Three MASSACHUSETTS tots 2, 6, & 7 bitten by possibly RABID FOX ~ Two MOUNTAIN LION reports from CALIFORNIA ~ FOLLOW-UP REPORT: NEW YORK lab confirms Adirondacks HIKER contracted HANTAVIRUS.

Red fox. Courtesy U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

Massachusetts 10/23/12 Hampden County: Earlier this week three children, ages 2, 6, & 7, who were playing outside their Eastwood Acres home in Westfield, were bitten by a sick-looking fox that ran off when the children’s mother hit it with a leaf blower. The children are being treated for potential exposure to rabies. – See

Mountain Lion Sightings:

California 10/23/12 Santa Clara County: Police officers in San Jose shot and killed a “sick” looking mountain lion that was trapped in the backyard of a residence at The Villages retirement community on Sunday. They said they were trying to force the animal to leave the complex when it charged at them. – See

California 10/23/12 Los Angeles County: A father who dropped his son off at the Rosemont Middle School in La Crescenta this morning says a mountain lion ran across the street in front of him at Glenwood and Franklin as he was leaving the school. – See

Follow-Up Report:

(See: NEW YORK man camping in the ADIRONDACKS survives suspected case of HANTAVIRUS dated October 14, 2012)

Deer mouse. Courtesy National Park Service.

New York 10/22/12 News Release – The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has received laboratory confirmation of a hantavirus case in New York State. The individual confirmed to have contracted the virus, a Suffolk County man, has since recovered. The individual reports that on August 26, 2012 he was bitten by a rodent while camping in a lean-to shelter in the Adirondacks. According to the man, he did not experience symptoms until late September; he was hospitalized for nearly a week before recovering. The last reported case of hantavirus in the State occurred in Suffolk County in 2011. – For further details see

Author’s Note: Various news sources have identified the individual as Michael Vaughan, 72, a mineral physics professor at Long Island’s Stony Brook University, who was camping near Mount Marcy when the incident occurred.


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