CHRONIC WASTING DISEASE spreads to Ellis County in KANSAS ~ CALIFORNIA issues first WEST NILE VIRUS advisory of 2013 ~ CDC study finds DENGUE FEVER has returned to FLORIDA ~ MARYLAND resident dies of RABIES ~ Other RABIES reports from AL, GA, NM, NC, & TX.

White-tailed deer fawn. Courtesy National Park Service.

White-tailed deer fawn. Courtesy National Park Service.

Kansas 03/10/13 by Michael Pearce – Four Kansas deer recently tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), according to Shane Hesting, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism disease biologist. The department has been testing for the disease that’s always fatal in deer, but has never been found in livestock or humans, for about 15 years. Hesting said the deer came from Ellis, Norton, Sherman and Trego counties. It’s the first such case from Ellis County. CWD was first found in a lone deer in Cheyenne County, in extreme northwest Kansas, in 2005. It’s since moved steadily eastward and southward. To date 52 Kansas animals have tested positive for the disease from more than 20,000 tested. – For complete article see

West Nile Virus (WNV):

west-nile-banner357California 03/04/13 Los Angeles County: This is the first West Nile virus (WNV) public health advisory for 2013. A dead American Crow from the City of Lomita has tested positive for WNV. This is the first positive dead bird for WNV in California for 2013. This early positive may be an indicator that WNV in Los Angeles County and California for 2013 is off to the same high activity found in 2012. There were 479 human cases and 19 deaths in California for 2012. – See

imagesCAR6PIM5Texas 03/121/13 by Terrence Stutz – The Texas Senate has passed a bill that allows municipal officials to enter abandoned or foreclosed properties to treat pools of stagnant water for mosquitoes known to carry West Nile Virus. Last summer 36 people died of WNV infection within a four-county area of northern Texas. The bill now goes to the Texas House. – See
Dengue Fever:

map_florida_keys_r1_c1Florida 03/13/13 by Michaeleen Doucleff –  After a 60-year hiatus, the mosquito-borne illness dengue fever has now officially re-established itself (in the Florida Keys). People infected during a recent outbreak in Florida didn’t catch the virus abroad but rather got a strain that’s unique to Key West, virologists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report Wednesday in the journal Emerging Infectious Disease. The virus has been circulating around the Key West population for at least two years, the researchers say, and it has evolved its own genetic fingerprint, distinct from dengue in Central America and the Caribbean. Also known as “breakbone fever,” dengue causes pounding headache, high fever and such severe joint pain that you feel like your bones are — well, breaking. There’s no vaccine or cure. – For complete article see


imagesCAAU0V7ZMaryland 03/12/13 by Scott Dance – State health officials have confirmed that for the first time in 36 years a Maryland resident has died of rabies. It is not yet known how the individual contracted the disease but officials are investigating how and where the person might have been exposed, and assessing the risk of exposure to the person’s family members and others. According to Dr. Katherine Feldman, state public health veterinarian, rabies can be transmitted by saliva even if the host of the virus is not yet showing symptoms. Last year, 324 animals tested positive for the virus in Maryland, most in Frederick and Montgomery counties and the City of Baltimore. – See,0,1434749.story

Other Rabies Reports:

raccoon-mom-and-baby-0567Alabama 03/12/13 Houston County: A raccoon found March 8 on Timbers Drive in Dothan has tested positive for rabies. A home owner found the animal dead after it fought with her dogs. – See

imagesCAGN6RWMGeorgia 03/13/13 Hall County: A Rabies Alert has been issued after a skunk that came in contact with a dog in the vicinity of Lawson Road in North Hall tested positive for the virus. – See

New Mexico 03/13/13 Colfax County: State health officials have confirmed that a raccoon seen behaving erratically in downtown Raton has tested roadtrip-raccoonspositive for rabies. – See

North Carolina 03/13/13 New Hanover County: Two families are receiving post-exposure rabies treatments after their dogs killed raccoons that tested positive for the virus. The incidents occurred separately in Wilmington on March 11th in the 5000 block of Park Avenue, and on Banyan Trail. All of the dogs involved were vaccinated. – See

skunk245mn2Texas 03/12/13 Tarrant County: Two skunks found recently in separate areas of Grapevine have tested positive for rabies. The first was found in the vicinity of Tamarack Court and the second in the vicinity of Circle View Court. – See


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