Scientists say we can give our PETS the FLU and other DISEASES ~ TRAVEL WARNINGS: PUERTO RICO declares DENGUE epidemic.

Mastiff. PD. Wikimedia Commons.

Global 10/10/12 by Danielle LeVee – Did you know that people can pass the flu to their pets? Studies show flu infections are more common in cats and dogs than previously thought. In one study, scientists analyzed cat blood samples and found that 30 percent of the cats had been infected with seasonal flu, and 20 percent had been infected with the H1N1 virus. Zoonosis, any infectious disease that is transmitted from animals to humans, is a familiar concept to scientists. Of the 1,415 pathogens known to effect humans, 61 percent are zoonotic. There is strong evidence that non-human animals first hosted measles, smallpox, HIV, among other infamous diseases. Yet anthroponosis, or reverse-zoonosis (diseases transferred from human to animal), is much less common and thus, has not been studied a great deal. However, scientists are now realizing that anthroponotic diseases—particularly the flu—in cats and dogs is not as unusual as we thought.

Sick cat. Photo by Stavrolo. Wikimedia Commons.

The first recorded case of human-to-cat transmission of the H1N1 virus took place in Oregon in 2009. An individual became very sick with the flu and was hospitalized. While in the hospital, her indoor cat—(that) had had no exposure to wildlife or other pets—died of pneumonia caused by the H1N1 virus. So far, researchers have identified a total of 13 cats and one dog with H1N1 infection that appears to have originated in humans. Certainly many more reverse-zoonosis cases exist, but remain undisclosed or unrecognized. Pets with the flu share many of the same symptoms as humans—breathing troubles, a running nose, sneezing, and fatigue. It is important that if you come down with the flu, no matter how much you want a cuddly buddy by your side, keep a good distance from your pet. Although reverse-zoonotic cases are atypical, they definitely can occur. If your pet demonstrates flu-like symptoms, take the appropriate precautions and bring him/her to the vet right away. – For original article see

Travel Warnings:

Puerto Rico 10/10/12 Puerto Rico is in the grip of an epidemic of dengue fever that has killed six people, according to the territory’s health secretary. The number of reported cases was above the epidemic threshold for 2 weeks in a row in mid-September, Lorenzo Gonzalez Feliciano, MD, said in a statement Monday. There were 342 cases reported in the most recent week for which figures are available, Sept. 9 to 15, up from 274 the previous week, according to the CDC. More than half the reported cases had laboratory confirmation, Gonzalez Feliciano reported. “The trend of increase in reported cases could continue in coming weeks,” he said, leading health officials to declare an epidemic. There have been six deaths from the mosquito-borne disease this year, with the most recent being two children from the San Juan area, Gonzalez Feliciano told a local radio station. All told, there have been 4,816 suspected cases of dengue fever reported on the island this year, although many of those occurred last winter. The CDC said there have been a total of 21 cases of the serious hemorrhagic form of the disease. – For complete article see


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