ALASKAN hiker mauled by GRIZZLY sow with cubs ~ CALIFORNIA Western Gray SQUIRREL tests positive for WEST NILE VIRUS ~ WEST NILE VIRUS reports from NE, & TX ~ RABIES reports from CO, FL (2), ME, MD, MA, NJ, PA, & VT (2).

Grizzly. Courtesy U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.

Alaska 07/23/12 by Lisa Demer – On a private trail above Eagle River Road, high up in the brush where bears are common, a man hiking with his beagle was mauled by a grizzly Sunday afternoon, authorities said. The man suffered cuts to his head, back and leg, said police Sgt. Cameron Hokenson. Medics rushed him to the hospital but authorities said the injuries aren’t life threatening. Police Lt. Dave Parker identified the hiker as Bob Eder, 50, who lives near where the attack occurred. The sow was with three older cubs, said Jessy Coltrane, area biologist for the state Department of Fish and Game,  who toted a shotgun as she checked out the scene with police. The attack appears to have happened when the hiker startled the brown bears in the tall brush, she said. They ran off. “The vegetation on each side is at least 6 feet tall, impenetrable – you can’t see through it,” Coltrane said. She was able to talk with the hiker briefly before he was taken to the hospital. “The one thing I asked him was how close was the bear when you saw it. He said ‘oh, 5 feet.’ She was right there in the bushes essentially, with these cubs,” the biologist said. “It was incredibly unfortunate but a classic defensive attack by a sow with cubs, surprised at very close range.” – For complete article see

Western gray squirrel. Photo by state of California.

California 07/24/12 by Laura Dudnick – A squirrel found in Menlo Park has tested positive for West Nile virus, becoming the first squirrel in San Mateo County to test positive for the virus this year, the San Mateo County Mosquito and Vector Control announced Monday. The Western gray squirrel, collected July 3, had a low level of West Nile virus, referred to as a “chronic”  infection, according to county officials. The low level indicates the squirrel was not likely infected recently, and possibly acquired the virus last year. Tree squirrels don’t travel long distances, meaning the infection was likely acquired in or near Menlo Park, county officials said. Along with birds including ravens, crows and jays, tree squirrels are highly susceptible to West Nile virus, which is transmitted through the bite of an infected mosquito. – For complete article see

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Nebraska 07/19/12 Hamilton County: A man in his 70s tested positive for WNV according to the Department of Health and Human Services. He was hospitalized and released.  It’s the first positive human case seen so far this season. – See

Texas 07/22/12 McLennan County: An 80-year-old resident is dead after being infected with WNV and at least five other human cases of the virus have been confirmed, according the McLennan County Public Health District. Another three human cases of WNV are suspected, one of which is a person from Limestone County. – See


Colorado 07/19/12 Fort Collins, Larimer County: A raccoon that was killed by dogs after entering an enclosed yard near East Trilby Road and South Lemay Avenue has tested positive for rabies. It is the first rabid raccoon found on Colorado’s Front Range since 1963. – See

Florida 07/23/12 Callaway, Bay County: A raccoon found south of the intersection of Old Bicycle Road and Betty Louise Drive has tested positive for rabies. – See

Florida 07/20/12 Jacksonville, Duval County: A rabies alert has been issued for an area bordered on the north by Clapboard Swamp, on the south by Clapboard Creek, on the west by Cedar Point Road at Clapboard Creek and east by Cedar Point Road and Boney Road. – See

Maine 07/19/12 Clinton, Kennebec County: In the last three months, the animal control officer has handled five confirmed cases of rabies — three on the River Road, one on the Bush Road and one on the Canaan Road — involving a skunk, a fox and raccoons, the town said Thursday in a press release. – See

Maryland 07/20/12 Brunswick, Frederick County: Two raccoons have tested positive for rabies within the last two week. The first was a young, injured raccoon that was found on July 4 along Petersville Road between Greenwood and B Street. The second raccoon was involved in an altercation with dogs on July 18 on F Street. – See

Massachusetts 07/20/12 Spencer, Worcester County: Health officials are warning anyone who may have touched a bat found at Luther Hill Park on Tuesday to consult with their doctor immediately, as the bat had rabies. A 10-year-old child who was bitten by the bat is undergoing treatment, but Health Agent Lee Jarvis said there were reports that several other children may have touched it and could have been exposed to the deadly virus. – See

New Jersey 07/20/12 Andover, Sussex County: A fox that attacked a seven-year-old boy in the driveway of his Wilson Place home has tested positive for rabies. – See

Pennsylvania 07/20/12 West Mead Township, Crawford County: Authorities say another raccoon found in the county has tested positive for rabies. It’s the sixth one this year. – See

Vermont 07/21/12 Coventry, Orleans County: A feral cat that attacked four people and a dog at the Coventry Landfill has tested positive for rabies. One victim suffered seven puncture wounds. – See

Vermont 07/23/12 Shelburne, Chittenden County: A dead bat discovered in the David Park subdivision area has tested positive for rabies. – See|topnews|text|FRONTPAGE&nclick_check=1


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