the end of a 10-day rabies quarantine, it will be euthanized. – See

California 06/09/12 Riverside County: Nine positive samples of West Nile virus were taken from mosquitoes Wednesday near the unincorporated Riverside County area near the Salton Sea. A 10th sample, though, was collected near Mecca, a Coachella Valley Vector and Mosquito District official said. – See

California 06/08/12 Sierra Madre, Los Angeles County: A dead crow found in the city has tested positive for West Nile Virus. This is the first indication this year of West Nile Virus activity in the San Gabriel Valley. – See,0,4013944.story

Pennsylvania 06/08/12 Cumberland County: Two of the 275 mosquito samples collected and of the 80 tested in the county have come back positive for West Nile Virus, according to Pennsylvania’s West Nile Virus Control Program. The organization still notes that there are no human cases reported in Cumberland County, which now joins three other Central Pennsylvania counties that have the virus present. Dauphin and Adams counties had 1 positive mosquito samples each, and York County had two positive mosquito samples.

California 06/08/12 Chino, San Bernardino County: Health officials have issued a Rabies Alert after a bat found this week tested positive for the virus. – See

California 06/08/12 Chino, San Bernardino County: Public health officials in San Bernardino County are searching for the person who dropped off a rabid bat at the Chino Police Department this week. The live bat, which tested positive for rabies, was found in a cardboard box about 4:30 p.m. Monday at the police headquarters on Central Avenue. Chino officials said there were no indications that anyone was directly exposed to the bat, but the health department wants to talk to the person who dropped off the animal or other people who might have touched it. Anyone with information about the matter can call health officials at (800) 722-4794 or the police at (909) 628-1234.

Colorado 06/08/12 Larimer County: Four more skunks have been tested and confirmed positive for rabies since last week bringing the total number of confirmed to 14, and there have been five bats that have tested positive for rabies over the past two weeks. – See

Connecticut 06/08/12 Norwich, New London County: Two unvaccinated pets have been euthanized because they were bitten by wild animals in separate incidents. On June 1, a pet was bitten by a skunk that tested positive for rabies, and on June 5 another pet was bitten by a wild animal that was not caught but was assumed to be rabid. – See

Georgia 06/08/12 Bryan County: A raccoon shot and killed by a resident after it attacked his dog near Fort McAllister State Historic Park has tested positive for rabies. – See

Illinois 06/08/12 Kankakee, Kankakee County: A bat captured by a man inside his home has tested positive for rabies. – See

Illinois 06/08/12 Normal, McLean County: A bat found inside a home has tested positive for rabies. – See

Graeme Anderson

South Africa 06/08/12 A third person has died of rabies in KwaZulu-Natal. Life-supporting machines keeping 29-year old canoeist and farmer, Graeme Anderson alive have been switched off in the Pietermaritzburg hospital. Anderson contracted rabies from a stray dog he had found a few weeks ago. Spokesperson for the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture, Jeffrey Zikhali, says: “The Department of Agriculture and Environment in KZN is very saddened by the news that Greame Anderson, the canoeist farmer from Underburg passed away this afternoon at eight minutes to three.” “He has been in critical condition in hospital and the doctors in accordance with the family decided to switch off the machine which was life supporting him. We are very sad that this is the third victim of rabies in KZN, but we will be behind the family as we will do everything possible to make our communities aware of this virus,” added Zikhali.


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  1. Thanks a lot for a lot of news, Jerry. Some quite worrying of course.

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