Likely RABID BOBCAT attacks MASSACHUSETTS MAN and his NEPHEW ~ Two WISCONSIN counties report first DEER with CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE ~ RABID RACCOON from CALIFORNIA sails to HAWAII ~ Other RABIES reports from GA, NJ, PA, & TX.

Photo by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Photo by Maryland Department of Natural Resources.

Massachusetts 01/07/13 by Thomas Caywood – Brookfield – The last thing he heard before the bobcat‘s fangs and claws sank into his flesh was hissing. Roger D. Mundell Jr. had just stepped into his garage at 9 a.m. Sunday to retrieve some tie-down ratchet straps for a friend waiting in a car outside. At the time, he didn’t realize that the other door to the garage had been left open. He heard the hiss and barely had time to register what it meant. “In an instant it was on me. It jumped up and bit me above the eye, on my forehead. I have claw marks on the back of my shoulders, like it had me in bear hug,” Mr. Mundell recalled Sunday night. He was wearing a military winter field jacket, which he was able to shrug off over his head, dislodging the bobcat. Mr. Mundell said he dashed out of the garage and slammed the door behind him just in time to see the leaping feline hit the window in the door at full speed. But the bobcat got out through the other door. Mr. Mundell’s wife came out of the house to see what the commotion was about. They went to warn his 15-year-old nephew, who was outside helping prepare a trailer to be towed away, but the bobcat beat him there, Mr. Mundell said. “My forehead and face were bleeding like crazy already. I’m just in a T-shirt now, so my arms are exposed, and I have to go after this thing on my nephew. It scratched up my arms pretty good,” Mr. Mundell said.

Photo by Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Photo by Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Mr. Mundell said his wife got some metal crutches out of a car, which they used to try to pin the wild animal down. He shouted for his wife to go get a semi-automatic pistol from inside the house as the hissing bobcat struggled to free itself, he said. Mr. Mundell said he shot and killed the bobcat in his driveway. He estimated the animal weighed about 40 pounds, slightly smaller than the family dog, but strong and lightning fast in its attack. His nephew was bitten a couple of times on the forearm and back and had several scratches. Mr. Mundell had several deep puncture wounds from the bobcat’s fangs on his face and more than two dozen scratches all over him, he said. State Environmental Police took the bobcat’s body away to have it tested for rabies, but, given its behavior, Mr. Mundell and his nephew, as well as his wife, got the first of several rounds of rabies shots yesterday as a precaution. His wife has to be treated for rabies exposure, Mr. Mundell said, because he handed the blood-spattered gun to her to engage the safety latch. – See video, bobcat info and data, and complete article at
Chronic Wasting Disease:

white-tailed-buck-score-011708-5Wisconsin 01/02/13 Two deer have tested positive for chronic wasting disease, one each in Portage and Juneau counties, reports the state Department of Natural Resources. These are the first positives in wild deer populations for both counties.  “Any CWD positive in a new county is noteworthy, but neither of these positives was completely unexpected,” said Kris Belling, DNR regional wildlife program manager. “We’ve been performing surveillance in Juneau County due to the proximity of the CWD management zone boundary and we’ve been sampling in Portage County for 10 years after positives were discovered on a former game farm.” The two CWD-positive deer were harvested by gun hunters on Nov. 18 and sampled by DNR staff. The Portage County positive was a 1.5-year-old doe, harvested in deer management unit (DMU) 57A, close to the Mead Wildlife Area. The central Juneau County deer was a 4-to 5-year-old buck, harvested in deer management unit DMU 54B, less than two miles from the CWD management zone boundary. – For complete article see


Racoon%20Mar%2011%2009%20no%202HAWAII 01/04/13 A raccoon that stowed away aboard a cargo ship from California has tested negative for rabies. The Hawaii Department of Agriculture announced the results Friday. Personnel from the shipping company Matson called the department earlier this week after seeing the animal scampering on the ship’s deck in Honolulu. Hawaii is the only rabies-free state, and raccoons are seen as a threat because they could introduce rabies here.

imagesCAO0O548Georgia 01/03/13 Chatham County: A raccoon that was involved in a fight with a family’s dog on Isle of Hope has tested positive for rabies. – See

3610192083_22eaf9db7aNew Jersey 01/04/13 Camden County: A young stray cat that was apparently ill and was found by a Gloucester Township family on their property has tested positive for rabies. The family rescued the kitten and attempted to nurse it back to health but it died the next night. The entire family was exposed to the kitten and is receiving preventive medical care. – See

0coonvsdog422 - CopyPennsylvania 01/07/13 Cape May County: A raccoon that was killed by a dog on December 22nd in Middle Township’s Green Creek area has tested positive for rabies. – See

TX-DSHS_Logo2Texas 01/07/13 Department of State Health Services: The Texas Department of State Health Services this week begins its annual airdrop of rabies vaccine baits over portions of southern and western Texas in the continuing effort to protect people and animals from rabies. Planes will take off from an airport in Del Rio around dawn Wednesday, Jan. 9 and from Alpine and Zapata Monday, Jan. 14. They will drop about 1 million doses of rabies vaccine over wild areas of Texas as part of the DSHS Oral Rabies Vaccination Program. – For complete News Release see


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