Is WHITE ANIMAL found dead in MAINE a WOLF, COYOTE, or DOG? ~ WOMAN in MANITOBA, CANADA, attacked by WOLF ~ MONTANA reports first case of HANTAVIRUS for 2013 ~ RABIES reports from AL, CA, GA, NJ, NCx2, ND, PA, & TXx3.

One of six white wolves at the White Wolf Sanctuary near Tidewater, OR. Photo by Oregon Dept. of Transportation.

One of six white wolves at the White Wolf Sanctuary near Tidewater, OR. Photo by Oregon Dept. of Transportation.

Maine 03/22/13 by Laura Dolce – Wildlife experts say they are one step closer to determining exactly what type of animal was found in Kennebunk Monday night — a wolf, coyote or dog. The story has kept people talking for days, with some speculating that the mystery animal was either a coy dog — a coyote-dog combination — or a wolf/dog hybrid. Others worried it could have been someone’s pet. The mystery first started when the white animal staggered out of the woods around 7 Monday night behind a Balsam Lane home, crawled under the back porch and died. Resident Ryan Chiasson, 14, was at home with friends. “My friend was in the bathroom and looked out window and said, ‘Oh my God, there’s a wolf!'” she said. At that point, the three teens ran onto the back porch. “It came up and stared at us,” Chiasson said. “It was limping and its mouth was open. It seemed confused.” Chiasson said the animal then went under the porch and laid down. The teens, fearing it was perhaps rabid, went in to call police. “When we came back out, it was dead,” Chiasson said. While Chiasson and her friends thought the all-white animal was an albino wolf, a Kennebunk police officer who came to the scene told them it was a coyote. – For the complete article and photos of the animal see


1mYhUM.AuSt.7Manitoba 03/18/13 A woman in Manitoba, Canada, was receiving rabies treatment Wednesday after surviving a roadside attack by a timber wolf. Dawn Hepp was driving along a highway near Grand Rapids, Manitoba, on March 8 when she pulled over to see if a stopped motorist was in need of help, Canadian national broadcaster CBC reported. As she walked to the other motorist’s car, the wolf leapt at her. “His face and his jaws were around my neck,” she told CBC, adding that she could feel the wolf’s fur on her face. “He dug a little deeper with that tooth and by the larynx,” she added. “Whether he couldn’t get a good enough grip or what, he let go.” . . . Remaining calm, Hepp drove herself to the hospital in Ashern and was treated for puncture wounds and rabies. – For complete article and photos of victim’s wounds see


Deer mouse

Deer mouse

Montana 03/22/13 A Deer Lodge County resident has been diagnosed with Hantavirus in what the Butte-Silver Bow Health Department says is the first case for 2013. The person, who came in contact with the virus while cleaning an area that had been contaminated by rodents, is expected to make a full recovery. – See


rabiesAlert521d4-1Alabama 03/19/13 Shelby County: A dog that was kept in the vicinity of County Road 61 in Columbiana and was reported acting strangely by its owner has tested positive for a variety of the rabies virus typically found in raccoons. – See

California 03/20/13 Kern County: Officials say Kern is a rabies endemic county and in the past two weeks three of six bats tested have been found positive for the virus. Some of the bats tested were found in residential areas, and one was found in a schoolyard. – See http://www.turnto23.comneverbarehandedsm/news/local-news/kern-county-is-a-rabies-endemic-county-seeing-an-increase-in-rabies-infested-bats-in-two-weeks

Georgia 03/20/13 Forsyth County: A bat recently discovered in the backyard of a home on Riverhaven Drive in east Forsyth county has tested positive for rabies. – See

angry%20racNew Jersey 03/18/13 Morris County: Local police say a raccoon that bit a child who was playing in a wooded section of land behind his home in the Indian lake section of Denville Township is likely to have rabies. The animal has not been located and an alert has been issued. – See

Rabid FoxNorth Carolina 03/21/13 Orange County: by Beth Velliquette – A fox that was suspected of attacking two people in southern Chapel Hill Wednesday has tested positive for rabies. The North Carolina Public Health Laboratory tested the fox after Orange County Animal Services impounded the fox Wednesday about noon and sent the now-dead animal to the lab for testing. Animal services can’t say for sure if the fox that tested positive is the same fox that attacked two people Dogwood Acres and Southern Village on Tuesday, but they believe there’s a strong likelihood that it is. On Tuesday afternoon, a man on a ladder pruning bushes was attacked by a fox that climbed up to bite him. Officials began looking for the fox and tried to alert people in the area to be careful, but later a fox attacked a woman in Southern Village, which abuts Dogwood Acres. The next morning, the search was on again for the fox and, around noon, someone contacted authorities saying he had run over a fox that attacked the tires of his vehicle. – See

North Carolina 03/20/13 Davidson County: A skunk that attacked an unvaccinated dog on March 13th in Denton has tested positive for rabies. The skunk was killed by the dog, and the dog had to be euthanized. – See skunkteeth

North Dakota 03/20/13 Burleigh County: A skunk that attacked a construction crew in Bismarck and bit one of the men before it was killed with a shovel has tested positive for rabies. – See

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAPennsylvania 03/18/13 Luzerne County: Three Wilkes-Barre residents are being treated for exposure to the rabies virus after being attacked by a feral cat last week. The first victim was bitten on the leg by an orange tabby cat on George Avenue and when fliers were posted in the neighborhood two other people reported they had been scratched by the cat. – See

323rabies-skunk_mediumTexas 03/18/13 Coryell County: Three skunks found in Gatesville this month have tested positive for rabies. The first was found in the 100 block of Pate Drive, the second in the 100 block of Ash Drive, and the most recent in the 1000 block of Highland Drive. – See

Texas 03/20/13 Travis County: by Eric Janzen – The Austin-Travis County Health and Human Services department is looking for a man who dropped off a sick bat at a local vet clinic. The department is concerned the man may have been exposed to rabies. The man delivered the bat to Austin Vet Care, 4106 North Lamar, on Sunday around 2:30 p.m. He is described as a white male, approximately 6 feet tall, and bald with a stocky build. The man was last seen wearing a green t-shirt and black shorts. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Disease Surveillance Program at 512-972-5555. – See batwarning

Texas 03/21/13 Gregg and Harrison counties: A bat caught in Longview Tuesday at a unit in the Hidden Hills Apartment complex off Gilmer Road has tested positive for rabies. – See


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