MINNESOTA confirms state’s first known case of WHITETAIL DEER with RABIES ~ County in NEW MEXICO facing RABIES outbreak ~ EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS reports from FLORIDA, & NORTH CAROLINA.

Whitetail Deer. Photo by Emery Way. Wikimedia Commons.

Minnesota 11/06/12 postbulletin.com: by John Weiss – When a deer was found nearly drowned in a Mower County pond a few weeks ago, experts thought it might have epizootic hemorrhagic disease, an infectious and sometimes fatal disease that they feared had come into Minnesota from Iowa or another state. Much to their surprise, the whitetail had rabies. It was the first known case of a whitetail deer with rabies in Minnesota, said Dr. Joni Scheftel, a Minnesota Public Health Department veterinarian. While it’s incredibly rare for a deer to have the disease, “all mammals can get rabies,” she said. This one probably got it after being bitten by a rabid skunk. It was not a danger to humans, she said. The person who reported the deer saw it near a pond and pulled it out. One of the symptoms of the hemorrhagic disease is that deer seek water because they have a fever, said Dr. Michelle Carstensen, a Department of Natural Resources veterinarian. Another symptom is they bleed from the mouth or anus.

Courtesy National Park Service.

A DNR conservation office investigated, she said. The rabies was detected when the animal’s brain was tested. While it’s the first known case, “it could be that there were cases that went undetected,” Carstensen said. Infected animals might have died in the woods unnoticed, she said. A rabid animal appears disoriented and acts strangely, and its hind legs become paralyzed. Having a deer get rabies “is a really good lesson to everyone to vaccinate your dogs and cats for rabies,” Scheftel said. They, along with horses, can get rabies. Hunters are reminded to not eat meat from a deer that appears sick. It’s just a common safety warning and not related to the rabies case, she said. Hunters who see an animal that might be sick should contact a conservation officer, Carstensen said. The officer will decide what to do and could allow the hunter to shoot the animal, she said. Hunters should wear gloves when field dressing deer and wash their hands after, Scheftel said. Rabies is not found in meat so it’s not a food-safety issue, she said. But bugs and other things that could be in the entrails can cause problems for humans, she said.

New Mexico 11/05/12 krqe.com: by Kim Vallez – The rabies outbreak in Eddy County has taken a scary turn after an infected fox attacked a man, but it was not done yet. It then went after four small dogs. Carlsbad is experiencing its worst rabies outbreak ever. Rabid animals like raccoons, bats and now foxes are on the attack. Sean lynch awoke to his dog growling Friday morning. ”I went outside to see what was going on when stepped outside saw something run through fence of back yard,” Lynch said. “About that time something bit the back of my leg turned around to see a fox running away.” Lynch now undergoing rabies shots. The rabid fox then attacked two dogs down the road and went after Isai Rodriguez’s two dogs Maya and Mateo. – For complete article see http://www.krqe.com/dpp/news/health/eddy-county-facing-rabies-outbreak

Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE):

Florida 11/05/12 Hernando County: Health officials confirm another sentinel chicken in the NW corner of the county has tested positive for EEE. This is the second EEE positive chicken from the same flock as the one reported last month. – See http://www2.hernandotoday.com/news/hernando-news/2012/nov/05/second-chicken-tests-positive-for-virus-ar-555012/

North Carolina 11/06/12 Brunswick County: A colt that died in the county has been confirmed as the 19th horse to test positive for EEE in the state so far this year. – See http://www.wwaytv3.com/2012/11/06/brunswick-county-horse-tests-positive-for-eee


One response to “MINNESOTA confirms state’s first known case of WHITETAIL DEER with RABIES ~ County in NEW MEXICO facing RABIES outbreak ~ EASTERN EQUINE ENCEPHALITIS reports from FLORIDA, & NORTH CAROLINA.

  1. I didn’t know deers could get rabies, but I suppose every mammal can? So sad.

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