NORTH CAROLINA man kills RABID BOBCAT with tire iron ~ CONNECTICUT town seeks to trap COYOTE killing PETS ~ CALIFORNIA confirms four new cases of MURINE TYPHUS ~ EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS & WEST NILE VIRUS reports from AL, CT, GA, ME, MAx3, & CANADA: ONTARIO ~ RABIES reports from NH, & TX.

Bobcat. Photo by Terry Spivey. Courtesy U.S.D.A. Forest Service.

North Carolina 08/23/12 by Gareth McGrath – A bobcat in Oak Island that was killed with a tire iron after attacking people and a dog last week is the fourth confirmed case of rabies in Brunswick County this year. The report adds to a worrisome trend of rabies cases in the area for 2012. New Hanover County has recorded 13 cases so far this year. There were six confirmed rabies cases in the county in 2011. On Aug. 17, a man on Long Beach Road on the mainland part of Oak Island saw a bobcat chasing his dog. According to a release from the Brunswick County Health Department, the bobcat took a single swipe at the dog and then fled into the woods. About an hour later, the bobcat charged a second man in his yard and tried to attack him. The man grabbed a tire iron, threw it at the animal and killed it, the release says. The bobcat was sent to the N.C. State Laboratory of Public Health in Raleigh for testing, where it was found to be rabid. Health officials determined that neither man needed treatment, since they hadn’t come in physical contact with the animal, and the dog only needed a booster shot since it was up to date on its rabies vaccinations. – For complete article see

Connecticut 08/23/12 Danbury officials are searching for a coyote trapper who the city can hire to remove a coyote who has been attacking pets along Tammany Trail and neighboring streets. People have been asking why the city or the police or the DEEP doesn’t just shoot the coyote. Danbury is a city and the city has ordinances that say people can’t fire guns in Danbury. The city will hire a trapper instead. “I’m glad,” said Cathy Moore, 15 Tammany Trail, who lost a cat, perhaps, to the coyote everyone has seen stalking the backyards of Tammany Trail. Moore has gone door to door in the neighborhood to alert people to the threat. – For complete article see


California 08/23/12 An outbreak of a dangerous disease is spreading in the San Fernando Valley — flea-borne typhus. Health officials have confirmed that four people have contracted Murine typhus in Burbank. Two cases originated in the 700 block of Screenland Drive. Both of those men were treated at local hospitals and released. – For complete article see,0,6483955.story

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) & West Nile Virus (WNV):

Alabama 08/23/12 Birmingham, Jefferson County: WNV has killed a horse in the city, but a local vet believes others have also died of the disease. Statewide, there have been 12 confirmed human cases of WNV so far this year. – See

Connecticut 08/23/12 Health Alert – Officials announced today that two more residents have tested positive for WNV infection. These results bring the total number of human cases of WNV infection in the state to four this year. The state also announced that mosquitoes trapped in Voluntown on August 13 tested positive for WNV. – See

Georgia 08/23/12 The number of  WNV human cases in South Georgia has risen to 12 according to the Southwest Health District, and three people have died. One of the deaths was in Early County, and two were in Dougherty, and all in the last week. The 12 cases were diagnosed in Dougherty, two in Lee, one in Early, one in Mitchell, and one in Worth counties. – See

Maine 08/23/12 Update – On Aug. 17, a mosquito pool tested positive for WNV. The pool of mosquitoes was collected Aug. 1 in the town of Lebanon. Since then, a second mosquito pool from Cumberland County tested positive.- For complete Update see

Massachusetts 08/23/12 Hopkinton, Middlesex County: Health department director Edward Wirtanen said today that WNV and EEE have been discovered in mosquitoes trapped within municipal limits. – See

Massachusetts 08/23/12 Ashland, Middlesex County: The local health director announced today that WNV has been detected in mosquitoes trapped within municipal limits. – See

Massachusetts 08/23/12 Georgetown, Essex County: The state’s Department of Health has classified Georgetown at a “critical risk” for EEE, a rare but serious viral disease. According to an announcement on the Georgetown website, a horse tested positive for EEE earlier this week. – See


Ontario 08/23/12 Windsor & Essex counties: There are six new possible human cases of WNV in the counties, bringing the total number of confirmed or possible local cases this summer to 10. . . The 10 local cases range in age from a 25-year-old woman to a 71-year-old man. The 10 are made up of six women and four men. – For complete article see


New Hampshire 08/23/12 Farmington, Strafford County: Police are actively patrolling the area of Acorn Court, picking up felines, after reports of a woman bitten by a cat and exposed to rabies. Police are encouraging pet owners to keep their cats inside, or to have readily identifiable owner information on their pet, in case they are picked up during the search. Interim Police Chief Kevin Willey says the department will make every effort to return owned cats to their caretakers. On Aug. 21, the department investigated a report of a cat bite on Acorn Court, a dead end street in the downtown area. Upon testing the cat, it was determined the animal had rabies and information was passed along to the bitten resident so she could make arrangements for medical treatment, Willey said . . . According to a department press release, Animal Control Officer Kate Koval learned numerous other cats lived in and around the victim’s residence on Acorn Court. A nearby garage had at least six cats, according to police report, in varying degrees of health. Those cats were captured and euthanized before being sent to the state lab for testing. – See

Texas 08/23/12 San Marcos, Hays County: A bat that was found inside the front foyer at San Marcos High School on Monday has tested positive for rabies. A public health notice has been issued. Anyone who might have come in contact with the bat is advised to seek immediate medical advice. – See


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