ALASKA woman attacked by GRIZZLY saved by loose shoes ~ NEW HAMPSHIRE woman attacked by BLACK BEAR that came for dinner ~ CALIFORNIA county issues WEST NILE VIRUS alert ~ RABIES reports from COLORADO, GEORGIA, & NEW YORK.

Alaska brown bear. Photo by State of California.

Alaska 06/15/12 by Rick Sinnott – In a summer stacking up as unusual for the number of people injured by bears and the number of brown bears shot, another person has been bitten and clawed by a brown bear in the Anchorage area. Earlier this week, Mike and Tammy Anthony drove to Anchorage on a regular shopping trip. They often spend the night in Chugach State Park’s Eagle River campground near the Glenn Highway bridges over Eagle River. Typically, they wrap up the shopping the next morning and drive home to North Kenai. This shopping trip was a little different. Arriving in the campground after a day of shopping, they found a campsite. When Tammy returned from paying the campground fee, she told Mike she’d noticed a nice-looking trail leading to the river. About 7:30 p.m., they went for a walk, meeting several people on the trail on a quarter-mile hike along one of the most- popular trails in the campground area. Approximately 200 yards upstream from a yellow boat-takeout sign, Mike saw bear prints in a sandy area off the trail and went to look at them. That’s when they heard a roar and the sound of a bear “busting out of the brush.” Tammy screamed, and the bear lunged at her. Mike saw a small cub, born last winter, whose presence likely precipitated the attack. He hollered at his wife to run to him, hoping that they could step into the fast-moving stream and be swept to safety. Wearing Crocs, not the best footwear for sprinting through the woods, Tammy tripped over the bank and the bear landed on top of her. Recovering its footing, the sow attempted to bite the back of her head. Mike yelled and ran toward the bear to distract it. The sow grabbed Tammy’s foot and attempted to drag her away, but her Croc came off in the bear’s jaws, and both the sow and cub disappeared into the brush. After just 20 seconds, it was all over. In recounting the story, Mike gave his wife’s Crocs a great deal of credit. “A tennis shoe might have been worse,” he said, because they might not have come off so easily. – For complete article see

New Hampshire 06/17/12 Wildlife officials are investigating a report of a bear attacking a woman outside her home in Grafton, N.H. Authorities said the bear, apparently attracted by the smell of food cooking, lashed out at the 46-year-old woman as she opened her door to let her dog out at about 10 p.m. Saturday. The woman fell to the ground, while the dog attacked the bear in defense. WMUR-TV reported the woman was taken to a hospital with cuts to her arms and that the dog was unharmed. The New Hampshire Fish and Game department is investigating.

California 06/16/12 Encino, Los Angeles County: The county’s first West Nile-positive mosquito this year has been found. – See,0,3147395.story

Colorado 06/14/12 by Vanessa Harmoush – In May, the number of rabid animals in Colorado spiked to 35 confirmed cases, compared with the nine cases in May last year. There have already been 67 confirmed cases of rabies in Colorado, compared with only 37 this time last year. The Department of Public Health and Environment is urging Weld County residents to be more cautious when they are outdoors. In Weld County alone, 10 cases of rabies have been confirmed: two bats, seven skunks and one fox that were confirmed just this week. Department officials said they were concerned because this is the first time rabies has been seen among skunks in Weld County. For the entire year in 2011, there were only seven cases of rabies in Weld County, all bats. Environmental specialist Angela Crawford said she is worried because rabies among skunks can be even more hazardous than bats. “The reason we are concerned when it gets into the skunk population is because rabies tends to spread more rapidly among skunks, and that increases the chances that pets come in contact with it,” Crawford said. – For complete article see

Georgia 06/15/12 Forsyth County: A fox that bit a dog on June 4th, and a 45-year-old man the next day, both in the 8400 block of Waldrip Road, has tested positive for rabies. – See

New York 06/16/12 St. Lawrence County: A raccoon that was acting strangely in Eel Weir State Park on June 11th has tested positive for rabies. – See


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  1. Why are so many people hurt by bears this summer, I guess you do not know. Are there any site that have all the facts, Jerry? Yesterday a female employee was killed by wolves in a wilderness zoo in Sweden:

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