ALASKA TRAPPER on snow machine attacked by WOLF ~ SOUTH DAKOTA reports over 3,400 DEER die of EPIZOOTIC HEMORRHAGIC DISEASE ~ RABIES reports from AR, & GA ~ WEST NILE VIRUS report from CALIFORNIA.

Black wolf. Photo by Bruce McKay. Wikimedia Commons.

Black wolf. Photo by Bruce McKay. Wikimedia Commons.

Alaska 12/17/12 by Tim Mowry – A wolf attacked a Tok trapper on his snowmachine last week about 30 miles off the Taylor Highway, biting through the man’s parka and three layers of clothing to put a 3-inch gash on his arm. Lance Grangaard, 30, said he was “putting along” on his Ski-Doo Tundra on Thursday afternoon, coming down a frozen creek, when he saw the wolf out of the corner of his eye. “I turned in time to stick my arm up,” said Grangaard, who was trapping with his father, Danny, in a remote area off the Taylor Highway known as Ketchumstuk. “A single black wolf grabbed my arm and started jerking on me.” Afraid the wolf was going to pull him off his machine and maul him, Grangaard went into attack mode himself. “I knew he was going to jerk me off my machine, so I made a big jump and managed to get on its back,” he said. “I just tried to get on top of him; I didn’t want to be on the bottom when we landed.” Man and the wolf were still tangled when they hit hard on overflow ice. “When we slammed down on the ice he let out a yelp and bucked me off,” Grangaard said. “He ran off 15 or 20 feet and he turned around. I screamed at him and raised my arms and he took off.” The attack lasted only a few seconds but it had a lasting impact on Graangard, who was worried the wolf would attack again. “I got back on my snowmachine and hauled ass back toward the old man,” Grangaard said of his father, who was checking another trapline about six miles away. “I think I spent as much time looking over my shoulder as I was looking forward. When I finally got to the old man I was so relieved. I was still pretty scared.” Said the elder Grangaard, “You could tell he was really distraught. He had tears in his eyes. He thought the wolf was still chasing him.”

AK_259373The wolf’s canines ripped through the younger Grangaard’s parka, as well as three layers of clothing under that, and left a 3-inch scratch on his right arm just above the elbow. He described the wound, which he and his father washed out with whiskey and baby wipes, as “pretty superficial.” Even so, Grangaard said, he will receive a series of four rabies shots as a precautionary measure in the event the wolf was infected with rabies. Since the wolf ran off and there is no way to test it, it’s better to be safe than sorry, said Louisa Catrodale, a state epidemiologist who spoke to Grangaard. – For complete article see
Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease:

deer1h4South Dakota 12/13/12 Epizootic hemorrhagic disease, a midge-borne virus that is every bit as nasty as its name suggests, had an unusually lethal impact on South Dakota’s deer herd this year. It was a record-setting year, in fact, although not one that hunters or the state Game, Fish & Parks Department are celebrating. GF&P officials estimate that at least 3,400 deer died of EHD in 2012. That’s more than twice the 1,300 reported in 2011, which was the previous high in reported EHD losses in South Dakota. And both numbers were likely conservative, since some deer killed by the disease, which is spread by small biting flies, likely weren’t found while others were probably noted but not reported. Whatever the total, the losses were high enough to cause several thousand deer tags to be returned or withdrawn prior to hunting seasons in areas where EHD hit especially hard and deer numbers were noticeably reduced.- For complete story see


3243453-detail-of-girl-hugging-kitten-hand-and-paw-in-similar-positionArkansas 12/14/12 Faulkner County: Health officials report that a feral cat found in Conway  has tested positive for rabies. The 10-to-12-week-old kitten was on the grounds of the Human Development Center at 150 E. Siebenmorgan Road. – See

cat-bitingGeorgia 12/14/12 Cherokee County: A feral cat that bit a man outside his home near the intersection of Highway 140/Hickory Flat Highway and Creek Hollow Drive in the southeast portion of the county has tested positive for rabies. The gray and white cat was used to being fed by the victim, but suddenly became aggressive. – See

West Nile Virus (WNV):

Orange Cty CACalifornia 12/17/12 Orange County: A 61-year-old woman from Tustin has become the first county resident to die of WNV since 2008. – See


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