IOWA confirms first case of CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE in a DEER ~ KANSAS officials confirm seven DEER found with CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE ~ CALIFORNIA mobile home park residents being terrorized by COYOTES ~ TENNESSEE BOY dies of MOSQUITO-borne LaCROSSE ENCEPHALITIS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from CA (3), CO, GA, IL, MA, PA, RI, SD, & TX (2) ~ CDC REPORTS: ZOONOTIC DISEASE summary for week ending June 30, 2012.

Whitetailed Fawn. PD. Wikimedia Commons.

Iowa 07/20/12 A white-tail deer at a hunting preserve in Davis County has become the first positive detection of chronic wasting disease (CWD) in Iowa.  The positive sample was verified this week, and DNR is working closely with the State Veterinarian on this isolated incident. The Davis County facility where the animal was held has been inspected by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship (IDALS) to ensure that any remaining deer remain contained.  The facility is surrounded by an eight-foot fence.  A quarantine has also been issued for the facility. – For complete article see

Kansas 07/19/12 News Release – The Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) has announced that nine deer from Kansas tested positive for chronic wasting disease, seven confirmed and two presumptive, for the current test year. All but three of the nine deer — one from Stafford County one from Sumner County, and one from Ford County — were animals from northwestern Kansas. The Stafford, Sumner, and Ford county cases were firsts for each county. Eight of the deer were taken by hunters during the 2011 hunting seasons, and one was euthanized by a KDWPT natural resource officer after it was reported as acting sick. Two cases were from Norton County and one each from Decatur, Ford, Rawlins, Stafford, Sumner, Trego, and Wallace counties. All cases were white-tailed deer. – For complete release see

California 07/19/12 Carson, Los Angeles County: Residents of the Carson Harbor Village mobile home park say almost two dozen of their pets have been attacked, injured, or killed by coyotes in less than a year. The coyotes are living in nearby marsh areas, but the park’s owner has refused to allow trappers on the property due to liability issues and protests from animal activists. The City Council is considering legal options that would force the park owner to allow animal control professionals on the property. – See

Tennessee 07/20/12 Six-year-old Skyler Cooper of Union County died at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital over the weekend of LaCrosse Encephalitis (LAC). According to the CDC, less than 1% of all LAC cases end fatally. The disease is spread through treehole mosquitoes and, according to the American Mosquito Control Association, 13 states east of the Mississippi River have reported LAC cases. – See

West Nile Virus (WNV):

California 07/19/12 Los Angeles County: Health officials confirm a San Gabriel Valley resident is the first confirmed human case of WNV in the county this year. – See

California 07/20/12 Ventura County: Three more birds have tested positive for WNV: two in Simi Valley and one in Camarillo, county officials said today. – See

California 07/21/12 Stockton, San Joaquin County: A health official confirmed Friday that a 48-year-old resident is the first human case of WNV in the county this year. The man reported no symptoms, but tested positive when donating blood. – See

Colorado 07/19/12 Fremont and Weld counties: Two equine cases of WNV have been diagnosed representing the first reported cases of WNV this year. Both horses are being treated. – See

Georgia 07/20/12 DeKalb County: Health officials said 17 of 51 collections of mosquitoes recently tested positive for WNV. All positive returns occurred inside I-285. – See

Illinois 07/19/12 DuPage and Will counties: City officials confirm WNV has been found in Arrowhead Park on Naperville’s north side, making it the fourth spot in the area where the mosquito-borne virus has been found in recent weeks. One trap at Arrowhead Park recorded a positive test both this week and last week. There also have been two consecutive positive tests this month at Seager Park on Plank Road and the area of Naper Boulevard and Bailey Road. Pioneer Park on South Washington Street tested positive once as well. – See,0,517207.story

Massachusetts 07/19/12 Newton, Middlesex County: Health officials confirm mosquito pools collected in Oak Hill and New Centre have tested positive for WNV. – See

Pennsylvania 07/21/12 Barrett Township, Monroe County: Municipal officials say several mosquitoes and five dead birds have tested positive for WNV. – See

Rhode Island 07/19/12 Westerly, Washington County: Mosquitoes collected in Chapman Swamp have tested positive for WNV. – See

South Dakota 07/20/12 sdgov: Update – One case of human WNV reported in a Lake County resident. A second WNV positive blood donor has been reported.  There have now been 2 WNV positive blood donors in Beadle and Brown counties. There have also been 19 WNV positive mosquito detections in Brown (11), Brookings (5), Codington (1), Hughes (1) and Lincoln (1) counties. – See

Texas 07/19/12 Brazos County: by Julie Blanco – Texas A&M University, College Station and Bryan have tested positive for mosquitoes that carry (WNV). Other sites that have tested positive for the virus include the area around the Jack K. Williams Administration Building, Brison Park and Sue Haswell Park. While there have been 23 human cases of the virus in Texas this year, there have yet to be any in Brazos County. Texas has highest number of reported human cases of West Nile, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The nation’s first West Nile related death this year occurred in Dallas earlier this month. – See

Texas 07/19/12 Plano, Collin County: Two probable human cases of WNV have been reported occurring in the 75074 and 75075 zip code areas. WNV was first detected in mosquitoes in Plano in mid-June. – See

CDC Reports:

CDC MMWR Summary for Week ending June 30, 2012:

Published July 6, 2012/ 61(26); ND-353-ND-366

Anaplasmosis . . . 18 . . . Alabama, Florida, Maine (3), New York (12), Vermont,

Babesiosis . . . 2 . . . New York (2),

Brucellosis . . . 1 . . . Indiana,  

Ehrlichiosis . . . 12 . . . Arkansas (3), Maryland, Oklahoma, Tennessee (4), Virginia (3),

Giardiasis . . . 94 . . . Alaska (2), California (11), Florida (21), Iowa (2), Maine, Maryland (2), Missouri (7), Montana (2), Nebraska, New York (24), Ohio (7), Oregon (2), Pennsylvania (6), Washington (8),

HME/HGE Undetermined . . . 3 . . . Indiana, New York (2),

Lyme Disease . . .  212. . .  Alabama, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland (25), Nebraska, New Jersey (2), New York (90), Oregon, Pennsylvania (70), Vermont (4), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (2),

Rabies (Animal) . . . 32. . . Illinois, Kentucky, Missouri, New York (10), Texas (6), Virginia (13),

Spotted Fever including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Confirmed) . . . 1. . . New York,

Spotted Fever including Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Probable) . . . 21 . . . Alabama (3), Florida (2), New York, Oklahoma (3), Tennessee (8), Virginia (3), Wyoming.


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