Two ALASKAN trappers mauled by BROWN BEAR near Kenai River ~ FLORIDA reports another case of DENGUE FEVER ~ PENNSYLVANIA girl bitten by RABID BAT ~ AUTHOR’S NOTE: Limited reporting effective immediately.

Brown bear. Photo by Alaska Public Lands.

Alaska 11/13/12 by Brian Smith – A brown bear sow mauled two Anchorage men setting traps near the Kenai River on Saturday night [Nov 10], sending one to an Anchorage hospital with serious injuries, a wildlife official said. Jeff Selinger, Alaska Department of Fish and Game area wildlife biologist, said the two men, whose names or ages he could not immediately release, were attacked a half mile upstream of the Kenai Keys on the south — or Funny River — side of the river. Both men were attacked by the bear during the incident but officials from Central Emergency Services said only one man was transported to Central Peninsula Hospital and then flown to Anchorage with serious, but non-life threatening injuries.

Selinger said the two men were separated at the time the sow attacked the first man. Upon hearing the bear and the man’s cries for help, the second man ran to help. “He yelled at the bear and tried to get him away from the area and it came after him and knocked him down and then went back to the first individual and worked him over some more and then left the area,” Selinger said. Neither man had a gun or bear spray, Selinger said. The second man received only bruises from the [incident] and returned Monday to retrieve the traps the two set. The man reported he saw cub tracks in the area as well, Selinger said. It is late in the year for a bear attack, Selinger said, but some brown bears do not den as soon or as heavily as others. He said active bears have been caught in traps in the area well into December. “Some bears rarely sleep,” he said. Selinger said Fish and Game has no plans to go searching for the bear. “The victims even said, ‘That’s the last thing we want you to do, to go out and try to track this bear down because it is obvious we got into its space,’” he said. – For complete article see

Dengue Fever:

Florida 11/17/12 Miami-Dade County: Health officials have confirmed an 82-year-old man is the second person in the county to be diagnosed with dengue fever this year. – See


Pennsylvania 11/16/12 Erie County: A bat that bit a Millcreek Township girl has tested positive for rabies. Health officials confirm the girl is receiving post-exposure rabies vaccinations. – See

Author’s Note:

Due to physical (they tell me the carpal tunnel syndrome will always be with me) and time limitations, this blog will, from this date forward, focus almost exclusively on incidents involving actual injury to human beings, and to major scientific advances in the control, treatment, or cure of Unseen Natural Hazards.

Those who are interested in following weekly statistics published in the CDC’s Morbidity & Mortality Weekly Report may do so by going to . Click on Notifiable Diseases and Mortality Tables .


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  1. Best wishes for the changes, Jerry.

  2. We’ll keep reading no matter how much you write…or don’t write! Happy healing!

  3. Hi, may I suggest for carpel tunnel syndrome 1/2 clay + 1/2 vegetable carbon powder mixed with purified water and applied as a thick compress regularly – read clay therapy – to relieve electrical imbalance and absorb toxins in that area and free up the body’s curing power there. As I am interested in parasites and was enjoying your website, get well soon.

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