RABID BOBCAT attacks WOMAN in ARIZONA ~ BROWN BEAR injures MAN in ALASKA ~ RABIES reports from AR, CO, FL, NM, & NC.

Bobcat. Photo by Terry Spivey of USDA Forest Service.

Bobcat. Photo by Terry Spivey of USDA Forest Service.

Arizona 04/29/13 wmicentral.com: Following a bobcat attack on a young woman in a neighborhood behind the Lowe’s Home Improvement Warehouse in Show Low, Arizona Game and Fish Department (department) officials are advising area residents to be alert for any wild animal or pet that appears to behave oddly, indicating the potential presence of rabies. A Navajo County deputy sheriff responded to the attack call Sunday evening, April 28. At the same time, another deputy sheriff nearby observed a bobcat behaving in an aggressive, abnormal manner and destroyed it. The carcass was collected and shipped to the Arizona State Health Laboratory for necropsy and rabies testing. The woman was attacked about 10:30 p.m., receiving several bites and scratches on her thigh. She was treated at Summit Healthcare Regional Medical Center and subsequently released, receiving rabies vaccines and anti-rabies serum as a precaution, pending outcome of the tests.

RabidBobcatUpdate 04/30/13: It has been confirmed that the bobcat that attacked a young woman on Sunday behind Lowe’s in Show Low has tested positive for rabies. The woman who was attacked was treated for rabies after the incident and has been notified of the positive test. – See http://www.wmicentral.com/news/latest_news/bobcat-attacks-woman-behind-lowe-s-rabies-confirmed/article_4c083702-b10a-11e2-82b9-0019bb2963f4.html

Bear Attack:

Brown bear. Photo by State of Idaho.

Brown bear. Photo by State of Idaho.

Alaska 04/29/13 peninsulaclarion.com: by Kaylee Osowski – A brown bear attacked a 48-year-old, well-known area biologist and birder while he was watching birds at the Kasilof River beach on Sunday afternoon. Alaska State Troopers said the bear first attacked a vehicle and a telephone pole before attacking Toby Burke, a biological technician at the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge. Burke did not do anything to provoke the bear and suffered bruising on his arm from the brief attack, said Megan Peters, Alaska State Troopers spokesperson. Emergency medical technicians examined Burke’s arm and said he was fine. Burke declined further medical attention, Peters said.

56041-d“The man was very lucky,” Peters said. “… He was able to walk away and go home.” Multiple residents called troopers about the oddly-behaving bear on the beach. One trooper and two Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded. Troopers shot and killed the bear after it charged them from beyond the tree line where they were patrolling and where the bear had last been seen. The bear was originally thought to be 2 to 3 years old because of its small size, but its teeth were found to be “really worn down” revealing the bear was probably about 10 years old, Peters said. “The way it was acting leads us to believe that it was probably just really hungry and trying to find something to eat,” Peters said. To avoid bear attacks Peters said people should store food properly, look for signs of bear activity, make noise, and have bear spray at the ready and know how to use it.


g12c00 - CopyArkansas 04/29/13 Saline and Pulaski counties: Health officials have issued a Rabies Alert for the central part of the state after two skunks that were found in Saline County and three in the northwestern part of Pulaski County tested positive for rabies. –See http://www.dailyrecord.us/Story.aspx?id=17266&date=4%2F29%2F2013

Horse%20MouthColorado 04/29/13 Logan County: Health officials have confirmed that a horse stabled in the county has tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.thehorse.com/articles/31781/rabies-eia-confirmed-in-colorado-horses

RaccoonFWSFlorida 04/30/13 Hamilton County: Health officials have issued a Rabies Alert for the area in and around Jennings after a raccoon tested positive for the virus on April 26th. – See http://suwanneedemocrat.com/jasper/x730864520/Rabies-alert-issued-for-Hamilton-County

New Mexico 04/27/13 Socorro County: A fox that attacked a young unvaccinated dog at a home about a mile south of Magdalena on march 23rd Gray%20Foxhas tested positive for rabies. – See http://www.mountainmailnews.com/?p=2461

North Carolina 04/30/13 Wake County: An unvaccinated dog has been euthanized after exposure to a fox that has tested positive for rabies. The incident occurred near a little league park in West Raleigh. – See http://abclocal.go.com/wtvd/story?section=news/local&id=9085744


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