Two CALIFORNIA WOMEN bitten in COYOTE attacks ~ VIRGINIA vector control officials find MOSQUITOES infected with EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CA, LA, PA, & VA ~ RABIES reports from FL, & VA ~ CDC REPORTS: ZOONOTIC DISEASE summary for week ending June 9, 2012.

Coyote. Courtesy U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

California 06/26/12 by Denise Goolsby –  Excerpts ”Two women have been bitten by coyotes in Sun City Palm Desert within the past week and a half, according to Riverside County Animal Services. In the most recent attack, Amy Williams, 69, was taking her daily walk about 4:30 a.m. Sunday when she felt something hit against the back of her leg. She turned around and standing behind her, in the dusky dark, was a coyote.” ” The other attack happened about 7 p.m. June 14. Another 69-year-old woman was bitten while she was pulling weeds from her flower bed, according to the community association’s website.” “U.S. Department of Agriculture staff trapped a coyote from the June 14 attack, according to John Welsh, spokesman for Riverside County Animal Services. The male coyote was shot and transported to a lab for testing. A California Fish & Game warden used a M14 Carbine rifle to shoot and kill a female coyote within the area where the victim was bitten Sunday. Initial tests indicate both coyotes are negative for rabies, said California Department of Fish & Game spokesman Andrew Hughan” – For complete article see|head

Virginia 06/26/12 Suffolk: Mosquitoes in several areas of Suffolk have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis, a disease that can be transmitted to horses and humans. The city’s Mosquito Control Division has found mosquitoes infected with the disease in the Lake Kennedy, Wonderland Forest, Dayle Acres, Bennett’s Harbor and Huntersville neighborhoods, as well as in the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. – See

California 06/26/12 Anaheim, Orange County: Vector control officials are warning the public that routine testing of mosquitoes last week have shown the first signs of West Nile Virus in the county this year. – See

Louisiana 06/26/12 Terrebonne Parish: For the third time in the last three weeks, mosquitoes in the parish have tested positive for the West Nile virus. The latest positive tests were from samples in the Crozies zone in Dularge, New Orleans Boulevard in Houma and again in Oaklawn Subdivision, which first tested positive on June 8. – See

Pennsylvania 06/26/12 Allegheny County: Residents in Dormont, Brookline and throughout the North and South Hills are being urged to check their property for standing water, which could become breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Since May ten mosquitoes testing positive for the West Nile virus have been collected in various neighborhoods. – See

Virginia 06/26/12 Fairfax County: Four positive pools of mosquitoes infected with West Nile Virus have been detected in the county. – See

Florida 06/25/12 Jacksonville, Duval County: The first rabies alert of the year has been issued for the Greenland section of Mandarin, and remains in effect until Thursday, Sept. 20. The rabies alert area is bordered on the north by Columbia Park Drive at Columbia Park Drive West; on the south by Old St. Augustine Road at Interstate 95; on the west by Falbridge Court at I-95, and east by Greenland Chase Boulevard and Hazelmoor Court. The alert is the result of the discovery of a rabid fox in the area, and humans had been exposed to the animal, according to the Duval County Health Department. – See

Virginia 06/25/12 Newport News: Authorities are looking for the dog that bit a four-year-old girl in the face on Saturday. Animal Control officers say it happened at a yard sale on Scottland Terrace in the Riverside area. Investigators say the owner had two dogs on leashes but wasn’t holding the leash of the dog that attacked.  They say the owner grabbed the dog, stated it was current on it rabies vaccination and left. The dog could be an Australian Cattle Dog or a Blue Heeler. If it’s not located, the child will have to go through a series of rabies shots. “We were asking her about it again, and she said ‘I want to stop talking about it because I’m scared’ and she said ‘I had a bad dream about it last night,'” said the child’s father Colin Christopher. Anyone has information on these dogs should call Animal Services at (757) 595-PETS or (757) 595-7387.

CDC Reports:

CDC MMWR Summary for Week ending June 9, 2012:

Published June 15, 2012/ 61(23); ND-311-ND-324

Anaplasmosis . . . 10 . . . New York (9), Rhode Island,

Babesiosis . . . 1 . . . California,

Brucellosis . . . 3 . . . California, Texas (2)

Ehrlichiosis . . . 13 . . . Arkansas (5), Missouri (4), New York, Rhode Island, Virginia (2),

Giardiasis . . . 117 . . . Alabama (3), California (17), Connecticut, Florida (18), Idaho (4), Iowa, Maine, Maryland (3), Missouri (7), Nevada (2), New York (16), Ohio (17), Oregon (3), Pennsylvania (7), South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, Washington (14),

Hansen Disease (Leprosy) . . . 1 . . . Florida, 

Hantavirus . . . 2 . . . New Mexico, Utah,

HME/HGE Undetermined . . . 2 . . . New York, 

Lyme Disease . . .  127. . .  Connecticut, (3), Delaware (6), Florida (4), Maine, Maryland (20), New Jersey, New York (39), Pennsylvania (37), Vermont (7), Virginia (9),

Psittacosis . . . 1 . . . Pennsylvania,

Rabies (Animal) . . . 63. . . Alabama, Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland (9), Missouri, New York (12), Ohio (3), Oregon (2), Texas (7), Virginia (23), West Virginia (2),

Spotted Fever including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Confirmed) . . . 4. . . Missouri (2), New York, Virginia,

Spotted Fever including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Probable) . . . 21 . . . Arkansas (2), Maryland, Missouri (4), Tennessee (7), Virginia (7),

Trichinosis . . . 1 . . . New York,

Tularemia . . . 2 . . . Idaho, Kentucky.


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