COYOTE pack chasing PUPPY break glass door in ILLINOIS neighborhood ~ EQUESTRIAN centers on alert after HORSE in NEW YORK competition diagnosed with EQUINE HERPES VIRUS ~ RABIES reports from FL, GAx3, NJ, NCx2, ND, OK, PA, TX, VA, & CANADA: ALBERTA.

Coyote. Photo by Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Coyote. Photo by Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

Illinois 01/26/13 by Craig Wall – A pack of coyotes chasing after a puppy broke several panes of glass in the door of a west suburban home Friday as they tried to chase the dog into the house. There were three dogs — Lexie, Snoopy, and Bella — in the fenced-in backyard of the home in the 0-100 block of South Herbert Road just after 1 a.m. The homeowner, Roger Nelson, had just called them in when he heard a rustling in the darkness. Moments later he saw four coyotes racing towards him and his dogs. “They jumped the fence, the golden retriever and I have a German shepherd puppy she made it inside and I ‘ve got a little beagle and I mean he barely made it inside,” Nelson says. “If they would have got one more step they would have grabbed him.” Nelson quickly let the dog in but the coyotes, perhaps driven by hunger, were not deterred by the louvered glass door that came between them and a potential meal. They began to paw at the rear glass door of the home, trying to get at the barking puppy. “They jumped on the door here and started busting the glass with their paws,  jumping on it, growling,” Nelson explains. “I mean, the hair was standing up on their back, you could see all their teeth.” Roger’s wife Lauren heard the commotion and came running downstairs to see the coyotes trying to break in their home. “I literally, really thought they were going to come into the house,” Lauren says. “I was so scared for the dogs, for us, for the kids, it just scared me to death.” The coyotes were finally scared away when Roger fired a high-powered BB gun at them, striking two of them, police said. The dogs were unharmed. “I shot them, they yelped,” Roger says. “A couple of them ran down, one looked like he almost fell down the stairs. When we came back out they were nowhere to be found.”

Coyote's teeth. Photo by U.S. Department of Energy.

Coyote’s teeth. Photo by U.S. Department of Energy.

When police arrived, the coyotes were gone, but several panes of glass on the outer door were broken and the coyotes also broke glass on the main entry door as they tried to get at the puppy. Police Sgt. Bill Gutschick said in a statement that in his 25 years on duty, this was the first time he’s heard of coyotes trying to get into a home while chasing a pet. Riverside has had other recent reports of coyotes attacking pets, Weitzel said, and on Jan. 3, a 7-month-old Bichon-Poo puppy was killed in the 100 block of Addison Road. Weitzel urged residents to be aware of wild animals in the area. “Coyotes do not know the difference between pets and the wild creatures they hunt, so try to protect pets by accompanying them outdoors,” he said. “Use a short leash, as coyotes have been known to attack animals that are on long leashes. Most importantly, use caution near any wild animal.” – See video at
Equine Herpes Virus:

horses-temperature-800x800New York/New Jersey 01/27/13 by Stephen Canning – Horse farms throughout New Jersey and New York have been quarantined and temporarily shut after a horse in a Newburgh, N.Y., competition was diagnosed with the neurological form of equine herpes virus Type 1. Among the quarantined farms is the North Jersey Equestrian Center of Pequannock. Lynne Richmond, public information officer for the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, said the agency was informed of the sick horse on Jan. 18. The animal, from a farm in Gladstone, was immediately tested at the state Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory. Afterward, the department confirmed that just that one horse was positive with the virus. Working with the New York State Veterinarian’s Office, the department conducted a “trace back” of the horse’s movements. During the weekend of the Jan. 12 Newburgh competition, the animal came into contact with 11 other horses, including three from the farm in Pequannock’s Pompton Plains section. Those 11 horses have been identified and tested and are being monitored. As of Friday, none of the 11 horses showed signs of the illness, said Richmond. – For complete article see

Author’s Note: The horse pictured above is not the sick horse that was in the New York competition. Equine herpes virus Type 1 has not been known to infect people but it can be transported on their clothes, boots, etc.


little_brown_bat-1Florida 01/22/13 Polk County: An injured bat found in Lake Wales on Jan. 18th has tested positive for rabies. A homeowner said his three dogs were probably in contact with the bat near his house on 1st Avenue North. – See

DSC_0879USDAGeorgia 01/28/13 Effingham County: A raccoon that got into a fight with a family dog in Guyton has tested positive for rabies. – See

Georgia 01/25/13 Barrow County: A raccoon that attacked a family dog off Alexander Street in Winder on Tuesday night has tested positive for rabies. – See

Plott%20Pups%20Treed%201%20-%2011A%20Feb%202006Georgia 01/25/13 Gwinnett County: Health officials have issued a Rabies Alert after two raccoons found in Buford tested positive for rabies. One was found on Jan 16th in the 3600 block of Sardis Church Road, and the other on the same day in the 800 block of Cannodale Court. – See

dog_skunk_338171703New Jersey 01/18/13 Middlesex County: A skunk that attacked a dog on Jan. 14th in the vicinity of Patron Court and Nelson Place in Piscataway has tested positive for rabies. – See


Rabies-Goat1North Carolina 01/25/13 Orange County: A goat that was reported to be acting strangely has tested positive for rabies. – See


raccoon_catNorth Carolina 01/18/13 Cumberland County: Officials are investigating a situation in Fayetteville involving a dead raccoon that was found behind the Family Dollar store on Andrews Road this past Wednesday. The animal appeared to have been dead for about two days and rabies tests were performed but were inconclusive. It was reported that feral cats in the area had been eating the raccoon’s carcass. People are urged to avoid feral cats and other wildlife in the area, to keep pets on a leash, and to check their pets’ vaccination records. – See

Looking-for-Kittens-001North Dakota 01/18/13 Burleigh County: A small, female cat, black with golden eyes, that was found on Sioux Avenue in Bismarck and picked up by animal control officers from an unknown person on Jan. 9th has tested positive for rabies. People who might have been exposed to the cat at any time since Dec. 30, 2012, are urged to seek immediately medical advice. – See

Horse%20MouthOklahoma 01/22/13 Pittsburg County: A horse brought to a veterinarian in McAlester has tested positive for rabies. The owner said the animal refused to eat and was twitching and stumbling. – See

imagesCADRKS47Pennsylvania 01/28/13 Allegheny County: A stray cat found in the Union Avenue Extension area of Oakdale earlier this month has tested positive for rabies. A woman who had been feeding the cat and was exposed to its saliva is being treated. – See

striped-skunks-01_000Texas 01/24/13 Parker County: Animal control officials have issued a Rabies Alert after 10 skunks and at least one dog tested positive for the virus since the beginning of the year. – See

skunk-catVirginia 01/19/13 Smyth County: Twenty-four cats and three dogs have been euthanized after two skunks test positive for rabies in the Stoney Battery and St. Clair’s Creek areas of the county, and a fox believed to be rabid was observed in the Allison Gap area of Saltville. – See


LittleBrownBatAlberta 01/22/13 Calgary: A small brown bat that scratched a local wildlife rehab volunteer after being recovered from a downtown construction site has tested positive for rabies. – See


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